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  2. From the Popular Mechanics book I am starting with this set will do the settee and two matching chairs. I ordered some small springs will do the actual sprung cushions from the plans for the base cushions, in leather, and loose cushions for the backs. Wood will be cherry and the finish linseed oil dyed with alkanet root. I have black leather but am leaning towards a deep earth tone instead, brown, deep red, etc. I am thinking a coffee table and two matching end tables looking for good plans to adapt. Maybe a bookcase as well, or a couple of magazine racks. I have started cutting the parts. Twelve legs from 3/16" square (scale 2 1/4"), 16 short rails from 3/32" (scale 1 1/8"), 3 long rails from 3/32" (scale 1 1/8"),and 31 slats from 1/32" (scale 3/8"). I am doing it like a kit cutting and sanding all the parts first then assembly
  3. you'd think someone in the US would carry them. I found a pile of HO scale rulers but no 1:12 will order from the UK then Amazon and eBay both have them
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  5. Two-thirds of the background done. Another night should see me finish this pillow. Than I think I will work on a piece for a future Tudor build: a little firescreen with musical instruments on a green background. Should be easier as I'll be working in 32 count instead of 40. I'm having more fun than is legal, lol. I got the fabric I ordered for the lap quilt I plan to make today. Loving the punchy colors. The seller was absolutely accurate with their pictures of the pieces. Here is a look at the one that inspired the whole idea: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BonEful-Fabric-FQ-Cotton-Quilt-Cream-Off-White-Red-Pink-Green-Yellow-Flower-Leaf/400544952381?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Got it on sale besides!
  6. Only source I know is in the UK. I don't think their shipping takes too long, but it's been some time since I ordered from them. https://hobby.uk.com/1-12-steel-rule-1-12-scale.html
  7. janet

    Glass block window

    It looks perfect!
  8. A set of Timberbrook working windows for The Jefferson https://www.ebay.com/itm/124285833658
  9. Mineejv

    Rugs / Punch needle rugs

    Rugs / That I’ve made...
  10. If the original wood wasn't primed or sealed before applying the old paper the naturally occurring acids in the wood will eventually discolor the paper & bleed through. You could give the old wallpaper a coat of primer, it it's nice & tight & smooth, and paper over that.
  11. Thanks for your advice! I was thinking of just papering over the old wallpaper— is that ok to do?
  12. Yesterday
  13. I love that attic room box by Bill Lankford. Wow.
  14. If you can you might want to remove the old paper to see if the wood beneath was either primed or otherwise sealed. Warm water and white vinegar sponged on the old paper with a rag ought to loosen it and that putty knife will help scrape it off. Depending on the adhesive used there might be need to sand off stubborn bits. I would also use that putty knife on the old flooring.
  15. Try this website: https://moreminis.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-harrison-dollhouse-blog.html Gina blogged lots of builds including the Harrison so might find an answer here.
  16. I just acquired one today for $30!! I am so pleased to see yours!!
  17. Hi Kathryn. Fun project! My suggestion is to make paper templates for each wall or section of wall and use them to cut out your wallpaper pieces. I recently repapered a house and used double sided tape to hold the paper on, so I didn’t have to strip the old paper. Made it all a lot easier! Hope this helps a little.
  18. Fun view! Lovely looking rooms but agree the mirror frame overwhelms everything else.
  19. Thanks, I'll try other mirrors to see which I like best. That one just seems too fat.
  20. Hi, Does anyone have any advice on how to apply wallpaper to an existing house? I just purchased a completely built/finished dollhouse, but I don’t like the wallpaper it has in most of the rooms. I also don’t like the flooring in some of the rooms. Any advice on how to proceed? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  21. Wow, you have done a great job.
  22. I love this shot. The frame looks good to me???
  23. Try some online dollhouse stores.
  24. The mirror's frame is too thick. I'll switch it out for one with a thinner frame.
  25. Sorry these latest photos are so dark. The electric lights aren't connected to power yet, and with the enclosing walls in place, the only light is what's coming through the windows and from the open attic above.
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