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  2. Long sausages and a bit of oil in a roasting pan, put in the oven for 10-15 mins. Pour thin-ish pancake/Yorkshire pudding batter over keeping the pan as hot as possible, straight back in the oven for 25ish minutes (don't open the oven door!!) Not too hard, but easy to go wrong it seems. I tend to use 2 eggs, 140g plain flour, 175ml (3/4 cup) milk, and pepper for batter. Recipes tend to say cook 35-40 minutes but we prefer ours less well cooked.
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  4. I just had to google how the UK does Toad in the hole....Now I am craving sausage. Your version is much more complicated than the US version, but looks yummy.
  5. Back in the day I managed to visit a cousin in Birmingham for a few days on stopovers between the US and other European cities once or twice a year. I always requested toad in the hole when she asked what I'd like to eat.
  6. We had toad in the hole today. We've had a few not turn out great recently for various reasons (husband doesn't like cooking, so doesn't do it so much, so doesn't have the knowledge or confidence to try or tweak recipes) We had no extra fat one time (just a tiny bit from pretty lean sausages), cold fat another time, too much flour to egg ratio another time (he says scales didn't work, but didn't occur to him to just put more milk in) cremated sausages, only self raising flour available (for some reason rose less than regular flour!) and one time no flour, so I used polenta and we had hippos in
  7. A pocket door that looks like part of the wall (especially if the wall is paneled)?
  8. I even tried the so-called "stainable" wood filler before I gave up. I also use joint compound or my personal favorite, SPACKLE!
  9. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are thawing because the hubs wants chicken a la king for supper.
  10. How about the old hinged bookcase that is really a door....Maybe try google for some other secret door ideas?
  11. Sounds nice, Kathie! Haven't gotten back to the stitching, as I'm mostly in bed or moving around for PT. Dinner tonight is Italian sausage, mmm. Check in with you all in another few days.
  12. Thank you for the tip! The wood filler has just been a freaking nightmare to use LOL
  13. Hi, welcome to the forum! I wasn't sure what you meant so I went and looked at Greenleaf's pictures of the Harrison: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/dollhouse-kits/harrison-dollhouse-kit.html I never noticed that the upstairs room with the balcony that you can see from the front, can't be seen from the back! Is that the room you're talking about?
  14. Here is the new and improved finial. I like this one much better than my first attempt.
  15. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building. It's almost complete! Finishing off the roof trim, tower roof details and kitchen porch I've added to the side.
  16. Call Me Crazy

    Fairfield 1:24

    Yay!! Take your time and enjoy the ride. The Fairfield is wonderful!! And IMHO, working in half scale is awesome.
  17. I've never had good luck with wood filler in miniature projects. I lean toward joint compound/drywall mud or paintable caulk if there are voids to fill.
  18. I am hoping that as I move along in this process I will finally get that through my head as well - also can I ask what type of wood filler you use because I got some Elmer's wood filler in a tube and I loath it ... it could be user error tho TBH Thank you so much for your kind compliment - I am excited to continue with the room (there will be moss growing on the laths) and see how it pulls together
  19. I may have to steal that mantra - it's so true!!! And I feel like I should know better because I love horror movies and LOVE hearing how they use practical effects to achieve looks. You are wiser than I LOL
  20. That is amazing!! It sometimes feel like a game of "is this a real people house or a dollhouse" when looking at pictures!
  21. This Is going to be a lot like a garden railroad. But with out the railroad. ahahhaaaaa Picture Dwarf pine trees and Lots of green plants. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the journey's.
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