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  1. It also has working elevators I believe.
  2. You could use plastic tubing behind false walls to run the water to bathroom and kitchen. Use plastic tubing to drain the water also. A small pond for a receptacle is a good idea. If you plan to display it at a fair or for a contest then add a gold fish to your pond. B)

    Misc Items I make

    I will use this for the various non house items I make

    that window...

    you could put a door over the window as if it is a closet
  5. It is also beautiful and sad.

    Statue Tower.

    Love what you have so far.
  7. Pictures of items found and purchased
  8. You have done a marvelous job on the house. I love the pebble finishing and the color. It is great.
  9. This morning I wrapped presents. I love everything about Christmas, shopping, (over buying), wrapping presents and watching people open them. This evening My son called and asked how long it would take to draw a picture on a piece of wood for a clock for his daughter (she is 13 and loves fairies).- I said about 12 minutes. He thought I was kidding. I can draw people in a minute. He brought over the wood. I asked if he wanted me to paint it. If I wanted to he said. LOL Of coarse I wanted to. So this evening I painted the clock face, tomorrow my son will drill the moon and make
  10. I am praying for xmas or new years for you. Take it easy and keep thinking good thoughts.


    How lush it looks. The scene with the little girls is so realistic. Great job.
  12. tHE barber is also the surgeon. He is inside about to pull his customers tooth. The man on the porch is smoking a cigar and the indian is a wooden indian that they use to have outside of stores.
  13. You did a great job. I really love that potbellied stove. Are you going to make a toilet?
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