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  1. Thanks for your answers!!!! :yes:
  2. I want to know this because if poster boards are acid free I may use them in my projects. Thank you
  3. I didn't know about this either. Thank you!!!
  4. Florencia


    My real life cats would love one of this in real size!!! Your condos are amazing
  5. I love it!! The colors are wonderful!!!
  6. Your floors are amazing and I love the colors that you used. B)
  7. Your houses are always beutiful. I love this one too. The bricks are amazing.
  8. You have very nice dolls. I love the hat lady
  9. For the Brookwood, I would wait for miniatures.com April coupon and get a new kit for the same price.
  10. That is a wonderful idea I have seem many Santa’s houses and workshops but none of them have a place for the reindeers. The spring flying will be nice for it. Good luck!!
  11. B) :welcome: :thank_you: Your dollhouse is beautiful
  12. Florencia


    Concord has nice items.
  13. They have beautiful lights!!! Thank you for the link. Jgetzan welcome to the forum
  14. I'm really sorry about your lost. Hugs.
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