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  1. From the album: Beacon Hill

    I am redoing all the old electrical wiring in the house. This did mean pulling out all the old wallpaper. But I am going to stick up any new paper in a temporary way (double stick tape or those little poster hanging squares) so that if I ever need to fix it again, it won't be so annoying.
  2. Sarah91

    Beacon Hill

    The Beacon Hill coming together.
  3. I am heading to a wedding in Rhode Island for the weekend.
  4. Not weird at all I just stopped liking sooooo much pink. And now that I am making it a house for all boys, some of that pink floral paper is going. Plus, I think some of the electricity needs fixing so I need to get under that paper regardless.
  5. I have been on the site on and off for years. I desire to work on it ebbs and flows. But now that I have graduated college and run my own business, I do have a little more time than I used to for working on it.
  6. Will do! If I have time today I am going to pick up some paint for the exterior. I am thinking white and mint green? When I first started it, I was like 14 and wanted it all pink! I am moving away from that. I am going to pull out some of the wallpaper I had done. I don't know WHAT I was thinking with some of those choices.
  7. So I have been working on a Beacon Hill for YEARS. I started it when I was in my early teens and now I am 23. I have worked on it on and off for a while. HOWEVER! I recently purchased the Funko Pop Supernatural characters (I love that show with my whole soul...whats left of it). My friend convinced me to start an instagram for their adventures. After a while we added some of my miniatures and it has rekindled my interest! I am going to finish and refurbish the Beacon Hill for their home (with their tiny help of course!) I will probably rarely post here (I am super lazy) but if you want to follow their progress, the instagram is adventuresofminiteamfreewill.
  8. Sarah91

    More Progress!

    From the album: Beacon Hill

    So as an avid Supernatural fan, I purchased the Funko Pop Dean, Castiel, and Sam a few weeks ago. They were so cute and tiny that it reawakened my miniatures bug! So here is Cas hanging out on the porch of the Beacon Hill that finally has windows and such! Only minor things left to do to the exterior!
  9. Sarah91

    I'm Back!

    Oh my goodness. I have not been on this site in 3 years. College came up and all of a sudden my life went crazy! My poor half finished Beacon Hill has been sitting in a corner in the basement covered in a dust cloth, all sad and lonely. But I have rekindled the miniatures bug! While cleaning out my room, as my best friend will be moving in with us, I found the dozens of boxes of miniatures and I have begun again! Since she is moving in, I won't have as much space but I am still excited. Maybe I will make her one of us too...
  10. Well he called and sent in his resume. He still has to go talk to them when school stuff isn't in the way but so far seems good!
  11. Ok so a while back I posted how my boyfriend who wants to be a chef met Tom Colicchio and was interning at his restauant Craft. Well his last day is this coming Monday mainly because he needs to find a paying job for the summer. So yeasterday we went to the Short Hills Mall because Bobby Flay was signing cookbooks. We got up there and my bf had the most awesome conversation. Tyler: (joking around) Got any job openings? Bobby Flay: Always looking for new people Tyler: Well I am currently interning at Craft but I end on Monday. Bobby Flay: Really? Why would you leave? Tyler: I need money. Bobby Flay: Tom isn't paying you?! Then he proceeded to tell Ty to go to a certain one of his restaurants in NYC and talk to the executive chef and tell them Bobby sent him to work there! So if all goes well my boyfriend will be working for Bobby Flay! Gosh that boy certainly knows how to get on peoples good side! And he doesn't even try! Please keep your fingers crossed for him. This could really start his career as a chef.
  12. I have almost all of the AG dolls. My grandma started buying them for me when I was five. I also have a giant hope chest filled with dresses, shoes and accessories. Plus a load of their furniture. I was the only girls for quite a while so my Grandma just kept buying it and all my aunts. It all lives in the attic for now but I cant make myself part with it yet.
  13. At my house it is the OUTSIDE. My mom is a master gardener of new jersey. Apparently that is a title and she took college classes a year or so ago for that. Well our yard is so covered in bushes and flowers and trees and there are vines going all over the porch (and trying to worm their way into the house). Whenever a new friend is coming over and they ask what my house looks like so they know, any of my other friends will reply "Its the yellow one on the corner. You know, the one that looks like a jungle."
  14. So when my mom was about 16 she bought a dollhouse and built it. Then she passed it on to me and it was my first house. I could never figure out what it was. Then today I searched around and found it in about 5 minutes! Its a Lilliput Peaches and Cream. How is it that you can look for something for hours one day and find it in a split second the next?
  15. Sarah91


    My dolls (or ones I want).
  16. Sarah91

    Heidi Ott Couple

    From the album: Dolls

    The clothes are frustrating me at the moment. Shirts are hard to sew!
  17. Sarah91

    First House

    THis house was my first one. My mom had built it for herself when she was interested in dollhouses and then she passed it on to me.
  18. Sarah91

    The Inside

    From the album: First House

  19. Sarah91

    The Chimney

    From the album: First House

    My grandmas real house has a giant B on the chimney for "Brauman". So when my mom and grandpa redid this house for me they added an S for my name.
  20. Sarah91

    House Front

    From the album: First House

    It is yellow with trim in white and blue.
  21. Well I havce decided to make it myself. That way it will look as close as possible. Also I took a look at college text book costs...and almost keeled over. So no new dollhouse kit in my future. I will just have to make it with my dad and grandpa.
  22. Ok I am an insane Jane Austen fan. I have all the movies of all the books. As well as all the books themselves. Regency dresses in the closet and am learning the dances of the time period. My ideal dollhouse would be to build Netherfield. I have two choices. I can attempt to build it from scratch with my dad and grandpa helping or I can blow all my dollhouse money for the next century and buy a Hambleton Hall. It would cost me about $300-400. What would you do?
  23. Sarah91


    My boyfriend got the Star Wars Mandalorian symbol on his calf. It is gigantic. He is the world biggest Star Wars geek ever. Like, dresses up for the conventions and everything. He wants another Star Wars tattoo but he doesn't know what he wants yet.
  24. They were all beautiful pieces. At the moment though my money is all aimed towards college textbooks! So I was there mainly for inspiration and ideas.
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