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  2. Your cabinet is fantastic. And I love your color of green!
  3. Nice! I know you're using that for a mold but as is, I bet it would be glorious on a pedestal lit from underneath, which wouldn't be too difficult to make. Something like this:
  4. The door and window punchouts make table tops and the stair rail punchouts and unused bits of gingerbread make table legs and other goodies. That's how I made little tables like the one in the kitchen from scraps of the White Orchid.
  5. One of my favorite old saws: Young son: Daddy, what makes the sky blue? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, what makes it rain? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, why is Mommy mad? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, does it bother you that I ask a lot of questions? Dad: Why, no, Son; how will you learn things if you don't ask questions?
  6. Your staggering is in a horizontal plane, rather than vertical; how interesting.
  7. How about $9.99? Wood Strip Cutter from Micro Mark
  8. Our trip was masked and socially distanced, but we got out on the road and it was liberating.
  9. Hi Lisa thank you! It’s been a fun house to put together. I especially like how you can work on most of it while it’s flat. If I had FB I’d check it out lol but I guess I’m old school. This kit really lends itself to a lot of ideas. I love spooky, so that’s where it went for me, with that mansard roofline. I’d love to see your progress! I’ve only seen a few of these ones completed. Thank you!
  10. Nice to hear from you Kelly! You have quite the menagerie to keep you company! Hope you can make it back soon!
  11. Last week
  12. Welcome to the forum, Jim. I removed your email address since posting it publicly can make you a spam magnet. Email addresses can be exchanged through the forum's private message system. Also, Gwen5000 doesn't seem to be active here so she isn't likely to see your post. You might want to try messaging her instead. Click her username to go to her profile and then click the Message button.
  13. I use clear acetate from packaging, I'll be interested in your results.
  14. I made fake folding stairs to my farmhouse attic:
  15. I'll add one thing that I've said before, but I'll say it again: Sign Your Work. Others on that thread added handy thoughts about saving paint colors, sharing memories of the house, who it was built for, what inspired it, the name of the manufacturer, etc. Sable suggested taping an envelope to the bottom of the house, which I think is a great idea. You could put the paint colors and even the original instructions into that. Oh, how many times I've wished I had those!
  16. I found a second vintage Washington! Now I have two in progress. The purple house is WIP. The white house is how it looked when I purchased it for $15. It was in pretty bad condition, very crumbly but thanks to the wood glue on the edges trick, it is coming along very well. It needed a good clean, too. Not done, so please understand that much exterior work still remains. I was sad to have to remove nice wallpaper from the interior but I just did not trust what might be under it. Still figuring out the final colors for the exterior am pretty sure I am going to do a very simple interpretation (kind of folk art treatment) on the exterior this time, concentrating details on the interior. The other house may be the opposite. Thought some of you might enjoy seeing another Washington. If anyone knows of a third Washington that I can get a hold of, I'd like to do a tryptic. Three interpretations of the same vintage house!
  17. I picked up some spackle for the interior based on your post. I just did not like how the drywall patch was turning out. It is very powdery and required three coats just to get the plywood not to show through. I am loving the spackle. It is smoothing things out nicely and creating a soft finish perfect for adobe. Easier to texture, too, to create trowel marks for that hand-plastered effect without being as rough as the stucco repair I'm using on the exterior walls.
  18. I don't know if this'll help you at all, but I once built a home for a Sylvan figure. I built most of the furniture, but was able to use a 1:12 coffee table as a dining table, and after I cut down the legs of a couple kitchen chairs from the dollar store, they were an acceptable size. The hanging cabinet is the top half of a Michael's hutch, the kettle and copper pot were 1" scale. The tea set was just something I found in some gift shop, not specific to dollhouses. For your figures I think you'll find that a lot of 1:24 furniture will look really tiny, especially the chairs, because your people look on the chunky side. I've done a couple other houses scaled to non dollhouse figures, and it can get tricky.
  19. I introduced myself before I read your message... sad or I would have!
  20. Thank you, Kells! I knew someone here would clock it.
  21. Really cool. Definitely worth the time to watch.
  22. As my grandmother always used to say, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers." HAHA
  23. I've always loved that house too. If it were front-opening, I'd have long since owned one! Last time I was up there, they'd painted it blue and burgundy. It's been tan for decades. Why they changed it, I have no idea. I prefer the original. Couldn't find a good pic of the new paint job online. Hopefully the street view link will work. You can zoom in to get a better look. Google Street View of Lace House in Black Hawk, CO
  24. Mr. Parker: He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny. Mother: He does not! Mr. Parker: He does too, he looks like a pink nightmare!
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  26. I agree with Holly. I pick and choose what gingerbread I want to put on the house. It is nice to have the option, though.
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