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  1. I got my Pfizer booster and senior-dose flu shot mid-day yesterday. The pharmacist recommended putting off the first Shingrix shot for ten days or so. I stretched out on the bed around 5 pm to read a bit as I was feeling tired. Woke up around 4 am, still fully clothed. Both arms sore most of today but getting better. Still tired. Looking forward to an early night.
  2. Love that it comes in 24 build bags ... what a fantastic Advent calendar!
  3. Work halted for a bit as the disorganization was cumbersome. The work table has been sorted and I'm ready to dig in again. In the meantime, small eyelets have arrived as well as fresh wallboard mud and wallpaper paste.
  4. Yes, it is possible, but the house will not be as sturdy. Take the time to adjust the fit of the tabs for the best result. Emery boards are useful for smoothing the slots. If you do remove a tab, consider reinforcing the joint with a couple staples.
  5. Moisture is what causes shingles to war. The less glue used, the better. No need to completely cover the back. A thin bead will do it. Some folks glue a few rows, cover with waxed paper, then clamp a board (think ruler, paint stirrer) to hold them down while they dry. Some folks use hot glue for the shingles. I have done this successfully. Hint: Before gluing, paint the roof the color of the shingles. Raw wood will be very noticeable peaking between the teensiest gaps in the shingles.
  6. Or cover them with U-channel.
  7. You are welcome! Another thought -- how old is your granddaughter? If she is very young, you may want to leave out the plastic window panes and the door. When the tots play, they will reach through those openings with their little hands. Also, you did not mention wallpaper, but it would be more practical to paint with satin or semi-gloss. That type of surface is easier to clean after she redecorates with markers, crayons, stickers, etc.
  8. Hi Bill. Welcome to the forum. It's a good idea to sand before assembly. You will want to do a dry fit (assemble with tape to hold the pieces in place, no glue). This is the time to be sure the tabs and slots fit well. You may have to sand down a tab or widen a slot for a perfect fit. When you have done the dry fit, you will see if there are areas that might be difficult to reach for painting or wallpapering. Take the house apart and decorate those areas before final assembly. Mark the areas that will be glued together; leave those unpainted. The glue bond is stronger when raw wood is glued to raw wood, not paint. By the way, the instructions indicate using hot glue. Do not. It will over time dry out and shrink and the house will fall apart. Use a good wood glue -- Titebond, Elmer's, etc. No need to be overwhelmed. As one of our leaders, MInis on the Edge, says, "It may be hard by the yard, but it is a cinch by the inch." Attack it as you would eat an elephant -- one bite at a time.
  9. Bashing sounds more brutal than it really is. It is the art of remodeling miniature houses. Move a staircase, add or remove a wall, add or remove a dormer, change scale, add on a wing, etc. Basically it is changing the basic layout to suit your own vision.
  10. Hi Mardee. Welcome to the forum and the Miniature World. You will find your experience in other crafts will help you as you hone your mini skills. You may want to do a practice house before you attempt a more complex 3-story version. I would suggest the Greenleaf Orchid, which is relatively inexpensive and fairly straightforward to assemble. Many of us cut our mini teeth on the Orchid. Having mastered the basics of a less complicated house, the intricacies of a more complicated build will be less challenging. Hobby Lobby generally carries the Orchid or it can be ordered directly from Greenleaf.
  11. Like, measure the doorways, hallways, stairways, etc. between the spot where it is built and where it will later reside. I have friend who bought the the Garfield before checking the dimensions and had to return the kit as the finished house would not have fit through the doorway!
  12. Kim, you just do what you need to do and sort out the doll houses later.
  13. All of my houses have been moved more than once, some in long distance interstate moves. Tweaking them back into shape is part of the deal.
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