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  2. The Highland as Spanish style??!! You MUST make an album for that one- makes me quite curious to see what you do with it.
  3. I like to use the disposable sponge brushes that come 10 to a bag, then an old t-shirt to wipe off excess.
  4. I think I have made electrical as hard as it can be for myself......especially when i cut through wires while trimming wallpaper around windows.
  5. Welcome - do you have any experience or are you new to the love of miniatures?
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  7. It is wonderful that the house will be finished and loved. Expect it to start talking to you about what it wants you to do with it! Enjoy!
  8. Last week
  9. I've been looking around for those exactly! Haven't found any yet though. . .
  10. Hi, Anne. Most welcome to the community.
  11. Thank you so much! This has been such a fun project, picking out and planning all those little details. And my mom is pretty awesome, yes. I won the mom lottery with her. :-)
  12. I see things changed this year. Only one vote and they don't appear to be displaying the totals. Good move HBS. Good Luck to those who entered!
  13. Almost done with the background of the tapestry. Then it's on to the borders. Dinner last night was roast beef and baked potato.
  14. Wood and MDF contain chemicals that, over time, leach out and "burn" whatever's glued to them; primer seals the surface and protects whatever you stick on it from later damage. In addition sanding the primed surface helps prevent imperfections in the unprimed, unsanded surface from showing through your wall covering. Do NOT prime or paint any surface you want to stain, as primer also seals the wood so stain will not be absorbed into the wood. (I have learned this at first hand...)
  15. Oh, Khang, I hope you'll post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum. Where in Birmingham is the dollhouse store? The hubs & I went up there (we live in Seminole, AL, just across the Perdido River from Pensacola, FL) to shop the new REI store. And you have definitely caught the miniature addiction bug; I zone out, too; especially shingling, applying siding and flooring.
  16. I never used it and hate to just toss it. I'm happy to send it to whomever needs it if you just cover postage from MA. I can take a photo of it if needed. Just send a message and we can work out the details. Thanks. Robin
  17. Also the Micromark folks have tiny sandpaper sticks for micro-sanding.
  18. Is that mixture works for mold in the basement? I want to have mold remediation in the basement, any suggestions?
  19. I've missed out on several, or got outbid........BUT....I'm on the West Coast of Florida and my adult son lives on the East Coast - I saw a lady list a FREE Lawbre Nantucket that was so beautifully done on Marketplace on the East Coast. Within 5 minutes of it being listed I called my son and he agreed to leave work and immediately go get it, 30 minutes later it was GONE!! The listing was up for less than an hour and she gave it to someone else. I have never forgot about that house.
  20. Genevieve, I love your name. You have quite a beautiful collection! I did see the Rosedawn on eBay - I'm always window shopping! HaHa. There is a member on here that was giving her's away for FREE and I was tempted to take a road trip several states away to go get it, but then I snapped out of it.
  21. Suzi!!! So so happy you wrote back, I was worried you’d never see my message...well the house arrived yesterday, and I take it you have seen it personally? Words cannot describe this house, its not only huge but absolutely breathtaking! I can’t stop looking at it. It must have taken years to build, I have never seen a dollhouse so lifelike and intricate before. Its a very interesting story how I “met’ Liz. I reside in Greece during the winter months and one night, as I was enduring a red-eye all nighter while caring for my terminally ill grandmother in the hospital, I stumble upon Liz and
  22. I just listed an cute holiday couple ....Check out my listing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miniature-OOAK-Porcelain-Santa-Mrs-Claus-dollhouse-dolls/254757520943?hash=item3b50bb462f:g:2PwAAOSw7Sxfkypf
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  24. This is what her house looks like from the outside. It appears to be just the top of an old grandfather clock.
  25. I happen to have an extra copy since the person I was going to send them to decided not to do snail mail. If you want them through the mail, pm me your address. I can get them in the mail tomorrow. I'd send an electronic copy, but I learned that my pics are not very clear. If you want to try that first, I do have them in picture form.
  26. Michael, Jeanne posted that the house is already with its new owner.
  27. The picture in my profile image is one of my completed houses.
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