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  1. Sandy, I have put in a request to have your email removed before you are hit with spam and webbots and all sorts of internet nasties. You do not ever want to put any personal contact information out where it can be seen, because you don't know who or what is out there harvesting your personal information. You can hover your cursor over Meaghan's username and get a drop down box with an envelope icon you can click on to send her a personal message with your contact information and request.
  2. Micro Mark also has magnetic gluing jigs for when you get ready to make furniture, picture frames, etc.
  3. The last post before Vanessa's was 10 1/2 years ago.
  4. I'll bite, if the furniture's not included,why include it in the photos, especially the obviously Tudor tables?
  5. Vanessa, first I would suggest you actually read through all the previous posts in this topic.
  6. Welcome to the little family, Ellie. A dollhouse from the '70s is "quite old"? Then some of us members here must be total fossils! Do you know what house that one is? And which one are you working on now?
  7. I can imagine the marble version on a plain pedestal stained ebony.
  8. Do I remember correctly that you made a teapot using a marble for miss Frobisher's cottage? Or was that you? I do remember some gorgeous mini landscape paintings!
  9. The door and window punchouts make table tops and the stair rail punchouts and unused bits of gingerbread make table legs and other goodies. That's how I made little tables like the one in the kitchen from scraps of the White Orchid.
  10. I might have been tempted to spray a snippet of large Sonic soda straw silvery and glue it under that left-hand door for the flour sifter. I do love that Hoosier cabinet, and Grazhe always has the coolest mini accessories to dress her furniture.
  11. One of my favorite old saws: Young son: Daddy, what makes the sky blue? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, what makes it rain? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, why is Mommy mad? Dad: I don't know, Son. Young son: Daddy, does it bother you that I ask a lot of questions? Dad: Why, no, Son; how will you learn things if you don't ask questions?
  12. I know an awful lot about how NOT to do things.
  13. Your staggering is in a horizontal plane, rather than vertical; how interesting.
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