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  1. Erin, you can make new windows from 1/8" basswood, which cuts easily with a utility knife and cork-backed steel straight edge. Hobby Lobby used to carry the miniature millwork for window frames, baseboards, etc; if they no longer have it I think Micro Mark still does. I almost wish my mother had given mine away for some neighbor child to play with, instead of putting it in her leaky S FL garage for the cockroaches, mice and silverfish to destroy.
  2. Tiffany, you have scored BIG TIME! When you have made five posts you can put your pictures into an album in the Gallery here. Please post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.
  3. If the emery board is too big, wrap your sandpaper around a bamboo skewer and try that. I have even wrapped a bit of sandpaper around a toothpick.
  4. Michael, Jeanne posted that the house is already with its new owner.
  5. You should invest in a couple of rolls of masking or painters' tape and put the house together with that first (what we call the "dry fit") to see what areas you will need to do some decorating before assembly, in case afterwards you aren't able to fit your hand or a paintbrush. This also gives you a practice run at putting it together to see that you understand the instructions, and also to sand or shave the tabs and lots for a more exact fit. And yes, wood glue for attaching wood parts to wood parts.
  6. I once lusted fiercely for a RGT Foxhall until I discovered Greenleaf kits.
  7. Even in the cannabis outfit, THAT looks a whole lot moree like the way I pictured Tinkerbell when I first read Peter Pan.
  8. You could glue a large flat button to one end of the spool to make her a table and set it with acorn cap dishes and the thimble could serve as a seat at the table. Too bad there isn't a Julia Roberts Tinkerbell; there are scads of the Disney animated one.
  9. Erin, can you pause the movie on the scene with her apartment?
  10. Is this from scratch or from a kit? I would love to make one!
  11. It's a TAB publication, so probably pretty much includes basic through some more advanced. I tend to grab those older books, anyway.
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