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  1. Welcome to the forum, Ellie. When you have made 5 posts you can open an album in the Gallery to share photos of both houses. We love eye candy.
  2. "You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don't mess with Mr. In between."
  3. How about $9.99? Wood Strip Cutter from Micro Mark
  4. Not sure if you can follow my diagram. Imagine the yellow and red layers as solid. Red on top, yellow next, asphalt below yellow, and a strip without tabs on the very bottom edge of the roof. Cut the tabs off for this first row to serve as a base for building up the rest. Experiment by laying out several strips -- basically dry fitting the shingles -- before you start gluing.
  5. No need to cut individual strips. You can mark the separations between boards with the back of a utility knife and a metal ruler. Color them with a fine tip marker or stain the floor and leave stain in the grooves. Both methods "read" well. (Remember: smoke and mirrors. In miniature we are striving for the appearance of realism.)
  6. I'm still not comfortable venturing as far as the grocery store. I don't see any adventures farther afield in my near future.
  7. I also write the name of the room on the back of the wallpaper.
  8. This used to drive me nuts. Then I would forget what that color was when it came to painting or choosing wallpaper. Now I collect the color chip cards from a paint store and arrange them in the rooms until I find a pleasing combination. Then I write the name of the room on the card to help me keep track.
  9. True. Having them look right with 1:24 scale furnishings meant keeping them away from the furniture! Mom is outside checking the mailbox. Dad is standing on the upper deck, looking down at teenage son, who is fishing from the main deck. The baby is small enough that she looks fine in her crib in the nursery. As a whole, the houseboat reads as a comfortable dwelling for the frogs. Scale is a slippery commodity. With careful placement of inhabitants and furnishings, it can look great. Remember the mantra: It is all smoke and mirrors. If it looks right, it is right!
  10. Carved and/or sanded ... then coat with gesso and a skim coat of wallboard mud/Spackle
  11. What detail!!
  12. I would leave the stonework as it is. It is quite realistic. Good job!
  13. You are not alone. This forum is a comfortable gathering place for kindred spirits, and our admins are diligent in rooting out spammers and other miscreants. It is a safe place, and we thank them for keeping it so.
  14. KathieB


    You have a great eye for detail. I can almost smell the yeasty goodness.
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