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  2. I too am trying to figure out best way to glue siding on with least amount of work. I tried wood glue and was very disappointed that it didn't take. And my hot glue didn't take either!! I'm going to try the quick grab glue. Can that just be glued only? I don't want to be putting weight on it to make it stick. thank you
  3. The prompt I see lets you log in with either Instagram or Facebook; since I don't "do" either, I will also live without them.
  4. I am figuring out what feels more natural to me - I think that doing it one cross at a time is where I am going as well LOL
  5. Oooh, I like that trough along one edge. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
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  7. And happy mother’s day too to those mothers of fur babies or other tyoes of babies and especially those who have lost their babies.
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  9. I’m having an issue with the back wall fitting vertically. I’ve dry fitted the second floor and it all seems to fit except for the back wall piece. Most likely will just make a new back wall and vertical piece.
  10. I've read the book and aim to watch it sometime, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the video, so interesting, and the reminder - I think the movie will move up my to watch list.
  11. Thank you, Diane! This is definitely the "Harold" I was seeking!
  12. Ooh, sounds like things are moving in the right direction for you! Hopefully the added iron will reduce your tiredness nice and quickly.
  13. Answer came back this am and yes she can make me the plant
  14. Well it seems tiny, but it is doable and not taking as infinitely long as I feared! Making it up as I go along rather than following a pattern, but I'm sure the mistakes will be tiny enough not to be seen! lol
  15. Slates! But they need to be right kind of slates. I started working on an idea this afternoon using gray cardstock I bought. But this stuff is thinner than my stash of old white cardstock, so I don't know if it'll work out. I'd forgotten that some posterboard I was considering back in December turned out to be thinner than I'd like too. Now if I were working in 1:12, it wouldn't be as much a problem. I used my mat cutter and cut a piece of scrap matboard with a nice bevel that could be fixed up to make some decent looking slates. .......While on the subject, any future dollhouses I want to des
  16. All within the month of april this year, i tried to buy the queen anne from RGT who no longer honor retailers wholesale purchasing with only that particular kit. Shortly after, I later on won it on ebay from endeavortoys who also have their own webpage for $1500-brand new, only for them to renege and cancel on the transaction after i paid immediately in full even after they altered the shipping fee to addition $90 from the listed fee of $160. They were very sketchy and rude were they told me out of the three kits they had in-stock were “open” and couldn’t be sold then took them off their websi
  17. Hmmm, well over here we have kept the schools mostly open for the ones in kindergarten up to year 9, apart from a couple of weeks around Christmas time where the year 7-9 also got their lessons through digital plattforms. The older ones in hugger education have had most of their leassons online since last year about Now, but that also has meant that students have been able take turns in attending in school for some parts of their courses that they needed to be in school to be able to do. So a very tough period of time to get to the best possible solution at all Times, not an easy task and LOT
  18. I also like dollhouses, and when you deal with them all the time, you become obsessed with the good sense of the word, and you want to already do something more, for example, to shoot the light. I understand the situation very well. I was still in the continuous search for some lights, and in the end, I ordered from Amazon night light. I wanted it to shine brightly, like in a real house. They go as a 6-piece set at just 12 dollars. I disassembled and put together what I need, so I have the light in the dollhouse. Cool. I was satisfied. What's left I use through the house for my dog.
  19. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
  20. THAT's Dawn, and she's a member here! Thank you, Heddy!
  21. Aw, I thought it was the colonial by Dura-craft....
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  23. This is an aside to the dollhouse topic, but this works amazingly well for pet stains on wood floors. I used this to get rid of cat urine stains when I discovered my cat was secretly urinating on the rug under my bed due to a health issue. After two rounds of spraying the hardwood floor with hydrogen peroxide and covering with a hydrogen peroxide soaked towel, both the odor and most of the stain were gone.
  24. I've used many battery-operated lights to my satisfaction. I would just add that not all battery-operated lights are created equal - I've been very disappointed in some super dim ones, and then I've purchased some that are bright and downright fantastic! The "3rd generation/super bright" ones from www.miniland.ca have been among my favorites for brightness.
  25. rest in peace
  26. Thank you! I will be happy to share pictures soon!
  27. There's a video on how to do the chain stitch in embroidery (which does look a lot like a crochet chain from the top). You don;t embroider? See if your library has any books by Erica Wilson.
  28. Oh thank you so much, I will change the plugs to smaller ones if need be.. you are a super ;ot you know..thank you again XX Jeannine
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