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  1. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw those; I'd have shorted out the keyboard big time!
  2. Could you build your scullery out of scrap wood or foam board and bash it onto your kitchen? If it throws off the QA's symmetry you could add a conservatory off of the living room...
  3. Welcome to the little family, Molly. Which house has called your name?
  4. Your floor turned out super gorgeous! Definitely no hall runner to hide that beauty!
  5. I really like the colors for your hallway floor. Unless you're going with a solid color vs wallpaper wouldn't wainscotting sort of overwhelm such a small area?
  6. Why not go with the white trim to match the dormer window? Maybe leave the porch railing the color it is, to see if you like it any better.
  7. Cynthia, that is NOT the kind of excitement that's fun, and thank goodness being on a respirator is usually forgettable!
  8. On my monitor the trim looks more like an oxblood red; definitely not a color scheme I'm attracted to.
  9. Doncha just love it when the house tells you what it does and doesn't want?
  10. What about a lightweight velvety fabric for the drapes and pelmet, maybe the color of the background of the wallpaper, and lace or sheer panels, open/ pulled back in a pale version of the wallpaper's red (or whatever other color grabs you)? Is your dining room furniture light or dark (I forget if you mentioned it).
  11. I like the all-wood window wall in the dining room and can't wait to see it with the mentioned window treatments.
  12. Welcome to the little family, Carla. The Orchid is a versatile little house. What does yours want to become? There are two different building team blogs for the Orchid in the "Blogs" section.
  13. I really like your wallpaper choice for the dining room.
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