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  2. Can't seem to download photos, it says file to big. Wish I knew what I was doing
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  4. Another John William Godward A Souvenir Made a little easel to put them on while I am working on them
  5. Bravo Susan.....who do you envision living there?
  6. Lucky grandparents! And it's hard to realize Natasha's going to be 10 already! They do grow fast...
  7. Last week
  8. I wish they would give a discount for a larger order of the sheets maybe like half the price of the house
  9. I started with Buttercups and Sugarplum cottages and lots of paint, etc, on the window acetate. The Buttercups were an especially frustrating window adventure, as mine came with no interior trim. Carrie's explaining that the walls containe part of the window is spot on; it helped me to lay the trim over the window opening and trace around it.
  10. I painted over a red checkered Lee's Line sofa with fabric paint. It has a sort of leather look close up, but once it's in the house it looks like smooth fabric. You could do something like this to make it the color you want and then still add cushions and lace, which would make it harder to tell that the sofa has been painted. For the doors, on the exterior the siding will make them the right depth, as Holly mentioned. For the interior doors you can add wood to both the inside of the built-in casing and to the edge of the loose casing to make up the difference and make them a
  11. The reductions I have done myself have resulted in just an unclear white out scene with no detail other than a bit of shading.The whole picture is basically just shades of white and brown and everything has a subtle halo around it, so it is perhaps not the best picture to try to reduce..but..I am still positive and hopeful. I am long way off hangin it so plenty of time
  12. The baseboards look excellent. I'm also planning to stain interior trim (window trim is already done!) so this gives me hope haha
  13. I use a Stanley utility knife with retractable blades in case I need to put some real "English" into it; I found that the Xacto liked to unscrew itself and loosen whilst being used. I use a decent carpenters' wood glue (Titebond with the red cap) for bare wood-to-wood, Elmer's all-purpose white glue for the clear acetate window inserts because it dries clear, and E6000 for everything else; blue painters' tape for masking off areas I want to glue after I prime/ stain, spackling compound (or drywall "mud" or joint compound) for filling gaps and smoothing surfaces that sanding doesn't do the job
  14. I never owned a Barbie..not quite sure why. I loved microscopes and scientifiic things. I was fascinated by how the microscope could take me into a tiny world. I remember dolls and dolls prams, I had a small but identical copy of a grownup coach built babies pram, they are deifinately collectible now. I also loved fabrics as a child, I was fascinated but the feel of different ones.. I got a decent sewing machine quite early on, not a toy thank goodnss as they were useless, it was a treadle. I had it for many years, it crossed the Atlantic with me.
  15. The last time I went back was for a paddling event the year following my 50th high school reunion (Palm Beach High School, which no longer exists) in 2010.
  16. Mary, click on those three little dots in the upper right corner of your post, click on the "Edit" button and remove your email address.
  17. Your Washington looks so amazing. I love your creative solutions! I wound up buying asphalt because I wanted grey asphalt and, to be entirely honest, after sanding and compounding the railing for literally days on end, did not have the patience to make shingles, too. The railing was literally graham cracker-like when viewed from the side and paint just sank into the wood. I sealed each slat with glue along the narrow edge, then sanded each and every one, followed by layer after layer of super thin joint compound, sanding between each layer. The result was not perfect but so much better! I also
  18. I'm going to close this thread since the houses are gone. Celeste, I hope you find the kits you're looking for!
  19. Wish I had room for this house - If anyone is in Connecticut . . . hope it is helpful! https://newlondon.craigslist.org/clt/d/westerly-doll-house/7305141725.html
  20. Mineejv


    I would love to show you...but... I can’t put them in my gallery... it tells me resize, (I resize) it tells me resize (I resize) then I get aggravated....
  21. Here are the photos of Laurel's dollhouse. I've seen this before but can't think of what house it is. I think it's an Artply?
  22. I was just looking for these the other day, for some reason they've become impossible to find! Here are some on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-Electric-Petite-Wall-Outlets-1-24-scale-D48-Dollys-Gallery/372246721335
  23. Legos are genius. We do have some of the chunky duplo ones and my toddler is too young to know I’m borrowing them haha
  24. Thank you!! That is very helpful information - really appreciate it! Yes - textbooks would be ideal to hold stuff together LOL
  25. You might already know this, but here's a tip. You can save your search on eBay for the Addison dollhouse kit and then you will automatically be notified of when one shows up for sale. This is how I got my Worthington dollhouse kit. It took me five months but I finally was able to get it. Good luck.
  26. Welcome Maria - what a lovely idea - I can't wait to see what your creativity comes up with! Welcome
  27. So far so good on that front. Hoping he doesn't destroy any of my houses!
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