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  1. I tend to zone out when sanding, shingling and siding; guess I'm weird, too.
  2. Welcome to the little family, Jeff. Your first entry into our little world is certainly most impressive! Old nursing textbooks also work well as weights.
  3. That is iron-on wood veneer edging, and yes, I find it next to the lumber section of big box hardware stores like Lowe's.
  4. Wow, Jeff! Love the landscaping; I grew up with metal yard chairs like those. Please post an intro in the Newcomers' Forum and make five posts so you can make an album of your build and show us pictures of the inside!
  5. I think someone might ought to contact that seller and set him straight?
  6. If you made a doll with polymer clay or porcelain head & shoulder plate, forearms and lower legs and a cloth body you could weight the doll's bottom with lead fishing weights to give the chair springs something to work with. I think this is why there's a difference between a miniature model and a dollhouse miniature?
  7. Northeastern Scale Lumber is, indeed, out of business; I used to like their 1:12 furniture kits. The 1:144 kits might show up on EBay.
  8. Bakers' parchment is about as close to 1:12 vellum as I've found so far.
  9. Betcha posterboard would be in scale, and parchment painted with transparent water colors.
  10. The energy & stamina I had before my last pacemaker battery change to work on my dollhouse kits.
  11. Birch plywood is used to make replacement parts for kits or for scratch building and can be used for floors, roofs and walls. It is fairly hard and, being in layers, is more easily cut with a table saw or bandsaw. Basswood, balsa, chipboard, matboard and card stock are usually used to make trims and furniture and are easily cut by hand with craft or utility knives. Sandpaper, construction paper and corrugated cardboard can also work for roofing. Why not post us an introduction and let us know what led you to our obsession hobby?
  12. Hi, Katie. If the "brick" powder was just mixed with water you could try laying a wrung-out wet rag on it to see if it softens and then scrape it off with a metal putty knife/ scraper, like they do RL "popcorn" ceilings. If white glue was added to the mix I expect the mouse sander would be your bestie for the job.
  13. Welcome, Sally; your husband is one of my heroes!
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