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  3. Planning ahead is yet another reason for doing the dry fit.
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  5. I'm sure you'll make a lovely home for them
  6. I got my second Shingrix last week and am waiting on the Moderna booster. I'm considering the Whooping cough shot as well.
  7. What I like about it is that it's not just an exterior shell.
  8. Muriel, these are all about 3"x5", the art deco circles one is a little larger, maybe 3"x6"?
  9. Ouch! I would say another case of a non-miniaturist who thinks they have a gold mine.
  10. Some updates ! The weather finally agreed with me long enough to get the dremel outside and do the big bash of this project : adding a skylight in the roof to make the 2nd floor brighter ! I'm also 95% done on the hardwood flooring of the first floor. I used cut bamboo placemats (thank you everyone who used them here before, a great idea !) and some acrylic ink to "stain" it. Unfortunately I had a little accident... some spill. And now there's a distincly darker patch. I guess I'll have to darken the rest as well. And do some touch up, because despite my best efforts (sanding by hand) there are some glue spots left... These I can cover with acrylic paint. And I got started on trim priming/painting, with a little helper to supervise my work...
  11. Just throwing in my vote - Paperclay all the way! Roll it out like pie dough, use glue to attach to the wall. Paperclay is very forgiving to work with ... it may crack some as it dries, but you can fill in cracks so easily with dampened "worms" of paperclay. It does shrink slightly as it dries, but not much. Seal it when dry. I have used egg cartons and they can be very effective, but paperclay is much quicker and easier (IMHO). Of course, you can't beat the price of egg cartons!
  12. I am practically drooling over the Chinoiserie furniture ... it looks beautiful! I have some pieces that I bought second-hand, and although they aren't anywhere near the quality of your mum's, you have reminded me that I need to do something with them! Looking forward to seeing the house, and also what you do to create the look you want. I'm excited for you!
  13. Oh my goodness, I had no idea about the nail polish remover! I can't wait to play this weekend! Thanks!
  14. Thank you! It's now over 5 years later and I found that Harbor Freight is still selling this for $9.99! I'm heading over there today to pick on up!
  15. Hi, all - thanks so much for all your suggestions! I wish I could wait for one of the laser-cut houses, but I really need to get started so I can give it to my granddaughter for her birthday, which is in early December (or possibly Christmas, if I don't get it done in time). I thought about the Orchid, but I was worried that it was so small, it would be harder for me, so ultimately I bought the Vermont Farmhouse Jr. kit and am getting ready to start on that. It's heavier, too, so I thought it might be a bit better for an 7, soon to be 8-year-old. The kit is unopened and I'm waiting till my granddaughter leaves for a camping trip tomorrow to start. In the meantime, I've been stalking this forum for all the tips you have written about glue, tools, and checking out all the gallery images (beautiful!!!) and plan to make a trip to the hardware and craft store tomorrow to get what I need. I'm very nervous but excited about starting this, and I can't wait till it's done so I can start decorating! I do have one quick question. I know I will want some lighting - is this something I need to plan before the build, or can I wait to decide until it's finished and ready for decorating? Thanks! Mardee
  16. I find a utility knife works better in this situation than sanding, just because the slot or the tab usually needs more help than a little sanding. If the tab is too wide you can cut off some of it, as long as you still have some tab left to fit into the slot. If the tab seems too tall, try shaving the top or bottom of the slot with the utility knife so there's more space for the tab to slide in.
  17. Work halted for a bit as the disorganization was cumbersome. The work table has been sorted and I'm ready to dig in again. In the meantime, small eyelets have arrived as well as fresh wallboard mud and wallpaper paste.
  18. Thank you so much for these tips! I was pondering what to use for the addition or extra floor, and your suggestions are great!
  19. OH! I figured it out! Not exactly intuitive, but it's fixed!
  20. Also, those thin beads of glue may make thin wooden shingles warp a wee bit; they will flatten back out as the glue dries. I have had success using Titebond wood glue.
  21. The Grandville is a wonderful house, that one would be hard to pass up. I guess this is one of those addictions where this advice is good advice and I’m going to listen to it. 😀
  22. Argh, and now my daughter has put my easy cutter somewhere I can't find it! I was all ready to do door frame trim!
  23. Whew, I'm glad to hear the shape hasn't changed! I love the diamond shingles.
  24. It's only been an hour since I sent the email, and I have the answer, arranged payment and am waiting for the final total and the sheet should be on it's way. Must be in stock. Last week I couldn't get though to anyone.
  25. THANK YOU so much for the blog. I wish I had it a week ago. But that that's ok, because I really got well aquainted with the foundation. I've been reading it since you posted it. Thank you again. Of course I'm going to have to move the doll house build into the house for the winter to finish it, but still have 3 quilts to finish. Think I'll find someplace else for the sewing maching. hee hee.
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