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  1. Hello! Maybe you could make smaller scale kits? If you are in Europe, Petite Properties in the UK makes cheaper 1:24 and 1:48 house kits. I also make and sell 1:24 house and furniture kits but I am in Australia. You could try making your house out of gatorboard. It will be much stronger than foamcore and I cut my sheets with a ruler and craft knife. http://www.artsupply.com/foamcore/gatorboard.htm You would only need a cutting knife, ruler and a surface to cut on. I do 90% of mini making with these tools and a small hobby saw and mitre box: https://fairymeadowminiatures.com.au/tools/excel-55666-mitre-box-and-razor-saw-set..html
  2. I loom forward to seeing it Bobie! I considered moving the stairs but don’t want them oitside. If I make them small and steeper, that will help. I am trying not to get too far ahead on this idea because I need to finish some other projects first.
  3. I think it is a great size for lots of things, but the stairs take up a reasonable amount of space. I will make my own to reduce their footprint. I always look at the Brimbles and think a summer cottage, like the Martha’s Vineyard ones.
  4. Thanks Holly! It is a decent sized space. I have been fiddling with layouts and come up with some options. I will be turning the kit into a house if I go with it. Far off future build at this stage as I really need to finish off some other projects first.
  5. shannonc60

    Benni and mini.jpg

  6. Never mind! I dig my kit out of the pile and measured the room - it is about 48x38cm! Maybe this will help others?
  7. A quick post - can someone please tell me the Brimbles room sizes? Thank you!!
  8. Hi Jeannine! So great to see you pop in. Take good care of yourself.
  9. Amazing! Love it. Thanks for posting. Saved the link!
  10. shannonc60

    The windmill

    Looks awesome Sam! Very painterly and old masters looking.
  11. I use those sheets of grass for my half scale landscaping and I live it. The sheets are thin so can go over contours on your landscaping. I then randomly sprinkle tiny bits of different coloured foam (also the model railroad turf stuff) to break up the evenness of the grass and to look like weeds. I also use the loose grass to make clumps next to walls or in gardens.
  12. Virtual Dollhouse has them: https://www.virtualdollhouse.net/VDSTORE/Half-Scale-Finished.htm#Inexpensive HS Glassware Otherwise I just have similar ideas to Holly - thin plastic tubing.
  13. That sounds like a good deal. I have purchased from Ruby Lane and had no problems.
  14. shannonc60

    DV's Fairfield

    I can see some of my kits there! They look great!!
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