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  2. The Highland as Spanish style??!! You MUST make an album for that one- makes me quite curious to see what you do with it.
  3. I like to use the disposable sponge brushes that come 10 to a bag, then an old t-shirt to wipe off excess.
  4. I think I have made electrical as hard as it can be for myself......especially when i cut through wires while trimming wallpaper around windows.
  5. dooder85

    New Glencroft

    I'm finally getting back into the builds after the fire took out my old ones. It was so disheartening to have to start over from the beginning - but i can fix the things that I didn't love in the first build I suppose!
  6. Hey guys, thanks for your guidance. Now i think cheap paint brush and a soft cloth will be best. Thanks again
  7. For larger areas, I like to use a small piece of a soft cloth, like t-shirt material, to dip and spread. The smaller the piece of cloth the better. Big pieces just soak up the stain and don't deposit nearly any of it. For small pieces, I like to use Minwax's felt pen stains. No muss, no fuss. And, they are refillable. Just pull the felt tip out, use an eye-dropper or small syringe (like vets use to administer meds orally) to fill.
  8. Shareb

    Spring gardening

    Hi Kim - I used Creative Paperclay. It's something that Rik Pierce uses on most of his builds and this was the first time I've used it. It does shrink a little during drying but it's easy enough to add bits in and merge it together. It's very lightweight and really easy to work with. I'm a fan! I used a largish (compared to what I normally use) paintbrush as a stippler. The beams are all balsa.
  9. Carrie, you must know that from experience...???
  10. Welcome - do you have any experience or are you new to the love of miniatures?
  11. Yesterday
  12. amyole


    This looks beautifully coordinated (colors). I can't tell you how much I admire you for being able to work in 1:48. Bravo!
  13. It is wonderful that the house will be finished and loved. Expect it to start talking to you about what it wants you to do with it! Enjoy!
  14. KatFord

    Spring gardening

    What did you use for the exterior walls? I love that look! It's the look I'm trying to create on my current build. Kim
  15. I have used a cheap paint brush and a soft cloth and just dipped the whole piece in the stain. The brush flicked stain everywhere. Dipping the pieces wasted stain and was too messy. The soft cloth to apply and another to wipe off excess stain was just right. But that is me. Try different ways and see what you like best.
  16. The wood grain most dollhouses are made from would look 'way out of scale. I stain the wood of the floors and then cover them with "floorboards" I cut down from iron-on wood veneer that has a grain more in scale and stain them the same color, or I stain the floors after I have scribed "boards into them if the grain isn't all that pronounced. I use a piece of old teeshirt to apply & rub in stain; I find that a brush tends to leave uneven streaks and I have to go over it with the rag to even out the stain anyway.
  17. Hey i am Hennry, I was making a dollhouse but i think i need to stain wood and therefor i am looking for a brush for it. As we know staining a wood improves the color of the wood and makes the natural grain of the wood more visible. So it will be good for my dollhouse. I checked one article for these brushes to stain wood but i can't come on a result. And i also read that we can use a paint brush for wood stain. Want to know your views on it. And if not paint brush then which brush will be best. Thanks in advance
  18. Ideas to help shop area walls. I plan on hanging a lot of things from them. Shelfs , parts, fan belts and etc.... Any Ideas are welcome to help the blaaaaaa from the way they look. Should I also do a board look with beams ? Or just some dry brush washes ? Thanks in advance.
  19. Last week
  20. Of course! Silly me! I guess the lack of a hose threw me off.
  21. Ummm "Giggling" It's supposed to be an air compressor. Runs shop tools and airs up tires. I still need to add air hose and some little stickers. "still Giggling" Thanks.
  22. What is the gizmo with the wheel?
  23. Few more little details. The tiny cars are N scale Model railroad.
  24. Scratched up a start to some equipment. Thanks for looking.
  25. 2Bscale


    Greetings and Hello Hope you enjoy the journey on my little garage. Thanks for looking.
  26. I've been looking around for those exactly! Haven't found any yet though. . .
  27. Like Kathie said, don't go over. The lights can be finicky so don't push your luck.....seriously! You can blow the fuse or the lights simply won't illuminate. It is not worth trying since trouble shooting a problem can be a nightmare. You can swap out the transformer and buy a larger one separately from Cir-kit that is meant for more bulbs.
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