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  1. Slates! But they need to be right kind of slates. I started working on an idea this afternoon using gray cardstock I bought. But this stuff is thinner than my stash of old white cardstock, so I don't know if it'll work out. I'd forgotten that some posterboard I was considering back in December turned out to be thinner than I'd like too. Now if I were working in 1:12, it wouldn't be as much a problem. I used my mat cutter and cut a piece of scrap matboard with a nice bevel that could be fixed up to make some decent looking slates. .......While on the subject, any future dollhouses I want to des
  2. So what is it about men just tossing their change on the kitchen counter, dresser or jar instead of using those coins up? Yeah, I know, I know, it's a pain to carry around change in your pants pockets. On Sunday I got into the line at the McDonalds drive through, and the line was moving so slowly I decided to see how many quarters were dumped into the car's cupholder. Between my wallet and the cupholder I came up with $8.00 in quarters, so I paid for breakfast with the quarters. Ordinarily I wouldn't have done it, but the car in front of me hadn't moved forward at all while the cashier was cou
  3. DH's name is on the list, because he's over 70, but not very many Mainers have been able to get the shot yet. I saw where more New Hampshireites seem to be getting one. I'll be eligible in the next wave, whenever that is. Our 27 year old son who lives with us goes to work in a different Walmart everyday. We wonder, what if we've had it already and don't even know it? The whole thing just fills me with rage whenever I think about it. I drove 45 minutes to the good bakery the other day. Pastry helps with my anger issues.
  4. I was expecting a small package, and at 5:00 checked tracking and saw it was still on the truck out for delivery. At 5:30 I checked again, only this time it sais that as of 3:09 it was available for pickup. WHAT THA??????????????? I had been planning to list some some miniatures on ebay in January, but doing that in this era of packages going every which way would be nuts, so I'll just wait.
  5. Holly, I got a Christmas card from my daughter on January 23, she mailed it from Philly on Dec 14. Two days later she finally got the card I sent her. On Dec 1st I ordered something from LL Bean, which is about a 45 minute drive north of my house. I waited and waited for it, it was a Christmas gift & I was getting very anxious. Tracking it I discovered that it travelled down the highway past my town down to Virginia, where it sat for a while. Then it made it's way back north and sat in Connecticut for about 2 weeks till it slowly made its way back to my house in Maine two days before Chri
  6. Carrie, for some unknown reason they just couldn't use my mobile number to verify that it's me. Maybe it just doesn't work in Maine? Living in Maine I'd say yes, that's a possibility. DH bought a new set of phones for our landline that will weed out some calls. Supposedly we can block spam calls by marking them somehow every time the phone rings, but it just rings too darn often. Yesterday morning between 9 and 10 our landline & dh's mobile phone rang about 6 times, never leaving a message (spammers). Our new landline phones announce the calls, and lately the voice has sometimes annou
  7. Today I found out about USPS informed delivery, where they'll inform you when mail is headed toward your mailbox, so I decided to sign up. As directed, I signed in to my USPS account and then enroll in the program, but all I got was a popup survey which ended with the usual : how likely are you to recommend USPS to friends? ........yeah, I'll tell people not to use it, just deliver your mail yourself by hand. Speaking of which, a friend living in Ketchikan Alaska says they were reduced to doing this when their PO sorting machine brokedown and all their mail was sent 800 miles away to be sorted
  8. eeeewe ugh. My boys stuck to pebbles, bottlecaps and micro cars.
  9. I wish my husband would remember to empty his pockets. It's usually only tissues, but the mess those wet tissues cause!
  10. This evening I was really tired and all I wanted to do was relax in bed and stream a movie, when the TV remote quit working, so I went back downstairs to get fresh batteries. When I popped the old ones out of the remote, one of the little swirly wires fell out and I couldn't get it to stay back in. The batteries can't work the remote without the little swirly wires. I discovered that TV doesn't even have a power button. What to do? Then it struck me. Lead tape! I went up to my workroom, snipped off a piece of lead golfer's tape, stuck it into the gap of my remote, slid in the fresh batteries
  11. Thanks! I'll try that too! I was just standing around in the kitchen waiting for something and took one of the Jordan Marsh recipe muffins out of a ziploc bag and broke off a pinch to pop in my mouth. it actually got better over the last couple days, sitting in the bag! It was moister than when originally baked, no wonder it was such a popular bakery muffin!
  12. Yes, I think that sounds good too, Holly. I'll have to make a note of that. I got a big surprise today, I'd ordered a couple bags of White Lily self rising flour from Walmart, because a couple recipes I wanted to try specified the stuff. This morning I saw my shipment was at Fed Ex's Connecticut location, so I figured they wouldn't come today after all, but lo and behold! They wound up on my porch shortly after noon! An end table I ordered from Wayfair also arrived several days early by the same Fed Ex truck. What shall I try my hand at tomorrow? Biscuits? I haven't much cared for most bi
  13. I haven't felt like doing any miniature work lately. I started taking pictures and measuring some miniatures to list on ebay, but with the mail delivery so screwed up, I think maybe I better wait a while before I try to sell anything. I've read that a lot of ebay sellers' packages arrive really late or not at all. In the last couple months we've had 2 bills, a letter and a check that never arrived. DH finally asked our son about online bill pay though our bank. Since my just under 2 year old laptop crashed & died suddenly in December, I've been updating my recipe files - again. I was
  14. When I was 5 we moved into a new house, where I found an old childrens' book from the 40's with all sorts of stories and illustrations. My favorite picture was of a chicken coop house. When the book had fallen into tatters from age, I salvaged that picture and framed it. A few weeks ago I got the idea of making a display to put in my empty fireplace based on the chicken coop. I changed the chicken coop into a house, and it's about 1:24 scale, but it's not a dollhouse. The first picture shows it in my fireplace surrounded by painted pinecones and posterboard evergreens. I took the second pict
  15. Most of the online dollhouse forums I've belonged to over the years have gone for various reasons, but I've noticed that a lot of new people have gotten into the hobby since they've had to stay at home. I think the reason that posts on this site have slowed down so much is because earlier in the year they closed down to update the site to make it run better. It took longer than they planned because of glitches they ran into, I guess, plus the whole covid thing probably impacted it too. Anyway, it was offline for at least a couple of months, and when we regulars started drifting back, many othe
  16. We've always had just a small dinner for 3, but this year DH went kind of nutty because of covid. A couple of months ago he started splurging on steaks bought online. Then he started buying other frozen foods online. Then he decided we needed a new upright freezer because finding things in the small chest freezer was a pain in the neck. As a result of his frozen food buying binging I have to do very little cooking this Thanksgiving whoopie! We're having turkey en croute, baked stuffed potatoes, cheese chive rolls (actually biscuits), and I ordered an Italian rum cake from a local bakery (w
  17. Traditional roofing in that part of England was Horsham stone, but in the painting I liked the roof looked more like large oak shingles. I read that by the mid 1800's there were very few oak shingled houses left, but I didn't like the look of Horsham stone in the photos I'd seen. Recently, however, I found a few pictures of Horsham slate, so maybe I'll go with that. I may change my mind a few times before I actually start putting on the roofing.
  18. I'm going to take a break from my half inch scale cottage row. Maybe I'll work on something else for a while. Anyway, here are pictures as it stands now. I glued the last roof panel into place this morning, but I still need to experiment with whatever I'm going to use for shingling. More work to be done, like adding architectural details to the front and enhancing timbers and bricks, etc., but I just don't feel like doing it right now. If you want to read and see pictures from inspiration photo to now just check My One Inch World.
  19. Most of my reading is done on a kindle because I can adjust the brightness and font to be comfortable for my eyes. Here are some of my favorite authors, all in the mystery genre. Quite a few of their books are available through Kindle Unlimited, or for just a few dollars or as little as 99 cents of even free. I like to read, read over 60 books since the dreaded covid started. George Bellairs - started writing Inspector Littlejohn books in the 30's, starting with constable Littlejohn. Bill Crider - wrote the sheriff Dan Rhodes novels set in rural Texas, lots of warm humor. Moray
  20. Work on this house continuing slowly. I've more or less finished 2 of the cottages, except for adding roofs. Last night I made a fireplace for the 3rd cottage and today I'm working on the stairs. Here's a picture of the interior of the 2 cottages as they were yesterday afternoon. The chimney is just sitting there so I don't forget it has to go there. If you'd like to see the whole building process just visit My One Inch World.
  21. I scratch build, but since I've always been interested in how people lived through history, I tend to build houses or rooms in historic eras. I have files of information about historic periods that I'll probably never get around to using, but I find myself always collecting more. I'm working on a model of an actual historic building right now, but I'm putting my own spin on it.
  22. I thought I'd bring this up, since a lot of people are confused about building stairs. I'm no expert, but I've built a few, and I've just been working on another one for my 1:24 cottage row. Both of these staircases are the same height. Please excuse the irregularity of the one I cut from builders' foam. I was experimenting and planned on encasing it from the beginning, so cutting errors wouldn't be visible anyway. The second one was made from a piece of balsa stripwood. The foam staircase risers are based on a height of 5/16", but when I went to start the second staircase, I didn't happen to
  23. Yesterday was our last hot summery day, this week they're calling for temps in the 70's, fall weather arriveth - and my desk chair started squealing like crazy with every turn. Yesterday it was fine. All summer it was fine. Now it screetches and they say you can hear it all over the house. Farewell sweet summer.
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