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  1. Hi Shelly, welcome back! It's wonderful how easy it is to slip back into our hobby. Several "old timers" have checked in recently. Glad to see you among them!
  2. We have members in Florida. You might want to post this in the Community Trading Post with a few photos. Interested members can contact you safely and directly through our Message feature. Read the rules, and don't post your email or price.
  3. Hi, Sandra, welcome to the forum! That you abandoned the instructions to complete the house makes me think you now have the requisite amount of sawdust under your fingernails to have earned full credentials in the hobby obsession.
  4. A reunion? It's so good to see you again! {hugggs]
  5. Aggie! Don't have the instructions, but glad to hear from you! How have you been keeping?
  6. I got the 1st inoculation last Friday, scheduled for 2nd one on Feb 5. This was through Wellstar, the hospital system my primary care physician belongs to. I use their online patient portal, where I was notified I am eligible and was able to make the appointments fairly easily. Each state is different. I just learned that in Georgia, Publix and Kroger pharmacies as well as some CVS pharmacies are taking appointments for those of us in the currently eligible group. Side effects: the sore arm that I anticipated, plus a bout of chills (but no fever) for a few hours. Both have cleared. I was
  7. Hi, Jordan. Welcome to the forum. Don't be intimidated by what you see here. We were all novices once! Most of us build from kits, but we have a few scratch builders, too.
  8. Wood glue and clamps are your friends. When gluing small pieces, like windows, lay them on waxed paper to dry. Legos are helpful in squaring up small items, like doors and windows. (Hint: for doors, do a search for "pin hinge") I love your enthusiasm and the way you just jumped in feet first. Any way we can help keep this project fun for you, we're here!
  9. You may have already thought of this, but I split blue painter's tape in half and used the strips to plot out the complex routing. Can't tell you how many times I pulled it up and moved bits from here to there! When it came to putting in the actual lighting tape, it was so easy just to follow the blue pathway.
  10. Karen, I'm sorry you ran into this problem. Unfortunately, venting here won't help. This is a forum for miniaturists. We have nothing to do with the manufacturing or sales of the kits. You need to contact Greenleaf directly. In the past, the company has replaced faulty sheets. Greenleaf Dollhouses 436 Lake Road Schenevus, NY 12155 United States of America Call us at (800) 253-7150 They are a small company and may not get back to you as quickly as you hope, especially with the pandemic limiting working hours and today's holiday. Please have patience. With new
  11. Two to four lights per room does not sound excessive to me. I do not know if using two transformers would make the initial installation easier, but it might help with troubleshooting later if that should become necessary. '
  12. You won't know until you try it. That's why I suggest testing a small area before diving in full bore. Diane, don't overthink this. It is a hobby. Hobbies should not be stressful. They should be fun. Part of the fun is trying something and finding out that unintended consequences are even better than the original plan Think of it as working as a partner with the house. Sometimes the house wins. And anything that happens can be fixed. Anything.
  13. Have you considered turning this over to a quilter to finish? I know just enough to be dangerous from watching my-sister-the-quilter to see a mix of information here that may not be as helpful as it sounds in the long run. You have invested many hours and your incredible talent into completing the quilt face. It's worth having a professional finish. Somehow using ties sounds a bit amateurish for this design. Artists often take work to frame shops -- think of this beautiful quilt as a work of art to be framed. At the very least, take it to a quilt shop and ask for guidance. They will be as fri
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