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  1. Ok it won’t let me upload a photo ugh.
  2. Ok I need some help giving an ID to this beauty. My Aunt built it for my cousin many moons ago and now she has a home with me. It is a very special project to me. I am looking to ID her so I can take my next steps when ordering some stuff.
  3. It was great coming back it feels so good to be home again
  4. I’m back life has been super crazy over the last few years. Went through a divorce man was that crazy glad that is done and over with. The last four years almost have been a great time with new everything new place to live with my now 8 yo daughter and finally met the man who I have been looking for and almost 2 years ago we had our son. I’m glad I was able to get back on here and have just started to get back into the craft and mini world. I just acquired a house from my cousin and I will be needing to post a picture to identify. Hope everyone is well miss all the old chats and mini eye candy. Maybe it will be time to change the screen name. Xoxo
  5. Nothing fantastic planed for this week just work and filing taxes on the weekend have a curtain to sew and maybe start the Washington rehab
  6. Welcome back i have returned for good too time to work on some major minis
  7. Welcome back i have returned for good too time to work on some major minis
  8. Ok i say this all the time I'm back for good this time real life and being a working mom takes my down time away but now that Sophia is 2 she is showing more interests into letting mommy do things and sit and watch. I have missed you all and welcome all new members.
  9. I'm coming out of mini hiding and hopefully with all this snow here is Jersey will.get some work done
  10. Kelly I love that one 2 I see them all the time i was wondering how they are! i would love to get a bunch and hang them up
  11. im intrested to see what it will be maybe if i have time and the extra $ for the kit i will do it this year
  12. im glad you asked this question i want to do this on the ailson and now i have the answer
  13. oh this is cool i never used it but it looks like it maybe fun did you use it yet?
  14. i love all the brick work i 2 would love to live there or write a book there
  15. im making a basement for one of my houses a bit wider in the front to make a yard im going to use maybe some kind of wood but not sure yet
  16. very scary thanks for the heads up
  17. this house looks great i love the paper brick i may need to use that in the future
  18. thanks for the share some cute stuff they would look so great in a roombox
  19. oh its so cute cant wait to see how it looks all done!
  20. i love it! what did you use to make the frames? this is a very good idea to get some pictures from old catalogs
  21. badlilkit10


    this siding is awesome what did u use?
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