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  1. Love. If it weren't for that, life would just be dead. There really wouldn't be any reason to even exist.
  2. Sorry about your toe. I've done that before and boy does it hurt when you stub it against something! I just broke my index finger at work yesterday. It got crushed between two things that it shouldn't have been inbetween. It could have came off completely, but it just kept fighting to stick with me! Now its all black and blue.
  3. It will get better and you will love yourself for it. I started riding for fun last summer. I put hundreds of miles on the bike, and rode to work the same 2 miles you are doing. This year, I have moved a lot further and am doing 10 miles one way to work. I try to ride to work half the time. Your legs will get sore, but once they get stronger, you'll be amazed at your metbolism shooting up and being able to keep the weight off. Did I say ice cream??
  4. This is probably a more practical answer than using shrink tubing. Albiet the tubing is simple, I cannot imagine you have the smallest size that will shrink down to the size of such small wire. It won't shrink indefinitely. I would try the silicone approach. I am not sure of your skill level so far as soldering goes either. It would provide the most positive electrical connection, but again the small wire size does not enhance your ability to solder it - it makes it all the more difficult. I think the easiest method for you would be to hold the light fixture or light stationary in an alligator clip or something similar so you can work with the bare wiring. Cut the leads as short as possible still allowing enough to twist them together with the cords, then use the silicone to insulate these connections apart from one another. Keep in mind that you really need the exposed wires short so it doesn't ruin the effect of the wiring. You don't want your electric work like this exposed and ruin the asthetics of your dollhouse. About the wiring making contact. It will create a short, but it isn't totally unsafe mainly because you are just using a very low voltage circuit. It will, however dim all your lights on the circuit and make them not work properly, so you must avoid this.
  5. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Basically setup and operate large machine tools that run from user input software and codes.
  6. Have been a CNC machinist for most of my career (21 years), but dabbled in commercial driving for a short period.
  7. Best of wishes Traci. I hope you get everything under control. Health problems are the worst as in they leave you in a state of limbo physically, emotionally, and financially. Just keep your chin up and remember you have a lot of people rooting for you. Just relax and take every moment the best you can and maybe it will all work out for you. Ben
  8. Thats exactly what I needed; thanks. There's a show in my town in August.
  9. I am thinking about sometime taking my lady friend to a miniature show. I have not been to one myself even so it would be a new experience. I thought it would be nice to see just what she thinks about them. She knows I have a dh and am into this, but I think it would make more sense to her if she saw some real finished examples and what all you can do and is available. With that, I wondered if there is some comprehensive website that has listings by state of various miniature shows? Anyone?
  10. No. You're really old if you can recollect how to grease wagon wheel axles with lard! But thats a great story anyways. I remember record players when I was a kid. We would stick the thing in neutral and try to rotate the record at the right speed to make the songs sound the correct pitch - it is harder than it looks. Either that or spin them backwards to see if we got any satanic messages.
  11. Ever hear of a speedball pen? India Ink has the consistency of stain. I would simply use a large nib: And dip them into a well with stain and apply. That's a thought.
  12. I bought a couple of CD's off television once and payed around $19 for them. The shipping added an additional $15 or so dollars for two small compact discs. It amazed me that they charged so much. I think they have the accounting worked out so that they can hide some form of the profits or margins into the shipping costs so that the prices don't sound so high for the actual item. An average person would tend to not separate the two costs and think they are still getting a good deal even though the shipping is quite high.
  13. I had a 12' one. The first season we realized the filter/pump was under rated. We invested in a larger pump and sand filter. That made a big difference in the water quality, and the ability to maintain chlorination. The blow up ring leaves a lot to be desired. Ours had a hole that we could not find, so we constantly had to blow it up. The vinyl used for the bottom and sides seems to be ok. You really need to spend the time to make sure it is level. Either use some form of extra padding underneath if you set it up on concrete or spend some money on sand if you are setting it up in dirt/grass. That will protect the bottom quite a bit. Other than that I used mine for 3 seasons. Covering the entire thing and cleaning it each spring is also a good idea to make it last.
  14. The worst part of building a doll house is procrastinating and deciding on what to do next!
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