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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll tell you about my hospital stay which interfered with my being on hand for Molly's arrival. I had been feeling a bit energy deficient when I went to teach my evening classes, but didn't think an awful lot about it. On the Sunday before Molly's arrival, I began getting mega head rushes whenever I stood up. Again I didn't think much of it thinking perhaps I was just getting up too fast. That evening it was a chore to walk to the bathroom, I almost passed out, was breathing very heavily etc. My husband said we are going to the emergency room, and o
  2. Hello friends of Molly. You will be happy to note she took off for Texas this afternoon. Her days with us here in sunny California were filled from morning until night. I spent a few days in the hospital and she was waiting when I got home. (I'm afraid I may have kept her an extra day). We got in as much sightseeing as we possibly could squeeze in: Sea World, Zoo, Wild Animal Park, beach, shopping and lots of great food. We talked and laughed and stayed up way too late. She fit right in with our family of ten and I might say a really good sport. On a bit of a somber note, I might
  3. I got a big kick out of this in that I was born in 1947 and grew up with the world revolving around dad's needs. I just finished a neat book called "Keeping the House" by Ellen Baker. It jumps back and forth between the 1950's, 1890's, and 1940's. Each chapter begins with a snippet from a popular women's magazine on how a housewife should properly keep a home. It also centers on a big old victorian mansion where much of the story takes place. A little addendum here. When I was in the 8th grade at Our Lady of the Rosary elementary school, we received a rather terse note to take home
  4. Very pretty, and so inviting. Whenever I think maybe I shouldn't buy something I flip to the obit B) column in the newspaper. When I see all the people younger than me in there, I think I better get shopping before it's too late!
  5. They are beautiful. What great adventures you all will have. B) :thank_you: :welcome:
  6. Happy Birthday, Moon Child! This is one you won't forget.
  7. That was very enjoyable, thanks so much!
  8. I've been searching for 1940-1950's interiors for my Glencroft. If you google 1950 kitchen and look at images, you will find hundreds of pictures of items of that era. Be sure to look back a decade as well as so many houses came with leftovers. Anybody remember the Jewel Tea salesman and the Autumn Leaf dishes? I bought a couple of those pieces on Ebay for nostalgia sake. Now I'm trying to figure out how to replicate the pattern for some dollhouse pieces.
  9. Venus Dodge has a beautiful book called "Dolls' House Needlecrafts". It has a little of everything. You can peek inside here: http://www.amazon.com/Dolls-House-Needlecr...691/ref=ed_oe_h
  10. Be careful with mothballs. It can be toxic. I put some out once and nearly did in our parrot! :lol:
  11. That totally reeks. I used to do porcelain dolls and sell them occasionally, but really didn't like parting with them for one, and two the lack of respect from the buyer put me off completely.
  12. Hi Wolfie, I get the same stabbing pain in my joint just below the thumb. One day I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold onto my baby granddaughter. Exedrin helps sometimes. Also heat gives me some relief. When I use my dremel I rest my upper wrist on the warm part and it feels really good. My mother used to run very hot water on her hands. Doc says arthritis.
  13. I love it. Who makes this particular house, I don't think I've seen it before? You did an incredible job. Your beautiful work makes me sigh.
  14. Thank you! I would never have thought of using glue. This is a tutorial I willl use.
  15. There is one on Craigslist for $40 http://maine.craigslist.org/clt/731235609.html And the miniature pedlar has one for $126 with free shipping. These might be old ads. http://www.peddlerpusher.net/product_info....oducts_id/37673
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