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  1. How about some pull down stairs? I have some for a house of mine that didn't have attic access.
  2. After my knee replacements I actually went out and spent a huge amount on a pair of sneakers. The physical therapist told me that I would walk better, and its true. I always used to buy all my shoes from Payless. The new ones came from Lady Foot Locker and cost $65.00!!!! Then its not so much what I wont buy or can't do without, but I refuse to throw away food. I raised two kids alone with little money and it just goes against the grain to not use food up.
  3. Chocolate chip cookies, milk and a book. All at the same time. With a quiet corner to enjoy them all.
  4. Shaleace


    Hi Muriel I have the same problem getting to watch the episodes of Corry. The dont work unless you have a UK service AAARRRGGG!!!!!
  5. Hahahaha.....that's me all over. I've always thought I was ADD or something. There's even a group on Yahoo called Never finished minis (or something like that) - I'm a member.
  6. New York State its illegal to set off fireworks, or own them. Already yesterday there was a report of a woman who lit what she thought was a candle in her house and was holding it when it went off. Every year we have reports of these accidents. I'm really happy that they are illegal, but as you get to the PA border with NY the first thing you see are large billboards advertising fireworks. So I don't know if the law really does a lot.
  7. What a great find for you. Not to diminish your excitement, but how sad that this lady felt she had to give up 50 years of collecting minis. I think after all those years it would be terribly hard for me to do it. But, good for you!!!
  8. Jump over the fence, fence, fence
  9. For a temporary mesure have you thought about a storage unit? I live in a mobile home and its coming apart at the seams. So I rented a small unit on a month to month basis. Costing me $50 a month and I consider it temporary till I can get myself sorted out.
  10. Of course if you wanted to be really realistic you could go with a fully functioning tv. Take a look at this link - what will they think of next http://www.dollshousetvs.co.uk/viewer.html Actually costs about what I paid for my last tv - and that one was much bigger!!!
  11. I dont work any more but when I did work I was the Marketing Manager for Monro Muffler. They are all over the east coast with 600+ garages and I handled all the print advertising for them. Very stressful and it got too much for my fibromyalgia. Now I can stay at home and make miniatures and knit!!!
  12. I've had both my knees replaced and I was told to be sure to have a course of antibiotics before I had any dental work done.
  13. I love the stove - it caught my eye because years ago my husband and I heated and cooked on the real thing. Nicest heat, and it baked the best cookies ever. Nice job.
  14. I'm so sorry. I've been there and its heartbreaking.
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