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  1. I can check what types of wood I have and get back to you. If you have an ipad, I really like iDesign for a simple drawing app. I use Graphic, also on ipad, but not quite as simple. I would probably need an svg file. That said, I always print from a pdf. So I draw my file, make the lines hairline (in graphic I set the line thickness to 0.001) and make it into a pdf to cut from. You can send me the jpg if you want and I can see if I can trace it. I am hesitant to offer that as I am busy but happy to take a look and let you know. I hope that helps a little!
  2. I have a laser cutter but I am in Australia, so postage would be extra, and at this point, horrendously slow (2+ months). Not ideal! You could google for laser cutting services in your area/ state, or if you have a local business that is likely to have a laser cutter, ask them (eg trophy engravers, cabinet makers).
  3. That’s awesome! An interesting. Not what you would expect!
  4. That’s an lovely story Kathy. Welcome! This will be a great project for the two of you. Enjoy!
  5. Send all my best too. Scary sruff.
  6. Thanks Holly. I hadn’t thought about it but have also had problems with it staining. Good idea! Are they basically the same as that thin double sided tape? Becuase I have some of that. Also interesting. I used to have some similar type glue I think but it might’ve dried up. I will see if I can find some of this stuff though. Thanks everyone. I knew this was a good place to ask!
  7. I have a bunch of things made from fabric, needle felted or flocked (mostly toys) and I was wondering how people stick these down for display without having to glue them. I don’t want to use tacky wax as that leaves a residue. Curious as to how others have done this. I guess I could make each toy a little stand, like doll stands, and stick that down.
  8. They sound like nice large rooms to me. Do you have any furniture? You could try some layouts to get a feel for the room sizes. Also you can pace out real life rooms or porches and then scale that down for an idea of size.
  9. Welcome! Great story. So lovely to hear about the memories of time spent with your daughter collecting treasures for the house and now you have the opportunity to do it again with your granddaughter. I look forward to seeing photos!
  10. It’s lovely and yes, does look very charming.
  11. Wow... long wait! Haha! Have fun with it - you will really benefit from the convenience. So many possibilities.
  12. Try this website: https://moreminis.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-harrison-dollhouse-blog.html Gina blogged lots of builds including the Harrison so might find an answer here.
  13. Hi Kathryn. Fun project! My suggestion is to make paper templates for each wall or section of wall and use them to cut out your wallpaper pieces. I recently repapered a house and used double sided tape to hold the paper on, so I didn’t have to strip the old paper. Made it all a lot easier! Hope this helps a little.
  14. Fun view! Lovely looking rooms but agree the mirror frame overwhelms everything else.
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