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  1. Welcome Back Mike! You have been missed more than I can say.
  2. Hi Everyone! Just checking in from my little corner of SC. The numbers for my county are 7 reported cases and sadly 2 deaths. I've been staying at home since the end of Feb. but not because of the virus, Bronchitis and a sinus infection were enough to slow me down. I'm really glad to see everyone and have the forum back up and running. Looking forward to catching up.
  3. I checked Kris' blog last night and was saddened to read that she is retiring from the blog.
  4. Kathie and Holly, I feel the same way. I like feeling young but my joints and other parts won't agree with me.
  5. Many years ago, there was a show called, "The Wonderful World of Disney" that had some fascinating shows. Along with Chip and Dale, Donald Duck, "Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar", Spin and Marty and there were also educational pieces. One was called, "Justin Morgan Had a Horse". I've seen it listed on Ebay.
  6. Welcome home! I hope you feel better soon and I'm also looking forward to seeing pictures.
  7. Thanks Kathie. I know he can't respond but was hoping he would take the hint and come back.
  8. Happy news!! I'm adding my name to the list of people that are thrilled to see you back on the forum. Please do stay and regale us with your wit and funny stories. You are missed when you're not here.
  9. I'll be sending you a pm as well. I need to find the right card first. Thank you Kathie, you're a treasure.
  10. Welcome back Mike! It's wonderful to have you posting again, you have been missed. Looking forward to seeing your new house.
  11. Each one is only a couple of hours away. I'm really looking forward to holding those little girls.
  12. I have some happy news! I have 2 sons who have one child each. DS#1 has one son, who is married and expecting their first child in January. DS#2 has a daughter who with her significant other are expecting in January. I received a text last night that the granddaughter had gone into labor about 9. This morning before breakfast, she had delivered a little girl. I received a call from the grandson informing me that his little girl would be delivered after dinner today. Two great granddaughters on the same day. Everyone is doing well and resting except the fathers who have probably collapsed from all the drama. LOL
  13. Gayle

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas Mike and Rosemary. May your day be filled with wonderful things, minis and turkey.
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