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  1. Congratulations Rebecca!! That’s awesome! I hadn’t seen the news so have to go look up some photos!
  2. Most people are on Instagram now I think,p. It’s easy to use too.
  3. I must say it’s a pretty high standard this year! And some where the kit is completely unrecognisable.
  4. Congratulations Brae and also Keli/Iseecerulean for her awesome entry and honourable mention!
  5. Hi Billie. I sell a range of 1:24 scale laser cut kits here: https://www.redcottageminiatures.com In regard to your lighting questions, maybe read/watch some of the lighting tutorials that are online to see if that helps. It really is just preference whether you choose tape or round wire. I tend to use round wire but the tape is handy to have at times.
  6. shannonc60

    Victorian Settee

    I’m interested to see how it looks finished! Yours is the first I’ve seen made up! Other than mine... hehe
  7. Annie - I have two that are good and two that are not perfect (the feet didn’t come out quite right).
  8. Susie - I have 3 available. Again, finished example not for sale.
  9. Set of frozen Charlottes in 3 sizes. Again finished example not for sale. I have 5 sets.
  10. Patsy (Finished example not for sale, just to show you how she looks painted). I have 3 available.
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