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  1. I built my Magnolia for a team building blog, and I had siding strips I wasn't going to use that I split and cut into lengths for floorboards and used in the bedrooms: as well as for beadboard walls. I used the Greenleaf vinyl floor tiles in the kitchen: and their vinyl "hardwodd flooring" in the livingroom: I have scribed "boards" into the plywood of the kit using a cork-backed steel ruler and holding my utility knife upside down (VERY carefully) to scribe the lines with the point. but lately I have been using the iron-on wood veneer edging I get a
  2. When I make pigs in blankets it isn't any cocktail sausages; I like pieces of smoked turkey sausage or kielbasa and I wrap them in pieces of crescent roll dough.
  3. Sounds a lot like pigs in blankets to me.
  4. A pocket door that looks like part of the wall (especially if the wall is paneled)?
  5. I even tried the so-called "stainable" wood filler before I gave up. I also use joint compound or my personal favorite, SPACKLE!
  6. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are thawing because the hubs wants chicken a la king for supper.
  7. All of Christina's exposed structural details are spot on!
  8. Oh, yeah, the "perfect" thing... in case you hadn't noticed, your Squirrel Cottage is already perfect for the condition it's in. In case you haven't taken a really good look at the real world, it's not perfect out there, either. I gave up on perfection when a coworker looking at photos of my Dura-Craft Cambridge, said she thought it was a real house until she saw the little people in it and realized they were dolls.
  9. I waited to install windows and doors until I'd glued mine together and got it all decorated. I did it floor by floor, though, so I decorated the first floor and put in windows and doors, then glued the second floor, etc.
  10. Oh, Kathie, how exciting, and it sounds gorgeous! I would send you some patience, but after the bathroom reno we did at our Havana house, the plumbing contractor used up all of mine!
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