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  1. lol... hey dust is homey! Leave it :o)
  2. MissWhite924


    stick with the wood def!
  3. The salad looks super real! nice work!
  4. MissWhite924

    Bathroom vanity

    haha! i noticed the room looked "lived in" but I didnt quite know what was in the trash! :o
  5. MissWhite924

    Bathroom vanity

    I love the rugs I'm seeing in your rooms. The newspaper by the toilet is a nice touch!
  6. This looks so realistic its crazy! I love the door frame and window frames. Oh wait, and the sunflower border up around the top. Sweet!
  7. Ooook, your link is now on my favorites! I look forward to seeing you add to your collection. The tacos and chips were a few of my favs. You are great at thinking outside of the box!
  8. MissWhite924


    nice! im working on the westville now too and it is taking me FOREVER to shingle. I think yours is coming out awesome. I have pics in my gallery. are you adding an accent color?
  9. MissWhite924


    did the bar come like this or was this your idea? either way... it turned out really nice.
  10. great shot! the kleenex and stool are nice touches. everything looks so clean!
  11. i would go crazy finding pieces to fill it. very inspirational
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