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  1. Hi the knee replacement went well. I had a bit of breathing problem which got me transferred to the heart ward. My transfer meant I stayed an extra week in the hospital. My pt is over and the knee is gaining daily. I'm even thinking I will go ahead and get the other knee done.
  2. I'll tell you why I like some reality shows. They usually don't kill anyone on the show They usually aren't as totally predictable as the usual sop we see I find a lot of the recent movies are too superficial to hold my interest So I do watch some reality shows as well as the do it yourself shows, news, and cooking shows. Real life takes most of my time. As far as John and Kate go I agree that John is a non starter and Kate has motivated and pushed him and the family. She has published a couple of 'books' so I guess that pays for her manicures. I think she depends on TLC because she can't depend on John.
  3. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Margaret, B) Happy Birthday to you!
  4. I will take your advice. Thanks all of you for your good wishes. I'm glad to have your support. You'll see me here when I get home from the hospital. My computer is the second place I will walk to, the first will be my Pierce.(to check and see if the elf's have finish it) LOL
  5. Glad you all ordered. I ordered Candy Apple. It is gorgeous enough to eat. LOL
  6. https://www.glidden.com/index.do Here is where you can get a sample quart of paint sent to you for free. You probably can do a couple of exteriors with a quart. You must order by the 2nd of July.
  7. Well it is finally here. I can't handle the way I have to limit my life anymore. I seem to have my heart problem under control but I still am limited by my ability to walk. I can't go to Hobby Lobby because I can't negotiate the store. The same holds true with any large store that doesn't have electric carts. The problem: both my knees are bone on bone. The solution: artificial knees. It seems like a lot of people our age are getting them. I get the first one done July 1st and then when all is well with that leg (aprox. 6 months) I will get the other one done. For a week or so You may not hear from me but I will be back.
  8. It also has working elevators I believe.
  9. You could use plastic tubing behind false walls to run the water to bathroom and kitchen. Use plastic tubing to drain the water also. A small pond for a receptacle is a good idea. If you plan to display it at a fair or for a contest then add a gold fish to your pond. B)
  10. This fits Ar morel (one who lives by the sea) Burchard (strong) Chateau (mansion, castle) Name: Ar morel Buchard Chateau Or Charlotte's Buchard Chateau
  11. Charlotte's Tower Tower Manor Turtle Tower Manor (I'll send you a turtle for the tower)
  12. I have never seen these models before but chanced on them at DickBlicks site while looking for art supplies. http://www.dickblick.com/products/house-structure-kits/ Other supplies are available that can help with miniatures. I love the fact that the models show their skeletons.
  13. At home Pat gazed out the window at reflection lake, she knew the answers to all her questions were written there but she was too tired right now to read them. Instead she brewed a cup of Green-leaf tea (yes there is a green tea) and sat at her kitchen table wondering what the next adventure would be. Whatever it turned out to be she knew that all the greenleafers would be involved.
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