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    I haven't built anything mini for nearly 6 yrs...I sold all the houses I had built, except my original Lemon Twist..It needs a good rehabbing...Kids are all grown, and I now have 5 grandsons..My first grandaughter is due in March, and I just bid on a dollhouse on Ebay! Here I go again, mini world!

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  1. The dry glue gun was the only thing I found to remove impossible to pull off old dried glue gun glue too, so you are on the right track. I have a never been used $ store gun for this reason. It works on dissaembling rehab houses that silly folks put together with the stuff too. You doll is looking fabulous.
  2. My DH hid behind the line, "A real man does whatever it takes to make his wife happy, if that means building her a dollhouse, and being her hero, then bring on the kit!" I heard him tell off one of his friends wives, when she suggested him building my Strawberry Patch, and choosing the paint colors, was a very "feminine undertaking." As for what will happen to my houses, after I pass, it's already agreed that each child will pick one if they want it, and the rest will be sold off. DH says one will go on my grave, after he weathers it, and he intends to keep the cabin in my memorey, 'cause d
  3. There will always be someone, somewhere at some point in time, for some reason, that will crap on your parade, whether it be intentional or not. The trick is to shrug it off, smile, tell them to have a nice day, and keep on minying. If you have a tough time shaking it, then come tell us, and you'll always have shoulders to lean on here, and ears who can understand and sympathize with you.
  4. justmesue

    65- Party Time!

    Wasn't that a party! Looks like a great night was had by all.
  5. justmesue


    This house is totally awesome. Love it.
  6. Awesome horse collection! I just love them!
  7. Got most of mine in $1 stores. I carry a 6 inch plastic ruler in my purse, so I can measure for scale.
  8. justmesue


    This is a fabulous pic. Reminds me of looking down the mountain over my own city! So romantic!!!
  9. We totally love the photos, and are enjoying the commentary too.
  10. The floor is called "old world flooring". Bought it from Lordjimminis, on Ebay.
  11. Yes, the doll is a little cyborg, handmade by my 14 year old daughter. Her head is a big wooden bead with yarn wrapped around it, and she has 2 little nails as horns. She likes "freaky".
  12. It was a gift. That's all I know. I have 2 of those mahogany, Victorian toddler beds and a high chair.
  13. I'm officially finished Christmas shopping. The last item just arrived. Got my DD a new pc. Of course that means I will get to use it! LOL All things mini, on hold for now, gotta tidy up for the holidays--and they are coming fast!
  14. Saying a prayer for Lloyd... Spent the whole day yesterday Christmas shopping, was very succesful. Kids put the tree up. Took pics of my finished Cranberry, posted them in my album. Looking forward to another day of shopping tomorrow, then will be done with that.
  15. This was my first built at home dollhouse kit. I put shingles on, rewired, and redid the interior because I have learned so many things from this forum.
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