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  1. Hi I have a Bostonian that I purchased awhile back. It's in need of rehab and TLC. This house is huge!!!! Local pick up only, I think it is too fragile to ship. I am located in Northern Utah. This is cross posted with a local classified ad https://www.flickr.com/photos/92776387@N07/46975504361/in/dateposted-ff/
  2. The blue house is the first Bostonian that I bought. The other I am painting a foresty green. I took off as much of the windows as I could. The parts that are left have primer on them, that is not the actual color the windows will be. I need another coat or 2 of the green, obviously. I don't have to take off the shingles as they are so thin that I can just shingle over them. The house pictures without the paint are the before photos.
  3. It's been awhile since I've posted. I actually have 2 Bostonians now. The first one is in rough shape. It's missing one of the foundation pieces. I had plans to buy more wood to fix it. I saw a local classified that had a Bostonian for $50.00. I ended up buying it with the thought that it would be cheaper to work on the second house and sell the first one. I still haven't sold the first one. LOL. The second Bostonian was built unpainted and with the windows glued in place. I think she may have even used hot glue on some of the pieces, and wood glue for the rest. The construction is
  4. That is awesome! Congrats. That is my grail dollhouse. Welcome :)
  5. oopsy. posted in the wrong section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello, I am located in Utah. I am looking to buy a Joseph Angel shell, or even a house that needs rehab. If you have one you would like to sell, please pm me!
  7. ilovecats


    Cool, looking forward to seeing this. I did a Westville bash. I ended up selling it, it would have been cool if I had taken some photos before I did it....
  8. Currently working on: RGT's jr front opening conservatory, the St. Charles by majestic mtn, and the Bostonian
  9. Thanks, haven't been here for quite awhile. I haven't worked on minis much, but I still collect ;). I am getting myself psyched up by looking at all the eye candy on the site and on facebook! I like this kit, it is very different and I like the profile of it for storage/display. :)
  10. Working on repainting the exterior of The Saint Charles by Majestic Mansions. I bought it this past spring? and built the kit. I painted it several coats of paint. The color did not turn out how I liked, it was an orangish shade on the dollhouse (not in the can). Anyway, I didn't want to keep it that color but wasn't sure what to do with it so I put it aside in the garage for another day. so today, decided to work on it. I found a similar color in my "paint cabinet", it's a red. I have painted one coat, needs another coat but i'm happy with the change. This kit is pretty cool, it comes with e
  11. So excited, after all these years I finally got a Bostonian dollhouse! I found a pre-built one on the local classifieds. It needs work but I love the colors. I will take photos this weekend to post. love the colors, gonna have to find similar paint and repaint it. The interior is untouched, so no problem with removing old décor! Anyway, I moved to a new place about 8 months ago. My dollhouses were stored in the garage until last month. I now have them upstairs in the spare bedrooms. Definitely in the mode of dollhouse building. started on a kit last week and primed it a co
  12. I love the glencroft, I have built two of them!!!! you have to get one!!!
  13. I live alone in a 3 bedroom house with a partial basement. the unbuilt kits and some unfinished houses are in the basement. the two spare bedrooms have all the large and small built homes and the under construction homes and there are two under construction dollhouses in the small front room. I have the lily on the kitchen table and the garf is currently living on top of the dogs kennel in the kitchen. LOL. I have 4 room boxes in various stages of completion in the family room and the garf windows are currently on the coffee table in the family room ;) so there is stuff in almost every room in
  14. so yesterday, I searched everywhere for my staircase pieces for the Garf....I was looking for stained pieces. silly me. I had not stained them and everything was sitting inside of the Garfield where I left the items. ....so I stained them. LOL. can't make any progress without the stairs. I need to cut openings to fit so until they are put together that part of the project is on hold. I am doing a kit bash like the one I did on this house before. (I sold that one because I didn't think I would ever get around to it,, those staircases were stained and glued together )....anyway, I did stain the
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