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  2. This Beaumont was done pretty well, but it's seen better days so not quite worth $11,760.00 LOL. The listing says they ship too - can't image how much that would cost! https://www.ebay.com/itm/324107740987?hash=item4b7653a73b:g:EfMAAOSwktpectO-
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  4. If you have a fine-toothed saw, it's possible to gently cut the rectangular windows in half and then piece back together at the height you need.
  5. Thanks for all of your idea's, the problem is the L-shaped back of the Garfield is a very awkward shape especially as it includes the attic parts, however, I am determined to make one of these ideas work!
  6. Braided embroidery floss makes a nice finishing trim.
  7. Been working slowly on the roof and one of the chimneys. I completed the end chimney, covering it with brick paper, then blended it to the lower half which was covered with plaster. I smoked the bricks up with varying degrees of black wash. I'll probably add a little plaster to the end walls between the timbers before I'm done. One day I'll think it looks fine as is just painted, another day I'll shake my head and think no, gotta add more texture. Today I started work on the back roof, and I'll have to cut out a thick double chimney for that side. I just sprayed a piece of posterboard whi
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  9. Ok, that is a good way to make it much more exciting!
  10. @PhDmomto3 Just found this one by accident. https://www.paperdollminiatures.com/2021/05/new-dollhouse-vf-kitbash.html
  11. I think the reason they do that is that sometimes even in an unopened box there might be one or more missing or damaged pieces or the kit was built and the box contains the punched out sheets that the seller resealed the box. The downside, though, is that sometimes parts go missing as the box is breing resealed for shipping.
  12. LesMilne

    Joann Swanson

    Cant seem to find out for sure which is who!🤔
  13. I like to use acrylic gloss paint for ceilings or because it reflects the light and makes the rooms brighter. I also use it for trim work.
  14. Trying to learn navigation here. I had a better post in the proper place but it wasn't accepting it at that time.
  15. Thank you so much Adriana!! I'm not sure if it's talent or just sheer determination. I remember someone saying on here, when I was very new to minis, that the art of being a good miniaturist is being able to hide things well. I can now completely agree with that sentiment!
  16. If you have the instruction booklet and a utility knife with lots of mice, sharp blades and a cork-backed steel straight edge/ ruler you could try making the parts for the windows from 1/8" basswood, and you can make a whole lot nicer doors that way, too.
  17. I suppose it does; I zone out when I'm shingling.
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  19. Hi Muriel, isn't the story great. The production hired bespoke master miniaturists Mulvany & Rogers to recreate the dollhouse and its contents. I really do admire their work and wish they would make a line of miniatures for us mere mortals.
  20. HI Angela and welcome to our forum. Glad that you decided to join us. A bashed Victorian Mansion from Dura-craft for $40.00 is a great price. There are so many ways to restore an old doll house. There are people here who found houses in the rubbish bin and renovated them, whereas most people would of used it for firewood. Excited to hear about your plans.
  21. Hello Samantha and welcome to our forum. It is great to hear from another Carolinian, I am in NC. I have always wanted to find portrait miniatures in oil canvas for that gothic 19th century effect. ;-)
  22. In one way it is great that Michael's brought back miniatures to their salesfloor. It shows that the hobby is gaining traction again. At the same time their selection is very random. Hopefully they get better assortment in the near future.
  23. Mod Podge might stay sticky. Hopefully the wood sealer will help. I would think that priming the wood with a couple of coats of paint would help seal the wood; you must have a hum-dinger allergy! I hope you find something to relieve the symptoms.
  24. Fixed! I'm so glad you found the Westville instructions you were looking for. The Westville and the Fairfield are two of my favorite Greenleaf houses.
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