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  1. I love the mansard roof bash.
  2. Close and smooth the joints with caulk or Spackle/joint compound and then paint or wallpaper as you would in a real house.
  3. I envy you being able to cut your own hair. When I was in college, eons ago, I cut my own hair once. One of my buddies thought it made me look like a penguin as it was so short and sleek, like a close fitting cap. So guess what my nickname was until it grew out again.
  4. Humidity just makes my hair go limp. I bought a curling iron on Amazon last week. I figure if I can't get my hair cut, maybe some curls or waves will help me avoid the wild mountain woman look!
  5. Hmm ... tea lights for ceiling fixtures. I could see decorating them with clear beads, both hanging in strings and some glued to to the plastic covering. Not sure how you'd hang them from the ceiling. You'd want them removable to be able to change the battery now and then.
  6. Could you thread the wires from single lights through the beads? You could paint the white wires with a metallic paint. Lights at Cir-Kit Concepts
  7. KathieB


    Works for me! The camera does tend to exaggerate.
  8. KathieB


    This is as cute as a basket of kittens. Are you going to age the stove/oven unit? It's soooo white!
  9. Ah, I looked at the photos again and saw the bucket beside the basket of drying twigs. Clever you! I skipped past that pic when I looked the first time. Are you planning to put it out for birds to use it? Since is cannot be cleaned out, it might be best to keep it indoors as a lovely bit of rustic decor.
  10. KathieB

    Fairy cottagfe

    Absolutely charming! What is the tall spiral, metal-ish looking item in the back left corner? My old eyes can't quite tell.
  11. KathieB

    Fairy Bathroom

    Love it -- a natural shower when it rains.
  12. I love it, and I bet the birds will, too! What is the underlying form? It looks like a small pail, but it is camouflaged well. Does the roof remove for the annual cleaning?
  13. Back in 1955 I was in 8th grade. I was chosen by a vote of the junior high teachers to participate in our town's Memorial Day celebration. I'm pretty sure it was still called Decoration Day at that time. I wore a white dress with a red, white, and blue badge sash and a silver star badge that proclaimed to the world: Deputy Mayor. I rode in the parade in an open convertible with the mayor while my mother, a Girl Scout leader, and my sister, a Scout in her troop, had to march. I gave a little speech from the dais when the parade wound down in the park. I don't recall what I said, but I know it was very brief, and I'm pretty sure I missed the whole point. I mostly remember being terrified. I still have the badge and sash.
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