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  2. From the Popular Mechanics book I am starting with this set will do the settee and two matching chairs. I ordered some small springs will do the actual sprung cushions from the plans for the base cushions, in leather, and loose cushions for the backs. Wood will be cherry and the finish linseed oil dyed with alkanet root. I have black leather but am leaning towards a deep earth tone instead, brown, deep red, etc. I am thinking a coffee table and two matching end tables looking for good plans to adapt. Maybe a bookcase as well, or a couple of magazine racks. I have started cutting the parts. Twelve legs from 3/16" square (scale 2 1/4"), 16 short rails from 3/32" (scale 1 1/8"), 3 long rails from 3/32" (scale 1 1/8"),and 31 slats from 1/32" (scale 3/8"). I am doing it like a kit cutting and sanding all the parts first then assembly
  3. you'd think someone in the US would carry them. I found a pile of HO scale rulers but no 1:12 will order from the UK then Amazon and eBay both have them
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  5. Two-thirds of the background done. Another night should see me finish this pillow. Than I think I will work on a piece for a future Tudor build: a little firescreen with musical instruments on a green background. Should be easier as I'll be working in 32 count instead of 40. I'm having more fun than is legal, lol. I got the fabric I ordered for the lap quilt I plan to make today. Loving the punchy colors. The seller was absolutely accurate with their pictures of the pieces. Here is a look at the one that inspired the whole idea: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BonEful-Fabric-FQ-Cotton-Quilt-Cream-Off-White-Red-Pink-Green-Yellow-Flower-Leaf/400544952381?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Got it on sale besides!
  6. A set of Timberbrook working windows for The Jefferson https://www.ebay.com/itm/124285833658
  7. If the original wood wasn't primed or sealed before applying the old paper the naturally occurring acids in the wood will eventually discolor the paper & bleed through. You could give the old wallpaper a coat of primer, it it's nice & tight & smooth, and paper over that.
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  9. Try this website: https://moreminis.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-harrison-dollhouse-blog.html Gina blogged lots of builds including the Harrison so might find an answer here.
  10. I like using the card stock to get the effect of folio page edges. Here's the link for Jim's site: https://www.printmini.com/printables/p1.html If you want to make pages that turn, like Joel's books, you want to use something a tad heavier than one layer of paper for the book covers.
  11. Hi Lynn, welcome! I like having a couple of projects going at once too. I'm building a coffee shop out of a GL Primrose. Have fun with your Buttercup, hope it gets those creative juices flowing again! I have that kit in my stash it is going to be an ice cream parlor one day.
  12. I got the Brimble's Mercantile Kit from Ebay over a year ago, and just recently opened the package and found out it is missing the instructions. Does any one have instructions they would be willing to share.
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  14. holy cannoli I need to catch up I don't have but one room box lol! Thanks for sharing this....certainly a weaponized way to have a discussion with the non miniaturist!
  15. Hey all, My girlfriend picked up her first doll house (Peaches 'n Cream). Unfortunately, it did not come with the instructions. I emailed Real Good Toys, but they haven't responded as of yet. Anyone know where I could get a copy of the instructions? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hi and welcome, Carolyn. I'm from FL but live in NC now. Any time you're missing the mountains, go look at my album picture of a real life stained glass version of the blue ridge: Minis aren't my only creative pursuits...
  17. Hi Steph! I'm very new and look forward to your pics as you start your project!
  18. Yeah I wonder how it went for Xuzan. She never really came back to post about it. lol
  19. Very nice! I think you made the right call on the brick sheet, it works well with the style of house.
  20. Leslie, my SF555 came with the VHS tape and other than showing the assembly of the tongue & groove sections using masking tape it wasn't much help to me.
  21. Yes it is on my list if someone wants to commission one I will move it up the list
  22. Thank you for the kind words and feedback
  23. The Building Team built and blogged the Magnolia and I was asked to build the house "unfinished", so I called my entries "The Bare Nekkid Magnolia"; hopefully reading the building blog will help you. I attached all the trims, etc., with poster putty because I was going back to finish it off as a Florida "Cracker" house:
  24. I was shocked to see the almost empty shelves of craft paint at the local Joann's store in Elk River, Minnesota. I did manage to get what I was looking for - an off-white - though.
  25. Ooo. If it's Elmer's all-purpose glue warm water and a Q-tip might do the job, along with judicious fingernail, but you may have to endure having "old"-looking windows.
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