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  1. Hi folks! This lost sheep has found its way home too after lurking about. Not doing mini's like I used to, but I still like to imagine myself doing them. Maybe when RL stops throwing curve balls at me, I can get back to them. I even went to Bishop show today in search of something 'normal', but my heart just wasn't in it. Sadly, my Mom was stricken recently by a rare type of infection in her spine that has left her impaired physically as well as mentally. For an 85 yr. old, she was quite active and in charge of absolutely every aspect of her life prior to this, so it has been devastating to my family to see her knocked down this way. On top of my Mother being ill, my in-laws are both dying - one from congestive heart failure and liver cancer, the other from bone cancer, so it feels a bit like the world has flipped for us right now. Will get through it, but it sure does suck ( to be blunt) right now. Anyway, it is truly wonderful to see so many returning HOME. Home really is where the heart is...and THIS heart is so very happy to find its way back here. xoxo
  2. Karin, Hobby Lobby has a couple of thickness choices of acrylic sheets that cut easily. I've used a ton of them over the years as I prefer their strength over thin plastics (just my preference).
  3. Aww...I will never understand how on earth people can be so cruel to such innocent, loving creatures. I do so hope you find room for him in your heart and home, but if that isn't possible...at least a decent family who will love and care for him properly. Bless you Greg...wish there were many, MANY more like you.
  4. Quilting too? ♥ Fantastic! <green with envy> I can barely sew a button on...sigh...my hubby sews better than me LOL Looks like fun though. I love puzzles.
  5. Love the kit and whole set up. Dean & Co. knock it out of the park... again! Haven't been mini-ing as much these days (although I do ALWAYS tend to 'think' in that direction), so think I'll sit back and enjoy the show, but oh my, what a show it promises to be. I do have an idea or two rolling about...but, I never seem to hit the finish line anymore. Too much pressure - not enough space, not enough 'gumption'..not enough 'sumpthin' lol. 2012 SF is STILL languishing, begging to be finished after-all..<sigh> Need another project like another hole in my head. But, who knows...I may succumb to the 'beast' yet. It IS a hard, HARD habit to quit. Have fun all you Flingers!!
  6. Welcome back, Wendy! Good to see you again.
  7. what2craftnow

    from the front

    Karin, I have no doubt whatsoever that you will make this house into something truly spectacular. It's a beauty! ENJOY! ♥ <better buy a few BUCKETS of paperclay! You will need it, for sure!>
  8. I wholeheartedly agree! A lovely idea, Karin!
  9. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. She was incredibly talented and such a sweetheart to all here. She will be sorely missed. My prayers go out to you and your family. {{gentle hugs}}
  10. Truly a work of art, Brae!! This house is just spectacular!!
  11. Thanks! Yep! Petite Properties it is. I ♥ their little houses. Go together in no time, and ... no sanding required..lol.
  12. what2craftnow

    007 (600x800)

    From the album: 1:48 Cottage Shop

    "Let there be more light". At least you can 'see it' in this one. LOL
  13. what2craftnow

    1:48 Cottage Shop

    A little Christmas gift I am working on.
  14. From the album: 1:48 Cottage Shop

    My lighting features were less than stellar I guess. (sigh) The roofing still needs to be glued down and some tweaks here and there, but it will be ready for Xmas time gifting. My kitchen tiles do nothing for the backdrop, do they...oy
  15. Well, from what I have perused in the gallery, they are ALL winners. Wishing all of you great good luck. You all deserve prizes, or at very least...a standing ovation!! :jumping: :jump: Celebrate your accomplishments. You ALL deserve it.
  16. OMG! Too funny. ♥ And, BTW, my silly dog would fall for this in a heartbeat...lol.
  17. what2craftnow

    house interior

    ♥♥♥ So, SO beautiful Karin!
  18. ♥♥♥ Too adorable for words. What a magical piece you've created. So well done!
  19. Absolutely amazing! ♥♥♥ the whole piece, but that little window in the brickwork is a bit of GENIUS! Utterly charming!
  20. Jo, once again...you knocked it all the way out of the park! My jaw literally..dropped. It is a true work of art! I'm blown away.
  21. OMG! ♥♥♥ it! Used to love going to the 94th Aero Squadron in Wheeling. You really have captured that bombed-out building effect perfectly. And your plane is SUPERB! This is positively breathtaking! <standing and applauding>
  22. what2craftnow

    porch angled

    Positively magical! ♥
  23. OMG! Every year, I keep thinking the entries can't possibly get any better, and then..THEY DO! You have ALL outdone yourselves, and the entries so far this year are truly magnificient! You ALL should be patting yourselves on the back for a job WELL DONE!! All I can say is.... AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations to all who participated. The judges certainly have their work cut out for them once again. How will they ever choose???? Glad I'm not a judge. I could never pick just 3. They are ALL amazing to me. I salute you ALL, and look forward to more glorious eye candy.
  24. Good for you, Kathie. It takes love and a lot of guts to do what you are doing. Such a pity that his own wife hasn't the 'gumption' to recognize and vehemently protest her husband's active denial of just how dangerous this has become. Losing one's own life by such denial is one thing ~ but risking the lives of ANYONE in this man's path is absolutely criminal. He sounds like a ticking bomb behind the wheel..just a question of when, where and HOW MANY will be hurt or killed when he 'goes off'. I'm quite sure he is a great guy and does not intend to hurt anyone, but reason seems to go out the window when people feel threatened of losing their privilege to drive. My mother is 84 this year, and while she has had no accidents, etc., we have all noticed that her reaction time while driving is becoming questionable. The day is coming that we will need to 'confiscate' her keys, and I dread that day, as I know how independent she is (and always has been), but putting her and others in jeopardy for the sake of her independence alone is NOT worth it. I applaud your courage for stepping up and doing what is RIGHT. ♥
  25. I am so enjoying all the hints on what is happenin' with everyone's SF. You all are rockin' and rollin' along, and I can't wait to see everyone's hard work. Sounds like it will be another knock-out eye-candy fest when all is said and done! My SF has been put on hold due to; vacation, remodeling the bathroom, painting walls, trim and doors ALL OVER the place, and just plain..summer-itis. Summer seems to have won out on my enthusiasm for mini-ing. Oh well. You know what they say about the road to 'somewhere' is paved with the best of intentions. I doubt mine will be done in time, but... we'll see. I may pull a rabbit out of the hat yet. Or,an eggplant...who knows. FLING ON, all ye flingers!
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