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  1. Welcome back Muriel! I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were getting on. You have been missed around here. So glad your family is doing well.
  2. My workshop is a storage building from Lowe's. It's shaped like a barn and it's pack to the rafters.
  3. Talk about thinking outside of the box! My new washer started making a funny sound during the spin cycle. When I had DH listen to it, we decided it was possibly loose change that had gotten around the center piece of the washer. When he shone a light, sure enough, we could see silver and copper. He tried grinding a pair of needle nose plies down to fit in the space but that didn't work. He ended up using a pair of my bent end tweezers (looks like an L) and a small hand saw from my stash of tools. He was able to remove 27 cents. Bet he remembers to empty his pockets from now on.
  4. I found a Canterbury House for sale on Facebook that is unopened, the plastic wrapper is still intact and the box looks to be in great condition. If anyone is interested, pm me and I'll send you the particulars.
  5. Gayle

    Fur Babies

    She did know she was loved. Every time I went out to the deck, she would jump up on the railing and butt heads with me. She even let me rub her tummy.
  6. Gayle

    Fur Babies

    I miss my little cat. She had a habit of sleeping on the roof of hubby's work shop. We think a hawk took her.
  7. We felt it too. We were drinking our coffee and each thought the other was bouncing the foot to shake the floor. The house bounced a bit and the pictures rattled but everything is fine.
  8. We call in our orders, hubs picks it up and we dine at home. We've been doing this since before Thanksgiving and we're both doing fine.
  9. My DH bought me a face shield. It came from Northern Hydraulics and is a welder's face shield, nice and heavy but it allows for cooling air to flow. I'm covered from my forehead to past my chin, almost to my chest. I have COPD and breathing through a mask is about the same as having a head cold and breathing through my mouth. I can enter the grocery store or Walmart and not be told I have to leave. I've worn it to the doctor's office and the hospital to get blood work done without any problems either.
  10. Platinum Member 826 3,380 posts Location: Maine Report post Posted yesterday at 01:05 PM I've always liked this cottage painting by Helen Allingham done well over 100 years ago. I can see the reason for the updates but did they have to remove the charm? That's the problem with a lot of things, updates ruin it.
  11. Many years ago, I ordered jellies from the state highway patrol. One of the jellies was corn cob. I finally got the nerve to try it and found that I really enjoyed it. I've since lost touch with them and miss the different selections they offered.
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