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  1. the detail of the torn flooring is wonderful.
  2. smallhouset


    I love this. Its so real.
  3. LOL! Debora, its just your average little house. Nothing exciting.
  4. Great topic Deb, but why stop with door knobs? What about door knockers? Every house needs one on the front door, but how about on a gentleman's study or even the bathroom door? I love door knockers and the big old glass door knobs. My grandmother had them on every door of her house. I always wanted to have them. Here is the door knocker on my real front door. It's solid brass and about 75 years old. My father found it on a house that was being torn down when he was a kid some where around 1935.
  5. smallhouset

    door knocker

    door knocker on my real front door.
  6. Deb, I went and looked at both of those sites. Great stuff and so many ideas. Thanks for posting them. Really need some of that tape! Terri
  7. Thanks so much Deana, That is just a small part of it.We are very lucky, we live in an older plan but still have about 4 acres.and two of our neighbors each have about 5 acres, all of the properties butt up against each orther so it like a giant park and all of it is tree covered like in the picture.I really love it, mainly coz I don't have to cut it!! I take care of the upper yard around the deck where the pond is. Deb, The tunnel is a fun thing, We put an arbor up when the hedges were small and just let them grow through it, kept weaving the branches through it . It is at the t
  8. smallhouset


    Thanks, usually there's deer walking around. I can't wait to see it like this again soon.
  9. I added a few pictures of my pond from last summer if anyone would like to see it. Terri
  10. smallhouset

    Bac yard and pond

    This is how it look last summer.
  11. I'm glad that works for you Deana, I have 2 cats and a stray that comes and hangs out with our girls every day. When we had a dog I never had any critter problems. Now I have raccoons, and ground hogs that think they own the place. The ground hogs are the worse, they aren't afraid of us and I almost tripped over one while carrying a basket of laundry out to dry. They lay on the big rocks and sun themselves in the afternoon and watch us.
  12. I love steampunk too, but so far I haven't done anything in mini. I keep trying, but each piece I start as steampunk some how ends up witchy. I get one piece of black lace and my muse takes a right turn and I loose control of it and poof its all potions and magic wands. I will keep trying.
  13. Deana I'd like to see the fish on the island eating. I can't have fish, the heron population around here is getting larger every year. I lost 10 fish in one day from them. My son bought me fish for Mothers day and they were eaten by Tuesday. II get frogs that show up and stay all summer. So far the heron leave them alone. Once you get tagged by herons you can't get rid of them. I've seen them walking in the yard and sitting in the pond. They are very big birds. I like the day lilies for the island, but I think my island days will have to wait a while, he drained the pond today to see how bad
  14. Holly I was going to say the same thing.
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