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  2. If the exterior walls are built up with tongue & groove sections and milled-in siding it's probably the SF555; if it's MDF (and HEAVY!) it's the SF558.
  3. Some people think we are enablers.
  4. I use basswood as often as I can get it.
  5. Hi, I may be able to send you a template of the windows so that you can make a pattern....seems you have some of them but not all. If you'd like a template you can message me and I can trace the ones I have and the doors and send them over.
  6. Good answers! Thank you.
  7. Had my second dose yesterday.
  8. I have an over abundance of white strawberry plants. They produce creamy white berries with tiny pink seeds. The berries have a hint of pineapple tested. Very productive here in the Pacific Northwest. And excellent producers after the first year. A dozen bare root plants wrapped in damp newspaper can be shipped with regular first call postage, I say this because I just shipped a FOXox Hall Manor it is cost almost $190.00! PM if you are interested.
  9. To my eye, these shingles look like the ones that come with the Orchid: https://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/miniature-fishscale-style-shingles/ The laser cut speed shingles (which all seem to be out of stock right now) are a little different than the ones that come with the Orchid, but they're still thinner than the Houseworks shingles. The cut lines on the laser shingles are sharper, no jagged edges. Hope that helps!
  10. Offer Up has many doll houses for sale. I am in WPB and I am going to Lake Worth to buy one. There are quite a few on there in Port St Lucie and Boca Raton.
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  12. Mack, when we lived in Jacksonville, FL, the hubs and I owned a bookstore for a few years, and many of our customers were bikers (back when biker gangs were not the good guys most of them are now) and I learned a whole repertoire of *magic* words to assist my builds; when we lived in Outer Mongolia rural Havana, FL, I could raise such a blue cloud over my workroom that all the feral cats for miles around came running to our house to feast on all the poor little stunned birds who happened to be flying overhead when I was building.
  13. I've come to the decision that it is time for this beautiful house to move on to a new owner. Please google Lawbre Barstow Belle to see the stock photo! However, mine has been painted in a more whimsical purple, with white, pink, purple & red accents. Pictures do not do her justice! It's a dream house for sure. I sadly do not have the space to work on her. The outside of the house has been expertly finished, inside is undone and waiting for your touch. I am located in South Florida and because of the size, it would need to be picked up. I am unable to figure out how to
  14. Joel, you are truly an artisan, and your work shows how much you love the materials you work with.
  15. We acquired one of these a while ago and this thread just brought some much needed stress relief lol. Identifying this thing has been for more difficult than I could have imagined, but holy smokes we did it!
  16. Thank you for the words of welcome. ☺️
  17. Welcome to the little family, Helen. I had a Westville in its box and a coworker saw it and begged me (nicely) to build it for and sell it to her, and I did.
  18. Last week
  19. It’s not free but it is cheap for what you get. Includes the 1:12 wishlet books too I think,mplus lots of other small doll dresses. https://www.susansirkis.com/product-page/wbr11-the-50th-anniversary-wish-booklet-edition
  20. Thanks, but I have emailed them 3 times since Dec 25. I received a response immediately from Mary after my first email. I verified my email address so she could send me a PayPal invoice to receive a copy of the instructions...but haven't heard anything since. I understand things are weird right now due to COVID, but it's been a month now. Voicemail box is always full so I can't leave a message either. =(
  21. Thank you so much, to both of you! Much appreciated. I'll look at those links.
  22. Welcome, perhaps this will help https://moreminis.blogspot.com/ When you get it figured out head over to the newcomers thread and introduce yourself.
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