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    I LOVE to build Greenleaf dollhouses! I have built over 100 dollhouses in the past years and I sell them. My work has been feature in 12 magazines so far and I hope to start doing some classes soon.

    I also love to read. I Love History Books, Science, true life, murder mysteries (true and fictional). I read and write poetry. I love to draw and read with my kids.


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  1. This is looking Great! I love your exterior so far!
  2. That’s how I am too! I gotta feel it as I do it and sometimes it changes from what I originally imagined
  3. Nice job!! I can’t wait to see what you make for the interior!
  4. I agree with Kathie! They really do look professionally framed! Excellent job!
  5. Ohh!! these are so Cute!! They look perfect right there!
  6. I love the rustic look of this house! You’ve done an Awesome job on the stones and that roof!
  7. Sorry it took so long for us to handle those spammers. Thanks for flagging them!
  8. This room is Stunning!! I love the floors and the shade of green you used in this room looks beautiful.
  9. I love the added door, stairs and Patio!
  10. This is so cute dressed in pink!
  11. This is the cutest happiest looking Brimbles Shop! I Love this!
  12. What an Enchanting scene! I Love it! Especially since it’s decorated showing my favorite time of the year! I can almost smell crunchy leaves!
  13. Kelly, your post made me giggle I guess we all have parts of building that we totally dislike doing. I totally dislike adding shingles to the houses. Sure, it makes it look great and finished but I just don’t enjoy it as much as I do the other parts of building a house. Sanding is the 2nd thing I totally dislike doing.
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