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  1. Considering the effect of this Covid mess, good for you!
  2. Ah, but the 18th Century had thunder boxes built into the dining room sideboards!
  3. Interesting how they have modern indoor bathroom but the family appears to be the Quaker Oats man & his family from the 18th Century.
  4. I'm looking forward to what you find out.
  5. You could trace around the openings and cut a piece ov plywood to fit, finish it to match the rest of the house and hinge it.
  6. I think the reason they do that is that sometimes even in an unopened box there might be one or more missing or damaged pieces or the kit was built and the box contains the punched out sheets that the seller resealed the box. The downside, though, is that sometimes parts go missing as the box is breing resealed for shipping.
  7. If that four-sided sofa is a June Clinkscales, all the artisan pieces would probably run the price up there. That's serious $$$$.
  8. Sheri, when you have made five posts you can make albums of your pictures in the Gallery and copy and paste then into your posts.
  9. Welcome to the little family, Sheri. How old is Stella?
  10. If you have the instruction booklet and a utility knife with lots of mice, sharp blades and a cork-backed steel straight edge/ ruler you could try making the parts for the windows from 1/8" basswood, and you can make a whole lot nicer doors that way, too.
  11. I suppose it does; I zone out when I'm shingling.
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