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  2. I used the iron- on veneer for the first time recently, I made 2 floors in one night... fun & easy. If I was using regular sticks it would’ve taken me two weeks or longer to do 2 floors... they came nice. When I’ve been at the hardware store I’ve been looking for a long stick or something like that...duh...didn’t realize it came in a package in a little circle. Holly, you always talk about it... thanks.
  3. isn't it nuts? Im not sure I could justify even if the kit was $10 that cost of shipping. I mean I get that it's heavy but wow. Id rather fly overseas, visit, and pack the kit and bring it home. At least I'd feel like I got more out of it lol.
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  5. Strange! I have used Houseworks plugs with these outlets before and they worked.
  6. oh!! you aren't really looking for earthy dirt like stuff now that i re-read your request. I highly recommend grass mats from the train guys. Comes in a big roll, nothing is going to come off - you can always patch it up with extra. Yeah - grass mat for durability. https://www.sceneryexpress.com/Heki/products/1053/ https://www.sceneryexpress.com/Noch/products/1052/
  7. Hehe, I do procrastinate an awful lot Jeannine! I've done some playing around with (modifying) a little bit of puzzle furniture and some online shopping, and figuring out where I want to put which doors. But no decorating or gluing since I got it out. I'm not sure what colour I'm going to have the kitchen, I'll leave it white for now and see how it goes. Sadly I haven't found the instructions, have emailed Greenleaf, just gotta be patient again. Or you know, wing it, more likely. I'll do my best to remember as I dismantle!
  8. A pocket door that looks like part of the wall (especially if the wall is paneled)?
  9. I even tried the so-called "stainable" wood filler before I gave up. I also use joint compound or my personal favorite, SPACKLE!
  10. Not sure if I am sharing an album correctly, but this is where I can view the photos of the other Lillbo (Lundby?) items I was curious about. https://forum.greenleafdollhouses.com/gallery/album/8636-lillbo-lundby-various-vintage-items/
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  12. Thank you so much for letting me know!
  13. I know someone that has a Queen Anne kit for sale. It has never been put together. The person selling is located near Charleston SC, but I travel there often and could bring it back to Michigan, if someone here has interest. We take road trips down there often.
  14. If you have photos online somewhere you can link to them; once they're in an album in the Gallery you can let folks know they're there and we can either go to your albums or you can copy and paste them into your posts.
  15. Mine has the grooves, they are not very deep and not easy to see, take a flashlight/torch and look close on the floors not the ceilings
  16. Before it was destroyed during our move to AL I went ahead and made all new doors for the Pierce I was rehabbing.
  17. I rehab dollhouses originally built with hot glue because I can easily take them apart with a heat gun to remove the hot glue and rebuild them with Titebond. I find, thought, that the original hot glue had often melted the window plastic in places that made it easier just to replace it or even make new windows, which is often nicer, anyway. I like to use Elmer's all-purpose white glue, which dries clear for the clear inserts. I also like to use the blue painter's tape.
  18. I have contacted Greenleaf, and the kit is sold out with no date planned to reissue it. If anyone has a kit stashed away that they would like to sell, I am very interested. Thank you!
  19. I split your question into its own thread. A lot of people sell on Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that you might not get its full value and that it will be expensive to ship. We also have a Community Trading Post forum here where you can post it. Include your location and maybe someone near you will be interested. Please don't post your asking price or give your email or physical address. If anyone is interested they can send you a private message through the forum and can discuss pricing and logistics there.
  20. That's what I did, work room, staff dining, kitchen butlers room etc in basement. I'm working on the house from the bottom up decorating as I go. I've found it easier to do ornate ceilings before I put it together. Lot of forward planning. I'll put photos up
  21. Oh right thank you, shall endeavour to do so wish me luck
  22. Justincayce12 emailed me photos of his instructions. They are a little dark but readable. I can try to .forward them, or maybe he would email them directly to you.
  23. Another John William Godward A Souvenir Made a little easel to put them on while I am working on them
  24. I wish they would give a discount for a larger order of the sheets maybe like half the price of the house
  25. I started with Buttercups and Sugarplum cottages and lots of paint, etc, on the window acetate. The Buttercups were an especially frustrating window adventure, as mine came with no interior trim. Carrie's explaining that the walls containe part of the window is spot on; it helped me to lay the trim over the window opening and trace around it.
  26. I painted over a red checkered Lee's Line sofa with fabric paint. It has a sort of leather look close up, but once it's in the house it looks like smooth fabric. You could do something like this to make it the color you want and then still add cushions and lace, which would make it harder to tell that the sofa has been painted. For the doors, on the exterior the siding will make them the right depth, as Holly mentioned. For the interior doors you can add wood to both the inside of the built-in casing and to the edge of the loose casing to make up the difference and make them a
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