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  1. Of course! Silly me! I guess the lack of a hose threw me off.
  2. What is the gizmo with the wheel?
  3. Under should not be a problem. You will be testing each fixture as you go, so with the first few you will have far less than the limit installed. If you go over, the lights may not shine as brightly. When counting, remember that each bulb must be counted, not just the light fixtures. A single chandelier with 5 bulbs counts as 5.
  4. I've found joy splitting an emery board lengthwise.
  5. KathieB

    boat dry fit 3.jpg

    And the boaters can see out!
  6. She will be right at home. I mixed scales in the Haunted Hangout, a way oversized witch and crow on the roof. Nobody has ever commented. It's all part of the magic. It works.
  7. Can you post a link to the Craigs List ad? Someone here may recognize the house and be able to give you more details
  8. I looked at a few on the Pottery Barn website. Each one has an information tab labeled Dimensions & Care that gives dimensions. I compared the height of doorways. They are not all the same. I saw one that was 1:12 (6.25" height doorway), another was closer to 1:18 (5.25" doorway). Check out the house you are particularly interested in to get the measurements.
  9. Both iterations are lovely, although to my eye the one on the left looks a bit spindly and the one on the right a bit heavy. I'd use a panel in between the two for perfect balance/scale, but that's just my eye.
  10. Can't you paint white on the dark surface to overcome this limitation? I really like the idea of using decals for detailed design.
  11. If heat alone doesn't do the job, try soaking with vinegar to soften the glue. Heat and vinegar with help from a putty knife ought to loosen the joints sufficiently to pull apart.
  12. I like the leather back for the clean look it gives. The loose cushion looks uncomfortable, maybe because it looks like it's too big.
  13. KathieB


    Try it with a few drops of each.
  14. They're referring to load bearing joints in a real life house, not the minimal weight of a doll house. This glue should be fine.
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