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    I haven't built anything mini for nearly 6 yrs...I sold all the houses I had built, except my original Lemon Twist..It needs a good rehabbing...Kids are all grown, and I now have 5 grandsons..My first grandaughter is due in March, and I just bid on a dollhouse on Ebay! Here I go again, mini world!

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  1. Just working on trim for the diningroom of the Generic Allison Jr. Went to my closest mini shop yesterday, and found the perfect couch set for the livingroom...Been spending WAY too much time playing with the Happy Aquarium game on Facebook to progress fast.
  2. Still working on the generic Allison Jr. Have 2 rooms left to paper and decorate. The kitchen was a pain, had to try 4 different sets, before I decided which one suited the small space best. Putting a kitchen in the larger room, just didn;t make the house happy. The dining room will go there. I'm progressing slowly, have only been doing an hour or so per day on it...
  3. I'm making stair landing enclosures for the Generic Allison Jr. The top floor will have a totally enclosed one, just made out of scrap wood, and the 2nd floor is getting a combo square and round dowl one. Don't ask why I'm not making both the same, that's what the house ordered... I have papered and put flooring in 3 rooms so far. Tonight I have to decide which main floor room will make a better kitchen. I think the final decision will depend on how well the kitchen sets I have fit....As I work on this house it keeps telling me to make her funky colors and fun for a little girl to play with.
  4. The dry glue gun was the only thing I found to remove impossible to pull off old dried glue gun glue too, so you are on the right track. I have a never been used $ store gun for this reason. It works on dissaembling rehab houses that silly folks put together with the stuff too. You doll is looking fabulous.
  5. My DH hid behind the line, "A real man does whatever it takes to make his wife happy, if that means building her a dollhouse, and being her hero, then bring on the kit!" I heard him tell off one of his friends wives, when she suggested him building my Strawberry Patch, and choosing the paint colors, was a very "feminine undertaking." As for what will happen to my houses, after I pass, it's already agreed that each child will pick one if they want it, and the rest will be sold off. DH says one will go on my grave, after he weathers it, and he intends to keep the cabin in my memorey, 'cause d
  6. There will always be someone, somewhere at some point in time, for some reason, that will crap on your parade, whether it be intentional or not. The trick is to shrug it off, smile, tell them to have a nice day, and keep on minying. If you have a tough time shaking it, then come tell us, and you'll always have shoulders to lean on here, and ears who can understand and sympathize with you.
  7. justmesue

    65- Party Time!

    Wasn't that a party! Looks like a great night was had by all.
  8. I've wallpapered the large room in the top floor of my Petite Dreamhouse. The mansard roof sides always challenge me, but I was succesful. I learned to measure the angles from the outside of the roof when I did the Cranberry. This is the only room tall enough for my canopy bed. Plan to do ceiling and flooring tonight.
  9. justmesue


    This house is totally awesome. Love it.
  10. Took the weights off the roof of the inverted Allison Jr. It is now warp free. However, removing the warp caused the tower to not go back on flat! Go figure, I'd have to be a perfectionist with this one! I'll be in the basement for hours tonight, shaving and sanding it to make it fit!!!
  11. I'm reassembling the inverted Allison Jr,(Petite Dreamhouse) She's sitting under big clamps, a car jack, and car batterie to be kept straight while she dries. The roof had a bit of a warp, I'm trying to elliminate. All the repainting on the outside shell has been done. I have painted the trim, that's going back on tonight, then the windows are going in. Then the tower roof has to be put back on, before I can actually start to "play" with the interior. The hardest part is done.
  12. The shutters are a plain white rectangle with lines drawn on horizontally, at this point in time, about the size of 1 layer of a vanilla wafer cookie. When I paint them, there will be no lines. I'm thinking just 2 straight lines, dividing them in 3 sections, up and down the middle, like the RGT ones will work fine. My son suggested glueing, 2 strips of venneer, painted, in matching color, over a different color shutter, using a credit card for spacing, would work. I'm just picky. My kids helped me scrape all the old glue off the peices earlier tonight, so it's all systems go now, and the re
  13. I finally got all the trim, shutters and windows, off the Petite Dreamhouse ( Generic inverted Allison Jr) I have painted the porch floors and horizontal straight trim in navy blue, I repainted the house's main body in a Lowes boo-boo shade of turquoise mist.( more of a pale ocean blue, looks greenish in some lights) There's just the shell sitting there drying. She's a pretty pitiful sight right now. When DH asked the kids what Mom was doing, they said:"Wrecking the house", LOL Tonight, I intend to turn her upside down, reglue her bones solidly in place, will also cut some extra porch corne
  14. Awesome horse collection! I just love them!
  15. Got most of mine in $1 stores. I carry a 6 inch plastic ruler in my purse, so I can measure for scale.
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