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    i am a stamp collector a doll house collector and i have five house one i must rewall paper it and add a tile floor . i wrote befor e but it was too long . ok oh i collect old miniature pieces yes it indeed so fun


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  1. dollhouse lady

    Side view

    This is so real as it is to be, but my word where did you find the bottles of liquors? It excels in such a wonderful way, I adore it! dollhouse lady
  2. Hello everyone I have learn over the last 5 months how to write a sentence, and make it worth reading! I had a wonderful friend teach me over the inter net how to write so that I can explain myself better! I am shocked at my written post here so wonder if anyone could understand anything I had written! I worked at a Elementary School and I taught children how to write and speak, my voice is great but I could not ever write this is a treat for me to be able to write here more and send more pictures of my doll houses! dollhouse lady /jane
  3. Hello to every one in the community! I am dollhouse lady! I have not been on for sometime just about 2 years or more! I now have 7 dollhouses and I am enjoying all of them! My dollhouses are my life now, I have been working on all of them at one time or another! Each dollhouse and it is something I adore, they all ave babies rooms for each dollhouse! Now my twin sister Joan is now a miniatures person! She was the one who would brought me all of the extra miniatures 'pieces! I would have not been able to get them if it were not for her! Now she has a dollhouse of her own, she is making it into colonial style home! I hope everyone is doing wonderful, it is such a joy to come back and just read and write to everyone here! Oh yes it will great to find many some questions, I may have for my dollhouse and it missing pieces? I hope someone may know where I can get those missing parts, I have been to others places on the inter net and no place is like this one at all!!!!! My dollhouse is the Nob Hill Dollhouse by Walmer, I found out that there are only three of these dollhouse build if there are more, I would love to hear about them!!! This was in 2010 so I hope in two years time someone has the same dollhouse!!!!!! I also lost my password and I had to get a new one, thank god I could do this, it is a lonely world and when you have such place as this it is something I missed very much when I was not on the Greenleaf community!! So I am just ready to have a wonderful time here again! Best Regards Jane white aka Dollhouse lady
  4. hello every it is 3am and i am still up no sleep for the dollhouse lady i do not have enough time to do what i need to do. jo i made the pciture public i have learn thanks so for yours and many other help but you help this poor person learn "oD havanaholly i could not find it and when i get a message it means you have wrote to me right it ? or did you just answer the post like the question ? i am dysexic so please bear with me :oD sherry that is amazing that miniature loam holly it still l azaming me everyone house looks so real wow just wow jo i see what they call many of you maser builder wow just wow. i need to go i am sleepy it is so good to have everyone write i love it ok night or lol good morning jane ( oh i am still suing a quill to write with what fun ) ok i will write more and i will viist the site i like the on what is everyone working on jo tell me what you think of the room box
  5. welcome this is a great place and yes it is so fun to have wonderful hlep from everyone and everyone knows something welcome again chli
  6. deb hello i see my things are nothng like you made i could not make it but wow i am floor and so shocked the and the floor wow wow o wow so lovley and so well crafted like a no i see you are a master builder i am so shocked by how everyone does their work hug sjane :oD
  7. dollhouse lady


    hi linda and llyn thank you so my sister paid 13 dollars for it , i was so shock to see t we both were so firghten to handle it i took out the one chair that was there and what fun i wil have with this i have so many things to place in there i need to found m mini books i have a book case it is very old and so well made it needs a home now if anyone know when this type of room box was made . i do not know much about it the estate sale how so many miniatures and it went on for several weeks so she went back and it was there, i am not sure if it is woood or plasture or who knwos. but it is heavy and so nice so i took as naby pcitures id could of it . i am so glad you have enjoyed it hugs jane:oD
  8. tracy hello i have a problem too i have a brace on my foot it is like a ball and chain it is so heavy then i have a brace on my left wrist and thumb . just when i just get over something and i do thank god for what i have, but i just woke the other day with veritgo room spinning that is when i thought i was going to cry , then i could not do anything that day , i worte about this in another letter it went away but it will come back when i do not know. so i am back to writing my letters and doing minis . yes i understand i had surgry and it was major but this is how i got to know miniatures dollhouse in my depression my sister my twin , joan she got me my first house whenshe came home she scream and said " WHERE DID YOU GET OF THE MINIATURE THINGS" . 24 years ago i went to a church sale as i was leaving there was a box and i asked about it and wow it was full of miniatures thing and they sold it for 3 dollars i kept until she bought my first dollhouse ! this is what keeps me going tracy the joy and the wonderful people i have learn to know here, and what i learn is wow so much . get well soon your min's will be waiting for you :oD i can not sleep well i working on getting up early letters i write at times here are at 3am or 2 am my time lol wish me luck i need it plus most important i want my granson to visit and i must get up early for him. hugs jane :oD
  9. dollhouse lady


    this is the roombox my sister got me from an estate sale it is very heavy and the table and the paint which is an oil painting the table is real marble i change only the chiar i add the corgi i will add a box case to it i hope you enjoy seeing it it is so different
  10. hello everyone i have found that i can not make a miniature letter if my twin say something and it makes me jump and there goes the ink and i am so messed up so i do them when she is not here then i put on clasical music , this way i can relax and then work with the soft sounds playing this also helps when i make my paiting and for some reason i had not done any in a long time . it is so fun i decide to paint the new house with no name i love wall paper but my doctor told me i am not to do anything that is to time full it makes me hurt then i must stop for a long time so painting the rooms will be so much easier but does anyone know of what good color i know white is good for all rooms but what of grey or blue a very light blue! second help question when there is a short in the wiring how hard is it to fix ? also i needed help with the plug to the nob hill doll house i did ask one of the people i never got an answer this was more the 7 months i know everyone is so bsuy so i understand but maybe someone can tell me what year that type of plug was sued and the button that switches it on what year was that made . so i am working on oops three things if i work on onw i will over work it and i will mess it up for sure. i am adding the door and the shells ( htis is what i call it i know there is another name lol ) so it is so fun well time for lunch yes i woke up at lol 230 pm sleep apnea and i can not go to sleep early at all but so i will prime the house and then wait to paint it . ok take care everyone and have a grat time with yyour minis hugs jane
  11. hello again the last line on paragraph one ( it should say i now going to make miniature letters for a six inch doll sorry :oD jane
  12. helloe everyone i am working on making miniature letters , i have a quill and a wax seal several of them and it works i have wrote several letter to my sister and other people i have this way of writing that even now it is old english i had to learn how to write again so now i will use it , it is so fun my twin bought me a ink well and black ink . and they are so small but i am working on making it smaller so far it has been the size for a 21 inch doll her name is sarah . so i am not working on doing it for a six inch miniature doll i done many and i have the right paper. i woke yester with vertigo and wow it made me so upset i need to use my head bending and it gone today thank god . so ok enough about that so what else is everyone working , oh yes plaaes look at the rom box i put the ablum i added at much brighter and better pciture i will add a bookcase to it and so books i have a great find a leather bond miniature school book with line paper inside again my twin you see she drive a taxi so she gets to many places that have those wonderful finds that are there so she is so good to me and i am so happy to be here with all of the dollhouse people excuse my writing it is hard for me to get it right so have fun all thanks so jane :oD
  13. april hello i do not know it either but it is sure nice have so muc fun with it . i have roombox it is old i do not know who made it or if it was made by someone her is a pciture of it well i can not do it now but later but have fun it looks like an alison jr but the side roof is very different have fun jane
  14. hello everyone this is the girls bedroom but at some point this was a muisc room i try to stay true the ohter person way since i would not be wallpapering it again i just wanted it the same i have my other dollhouse i do on m own and the way i like it this is something someone took a long time to make it so wonderful and i do nto mind leaving it the same way !!!! :oD plus why not it looks so nice to play in and i have added so much more ''smiles jane
  15. first doll house the Nob hill it will be one room then new pictures will follow
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