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  1. It’s looking very pretty! And inspiration comes in spits and spurts.
  2. Looks good! Nice colour variation and texture!
  3. Hi Kelly. Great to hear you are finally moving forward with this! I am sure you will be much more comfortable. Good luck with the move!
  4. As with Jeannine, I have had much better experiences using a good even coat of tacky glue on the walls than I ever had with wallpaper paste. But I still find the results dubious at times.
  5. I gave up on gluing wallpaper and now just use double sided tape.
  6. And happy mother’s day too to those mothers of fur babies or other tyoes of babies and especially those who have lost their babies.
  7. Those floors Rebecca! Amazing!!
  8. He truly was talented and generous. I was so so lucky to do his workshop in 2014 just before his accident and I have been so grateful I took that opportunity, not only because I learnt so much and got to spend time with him, but also because he was a big influence on me ditching my day job and taking up miniatures full time. We had dinner one night - Rik, Shellie (from Shellie’s Minis in San Carlos) and myself and my husband - and both Rik and Shellie gave so much encouragement and advice that I have never forgotten. They were so kind. And also fun. So many people out there will be so sad that
  9. Also they do say to contact them for shipping costs, so could get an exact quote from them.
  10. That is literally the case for me in Australia. I buy much less from the US than I used to because for the price of shipping about 8-10 parcels, I can literally fly to the US and shop in person. It’s just not a viable option for me to keep paying for shipping. It’s still possible to get cheap shipping from the UK and sometimes Europe though.
  11. Cute!! Love the colour! (Almost the same shade as my real life house!) The windows look fantastic, very neat.
  12. shannonc60

    Friday floral

    Love it Debora! I see a lot of patience and care in this photo!
  13. Hehe! I bet! Good stiff drink afterwards??
  14. Hi Muriel. Good to see you back on the forum! I have a few different options for kitchens in my online store if it helps: https://www.redcottageminiatures.com/shop-1?category=Kitchen
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