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  2. The stairwell looks awesome with the paper and wainscots.
  3. Not doing much building right now..pain a bit of over the top but have been dismantling wedding dresses to make Angel gowns. I am all set to go as son as I get this flareup under a bit of control and can use my machines.. You may remember I was going to get catarcts done in July but the surgeon on the day, while I was all prepped and laid ready, had a hissy fit and walked out of the OR. Needless to say i didn;t get my surgery done. It has taken me several weeks to ask my eye DR for a different refferal and have an appontment with ahother one in a few days..hopefully he will agree to do it and again hopefully I will get a fairly early date. I will keep you all informeed. Hoping everyins safe and well and cotinues to stay that way.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to read up on it more now that I know which one it is!
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  6. When I was doing stained glass professionally, I was proud of my nice, smooth joints. I didn't expect there to be such a high learning curve switching to electronics. A lot more practice and a switch to a rosin-core solder and now I'm happy with the results. Figured out how to do the tape wire. Make parallel cuts on either side of the wire run (pink or blue) and slip the tip of a scalpel between the wire run and the plastic covering. Cut upward through the plastic and remove. No danger of severing the tape wire! Then move a bit along the run and do the same on the other color. Want to keep them separate so they don't accidentally touch and blow the whole circuit!
  7. Augh… I will vomiit if I have to see another cooking show……
  8. Welcome Rachel I am from Las Vegas. Have you looked at the Real Good Toys website? They probably have some help to offer there. My Mom built the Victoria's Farmhouse, it is a lovely house. Just take your time and enjoy the process.
  9. Christine, your link worked fine for me. I don't work in 1:24 near enough' I still think in 1:12! I wonder if hobby shops might carry styrene tubing small enough?
  10. Welcome to the little family, Jenny. Mineejv/ Joanne is one of our members who works in 1:144 scale; a number of us do (I'm not one, I have dabbled in 1:24 scale and have a few 1:48 kits I'll try some day). Have you tried card stock for your furniture?
  11. Hi I'm from Reno Nevada. This is my first build. It's not a greenleaf its from real good toys I got the Victoria's farmhouse..
  12. Last week
  13. My Glencroft's first floor ceiling is slightly less than 9", not counting the beams I installed. The plywood in most Greenleaf dollhouse kits, including my Glencroft, is 3/16" thick.
  14. I’m interested in building the Glencroft. Can anyone tell me how high the ceilings are on the first floor? How thick is the material for walls and floors?
  15. If it's a birthday present, she should get someone now so it could maybe be ready by next year.
  16. Would it be possible for someone to send the interior measurements of the kitchen in the Garfield house. I currently do not have my house with me in my location but an itching to get started on kitchen cabinets and appliances! I would appreciate if anyone could provide them for me. Deneng
  17. Thank you! TBH it makes me want that house now so I can put that addition on myself! Not that I have a place for it. Funny, I recently mentioned Upstairs-Downstairs. I see I forgot to mention that I'm putting a door into the kitchen side of my house for exactly the reasons you mentioned. There's a window across from the basement staircase (link below) that will be easily cut out for a side door into the kitchen. I grew up in an old house that had a service entrance and even a servant's staircase. Not that we had servants! The servant would have been me. ("Kells! Wash the dishes already!" "Yeessss, Mommmmm....") But that thing sure made it convenient to slip out the back kitchen door to get up to no good, haha. https://forum.greenleafdollhouses.com/gallery/image/142190-left-side-labeledjpg/
  18. I built my Realife kit before I built any of my HOM kits and I didn't notice that the former were balsa, the pieces looked,sanded and took the stain just like the pieces in the HOM kits.
  19. I'm currently taking a break from building my Lily, so I still need my schematics sheet (too much drama for this old lady lately!). Lots of folks have built one, so someone is bound to help you out.
  20. Fov - good idea about emailing the betterleys yes - the furniture that diy in the shelves are quarter scale. i think I’ll just build it and go from there!!
  21. Oops, my faulty memory, I paid $45 for that house. Anywho.... Someone up in Boulder must be narrowing down their collection. Little Orphan Annie House for $400 Newport for $375 Alison Jr. for $295 Unknown but my favorite of the lot for $125 Tried to embed a pic for each but since I'm getting the "don't hold your breath, babe!" interminable spinner AS USUAL, I am past bothering.
  22. I tried loading the app on my tablet and can find it in Google play or Amazon app store. I wonder what is going on?
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