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    I LOVE to build Greenleaf dollhouses! I have built over 100 dollhouses in the past years and I sell them. My work has been feature in 12 magazines so far and I hope to start doing some classes soon.

    I also love to read. I Love History Books, Science, true life, murder mysteries (true and fictional). I read and write poetry. I love to draw and read with my kids.

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  1. I was trying to figure out why yours looked different than mine. I forgot, I changed the wall to the kitchen so that my client could decorate it the way she wanted it. I agree with Emily! It think you just need to add a little more force to get the wall in place. You can see my blog post about the change I made to it here. http://minisontheedge.blogspot.com/2011/06/mckinley-dollhouse-construction-blog.html
  2. No problem. But, is that wall upside down? The red parts I marked in your picture are the tabs and slots I think goes together
  3. Kathie B, I agree! I was thinking that maybe the owner built it. There are quite a few famous people who have dollhouses and miniature collections. I read an article the other year that was full of pictures of Rod Stewart’s train collection. He built and painted all the buildings himself also! I was really impressed because he built the entire thing while touring over the years.
  4. This is Looking Wonderful!!
  5. Gosh I wish I could see the inside to see how the did that part!
  6. Wow! How scary that must’ve been for you to experience! So glad you’re home from the hospital Kell’s, and I’m wishing you a full recovery!
  7. Well, the lights ended up being an easy fix. The back of the house was really dusty! I got some cheese cloth and a warm bucket of water with Murphy’s oil soap and clean the back of the house including the soldered wire connections. Then when it dried, I took my soldering iron to disconnect the connections. As I was doing the first one, I had a flashback to my sophomore year in high school taking electronics. I decided to just heat up and resolder that connection to see if it was just corrosion. Then I plugged it in and sure enough, that light lit up!! I unplugged it and did it to each li
  8. This is looking Lovely!! This color is so calming too!
  9. Holly, I thought of hers right away when I first saw it too! I guess it’s all copied from nature so that’s why it looks so similar! It’s Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing Kathie
  10. You’re and Awesome Brother!! Every time you visit her, you still get to visit your house too! Super sweet! You did a Fantastic job on this project too!
  11. I really LOVE this view! All of your wallpapers and soft covering fits the entire theme Perfectly! It’s Lovely!
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