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  1. Cynthia, just a suggestion, make it in card first, and use the parts for a pattern.
  2. For the unkempt meadow look probbly randomly clipping various types of mosses and scattering them over your glue covered surface (randomly painted dirt & debris colored) sould give the most realistic effect.
  3. I suppose you could leave them out. I had so much fun making them for mine.
  4. Could you cut around the top and make it a removable lid? That way you could clean it.
  5. havanaholly


    Gorgeous! I take just a little spackle on the tip of my finger and rub it over those rough edges of the wood, like the archway.
  6. Clever, and a pail would be easy to hose out for the next batch of feathered tenants.
  7. Or put her in a muumuu and him a tee shirt and put them in the Travel Trailer!
  8. Micro Mark also sells that Third Hand goody. I fold a small piece of waxed paper and pour a small puddle of glue onto that, then use my toothpick to apply the glue. I use Tite Bond for wood to wood, clear drying Elmer's white all-purpose glue for clear acetate window inserts and upholstery, and E6000 for everything else. I'm presently using my magnetic gluing jig to make new pin-hinged doors and casement windows for my Lily/ Tuscan Villa.
  9. Back before Warner Group bought Dolls' House and Miniature Scene from the Fanceys the magazine used to run issues with his house plans in them from time to time. I stopped subscribing when Warner stopped running the house plans.
  10. I haven't seen poppies since the days of the "Buddy Poppies" back when I was in high school, but I do remember getting a school holiday because so many families used the day to visit their fallen heroes' graves.
  11. Special good wishes and hopes for a safe & healthy Memorial Day go out from me to all our vets and their loved ones, our Gold Star families and all the heroic combatants in the current war against COVID 19.
  12. Mary, exchange your personal contact info with Susie via personal messaging; never post anything personal on an open forum like this.
  13. Mary, if you have instructions with your kit, the schematics aren't part of the instructions? They were with the instruction booklet that came with my SF555.
  14. Derek Rowbottom's Making Tudor Dolls' Houses and Making Period Dolls' House Furniture.
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