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    I have now completed five dollhouses, well six if you count the spring fling 2008 garage I build for the Garf, Finished dh's include The Garfield, Arthur the Orchid the White Orchid and the Beacon Hill which is a B&B. I gave the Arthur and Orchid away as gifts for Christmas a few years back and gave my neice my white orchid/wedding chapel. I have a few more more waiting in the wings. You can see all of my houses in my gallery and blog.
    I am retired for 2 1/2 years now and loving it! I have 4 daughters and 9 beautiful Grandchildren which I love spending time with. I enjoy gardening, sewing and a good book. I just love sewing and cross stitch, especially minis! Just sarted the Laural after a long hiatus the love of building has been rekindled.
    My husband is semi retired so we love going on cruises. Usually take at least one a year.


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    I'm in a miniature state of mind

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  1. IAK

    Laural with some bashing

    I am building this for my granddaughter for her 4th birthday
  2. Thanks can't wait til July when she comes to visit and I can give it to her
  3. IAK


    Yes and made different handles. Lots of sanding and Spray paint like 4 coats!
  4. IAK


    I made the refrigerator from a Greenleaf Furniture kit
  5. IAK

    outside complete

    Thanks all
  6. IAK

    Living room

    Yes! Dollar Store find!
  7. IAK

    Baby's room

    Yes I had made an Arthur for my daughter and her son was constantly getting Spider-Man stuck on the stairs and breaking the railings lol
  8. IAK


    It's a scallop molding I had left over from another house I built. I didn't have to buy anything for this house. Everything I needed I already had
  9. Labor intensive! But the result is worth it!
  10. Cute! I gave my White Orchid/Little White Wedding Chapel to my neice. She loves it
  11. IAK

    Living room done.

    Its a peel and stick tile i got at the dollar store
  12. Prayers for you and you son.
  13. IAK

    Front of house so far

    Tracy i was thinking on putting it in a big platic bag before packing it in the box with lots of padding.
  14. IAK

    Garfield May 12 006.jpg

    These windows are the Garfield upgrade windows. I bought them from a dollhouse store not far from me. I think greenleaf sells them too they used to anyway
  15. IAK

    Garfield April 23 006.jpg

    I did end up wiring it
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