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  1. Thanks for your answers!!!! :yes:
  2. I want to know this because if poster boards are acid free I may use them in my projects. Thank you
  3. I didn't know about this either. Thank you!!!
  4. Florencia


    My real life cats would love one of this in real size!!! Your condos are amazing
  5. I love it!! The colors are wonderful!!!
  6. Your floors are amazing and I love the colors that you used. B)
  7. Your houses are always beutiful. I love this one too. The bricks are amazing.
  8. You have very nice dolls. I love the hat lady
  9. For the Brookwood, I would wait for miniatures.com April coupon and get a new kit for the same price.
  10. That is a wonderful idea I have seem many Santa’s houses and workshops but none of them have a place for the reindeers. The spring flying will be nice for it. Good luck!!
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