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  1. Your dolls looks great Carrie! Well done.
  2. Hi Olivia! I have always coveted the Beacon Hill so understand your desire to build it. If you take your time, I am sure you will be fine. This blog might help you: https://moreminis.blogspot.com Gina has blogged the Beacon Hill build so you might find useful tips. Also, I think you could use the RGT kit - hopefully someone with a Beacon Hill could test the dimensions for you to make sure it would fit. You ould also make your own with foamcore or gatorboard. You would then only need a craft knife, ruler and pencil. Anyway, good luck! Welcome to the forum.
  3. Hi Nigel! That’s awesome! Your father had an eye for detail.
  4. That is awesome! Amazing house plus all the extras! And agreed that it is good all this stuff went to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it. Obviously the lady’s family didn’t.
  5. They look great! Did you make them from scratch or from scaled down printables?
  6. Ummm yeah something weird going on there. Strange.
  7. It looks fantastic Jeff! So much colour and detail. Well done!
  8. It will be great to see the finished product Joel!
  9. shannonc60

    Spring gardening

    Looking gorgeous Rebecca!
  10. It’s great to have you here Sally and Clell. There has been so much interest over the years in Clell’s house. They are much loved and sought after and people have struggled to find out much about them.
  11. More display space and more sleep.
  12. I can check what types of wood I have and get back to you. If you have an ipad, I really like iDesign for a simple drawing app. I use Graphic, also on ipad, but not quite as simple. I would probably need an svg file. That said, I always print from a pdf. So I draw my file, make the lines hairline (in graphic I set the line thickness to 0.001) and make it into a pdf to cut from. You can send me the jpg if you want and I can see if I can trace it. I am hesitant to offer that as I am busy but happy to take a look and let you know. I hope that helps a little!
  13. I have a laser cutter but I am in Australia, so postage would be extra, and at this point, horrendously slow (2+ months). Not ideal! You could google for laser cutting services in your area/ state, or if you have a local business that is likely to have a laser cutter, ask them (eg trophy engravers, cabinet makers).
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