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  2. Cynthia, just a suggestion, make it in card first, and use the parts for a pattern.
  3. Did a little shopping at the online mini show this past weekend. Most tempted by this seller who was cleaning out her stash of all sorts of mini kits. I got a plant kit, 2 stitching kits and some silk gauze for another project, and a little furniture kit. Unfortunately, someone bought 2 of the other kits I wanted, especially this one for a mission style magazine rack. Can't wait to get my package! I guess I'll try to copy the magazine rack myself. I've got tools...I can do it!
  4. I've never used this, but the site says for 1" scale, it's an overgrown look, which sounds like what you want? https://www.miniatures.com/Grass-Mat-P28793.aspx
  5. This one sounds a bit odd but I did see one done with fur and painted . It did look really good. Jennifer's miniature on Face book and she used this original site http://www.finescalerr.com/smf/index.php?topic=1999.0&fbclid=IwAR3cx_QrUDyBJZz28Y1LjsMWQR0gz9l0-RejCmcspHo3cqFTTduDIoHRD88
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  7. For the unkempt meadow look probbly randomly clipping various types of mosses and scattering them over your glue covered surface (randomly painted dirt & debris colored) sould give the most realistic effect.
  8. I suppose you could leave them out. I had so much fun making them for mine.
  9. There are so many ways of doing grass for landscaping. I've never had to landscape as yet and would like to do it as realistically as possible but I spent most of the night dreaming of the different ways of creating it! There's static grass, either the type you buy or you can make it using florists foam or sawdust. There's a range of grasses attached to paper or other. Or there's moss which you can again, cut up and scatter similar to static grass. I'm aiming for the unkempt meadow look, I have a range of different bits of greenery that I have collected over the years. But now feeling stuck, unable to move forward until I can choose which way to do grass!!! Would love people's opinions please!!
  10. I love making anything out of paper love your pop up cards Erica and everyone paper creations it’s one of my passions to. i make these fairy nightlights right now
  11. You can leave out all or some of the fireplaces -- just don't punch them out, and wallpaper over them. I did this on the second floor. But if you're talking about getting rid of the chimney structure, that is integral to holding the house together.
  12. Go to search and type in fairfield. It will show soooo many links to other pictures and convos. Sorry I wan't able to provide a specific link.
  13. Just starting my Fairfield kit and wondering...has anyone just completely left out the fireplace? Is it part of the support structure of the house? Any input is welcome.
  14. This was so informative and helpful. I started getting arthritis in my knee. I used to do a lot of work outdoors for fun. Working on my dh has replaced a lot of my gardening and canning time, but I would feel guilty for not wanting to power through. It would be nothing to can 8 hours after work. I can't now. But I don't feel so bad about it. Thank you for sharing!
  15. Hi Maya!! Yes, I use quite a few essential oils in many different ways - Love them!!
  16. Hi Nancy - the basement is no longer available - so which house are you actually building that you’d like a basement for? And please remove your email from your post as this is an open forum and I’d hate for you to be compromised by posting your personal email
  17. Hi Holly, I see this post was from a while ago, and I see you no longer have the basement. I have an older Duracraft wooden house that appears to be the same layout as the San Franciscan. I’ve been working on it during my quarantine. I’m new to dollhouse building. Since I’ve started the building and settled on a “theme,” I’ve decided it really needs a basement. When I searched for information on building a basement, your post popped up. I was so excited to see that it was the same dollhouse I have! Do you have any information about your basement that would be helpful for me as I build my own? thanks, Nancy
  18. Medieval

    Pierce Re-Build

    Re-build of partially constructed Pierce. First dollhouse since 1982! Dollhouse partially assembled with glue gun and wood putty. Porch floor was scored for floor board look and painted grey. Musty, dusty house that had been stored in a basement. At least it is dry!
  19. IndyCindy

    in progress

    This is quite sweet. I especially love the little chair's floral motif!
  20. IndyCindy

    Pack ratting

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that does this. hehe
  21. IndyCindy

    Full kitchen

    This is gorgeous on so many levels. Talk about an inspirational kitchen! Perfectly executed! Love, love, love this! The details matter, and everything here just feels right!
  22. IndyCindy

    Right wall Loo.jpg

    Everything about this is perfect. . .just pristine and lovely!
  23. Shareb


    Well, well done you! Those stairs are great!!
  24. Tigpuppy


    My dishwasher leaked in my kitchen which is above my workroom. My dollhouse got soaked and the stairs got the worst of it. I had to cut off about 1 inch off the bottom and will try to save the rest for a later build. I decided to build my own steps from scratch and have them come up in a slightly different spot. I was thinking mat board too - or possibly just thin strips of wood in a rectangle shape (with the center indented).
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