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Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

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QUOTE (Monica_the_haunted @ Jul 10 2008, 01:55 PM) *

a tweaser!

OMG Monica...me either LOL well gotta have my morning coffee too tongue.gif

HAHAHAHA!!! Me either! I am borderline obsessive compulsive about my eye-brows..... But other things.... well actually, I'm borderline obsessive compulsive about many things: my Blythes, ball jointed dolls, my minis, my house, my doggie... the list goes on.

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Other then the obvious (husband, my pets, etc). the one necessity I cannot live without is definitely, without a doubt, my computer. When Wilma hit South Florida 3 years ago and we lost power for over a month, I was calm and happy since my husband hooked up a generator to run our fridge/micro and, of course, my computer.

TV??? Who needs it. Computer?! Don't dare take that away from me.

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