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  1. Generally understood to be an egg fried in a hole cut out of the center of a piece of bread. See it here. The pigs in a blanket that Holly mentions are usually cocktail sausages wrapped in dough. See them here.
  2. Back in the day I managed to visit a cousin in Birmingham for a few days on stopovers between the US and other European cities once or twice a year. I always requested toad in the hole when she asked what I'd like to eat.
  3. I've never had good luck with wood filler in miniature projects. I lean toward joint compound/drywall mud or paintable caulk if there are voids to fill.
  4. And never forget my favorite mantra: It is all smoke and mirrors. It doesn't have to BE real to LOOK real.
  5. Yes! And don't be surprised when you anguish over perceived errors on future builds. We tend to see the worst in our work because we have an innate urge to do better. Others who view our work see only the overall presentation; the details get lost in the whole. It is what it is.
  6. Yeah, contractors tend to do that! This is something I've been wanting to do ever since moving in 3-1/2 years ago. A few more months won't be too hard to bear.
  7. I've entered into a real life kitchen reno -- widening doorway between kitchen and dining room to let more light into the kitchen, replaced fridge with a counter-depth model that already makes kitchen feel larger. Have a new stove in the garage, new quartz countertop waiting for a high eat-in counter to be lowered, 10 feet of new storage cabinets going in where the high-rise counter is now, new backsplash tiles. New fridge, stove, and microwave are stainless steel; got a magnetic stainless steel sheet for front of the black dishwasher that won't be replaced. Maple cabinets will not change colo
  8. Are any of the bulbs loose? Close inspection should tell you if a bulb is blown.
  9. You might consider painting over the green if slipcovers don't work out.
  10. When my brother was about 2 or 3 and wanted to help Mom paint the piece of furniture she was refinishing, she would give him a can of "magic paint" (water) and a brush and let him have at it. The water slightly changed the shade of whatever he was "painting", and his attention span wasn't long enough to keep him around until the magic paint dried. Potential disaster avoided!
  11. KathieB

    boat chairs.jpg

    great bases!
  12. Mary, please edit your post to delete your email. This forum is open to all, including those nasty bots that trawl for email addresses to add to umpty-bajilion mailing lists. The PM (personal message) feature lets you send a private message to a member. Hover the cursor over the member's name and click on the envelope icon to access.
  13. Jeannine, I sent you a PM. A friend of mine says he can do a high quality reduction of The Day was Sloping towards His Western Bower and send it to you to print in 1:24 scale.
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