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    I love miniatures, mostly the decorating part! My other passions include history and sewing. I work at a historic house museum and own my own costuming business.

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  1. Sarah91

    Beacon Hill

    The Beacon Hill coming together.
  2. I am heading to a wedding in Rhode Island for the weekend.
  3. Sarah91


    My dolls (or ones I want).
  4. Sarah91

    First House

    THis house was my first one. My mom had built it for herself when she was interested in dollhouses and then she passed it on to me.
  5. Today I finally got around to finishing my boyfriends birthday present. He really wants to attend Johnson and Wales to become a chef. So since he trives on the food network, I sent blank cards and prestamped and addressed envelopes to his favorite food network chefs, asking them to write a quick birthday note. I sent them out today even though his birthday isn't until September 21 because I want to make sure there is enough time to have them back. Other than that, I just have to finish the Beacon Hill dormer windows.
  6. Makeup. The only stuff I use is one concealer, one mascara, and a lip gloss. Im just too lazy for makeup. Never wear it to school.
  7. Sarah91

    Mystery House

    Can anybody identify this house?
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