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  1. Thanks Mid-Life I appreciate it! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.
  2. Thanks Dalesq I'm a big fan of purples too. This is my 1st purple house though! I might have to do more ;)
  3. From the album: The Hannah

    Finally got the tower shingled. I didn't like the shingles that came with this house so. I just used greenleaf shingles instead. It's getting there :)
  4. Monica_the_haunted

    The Hannah

    The new build. I think I'll call it the "Phoenix" House ;)
  6. Thanks Samusa I'm up against a little snag. The tower shingles are about 3 times the thickness of the Greeenleaf shingles, and they look poopy because the shingle strips they cut for the house are cut in half so, I have to remove them, and replace them. 1/2 shingles not good. Setting me back a few days but, it's going pretty quickly otherwise
  7. OMG, this house is SUPER cute! It's got my dream cottage written all over it!
  8. Oh, I love ragdoll cats! They are so pretty <3 Yep, cat and boxes lol
  9. Awwwe, you have a Maine Coon too?! I'm so sorry that she has arthritis Yes, Sebastian and his Brother Morpheus are Maine Coons...very large lol They are my fave breed. They are really just like a very pretty dog Super friendly, and always want to be by your side.
  10. hahahaaa! I know, right. I thought he looked sad because he just doesn't quite fit.
  11. lol Cats! You just made a good point though. Dollhouses are just sideways facing boxes so, it's a natural pairing ;)
  12. From the album: The Hannah

    Sebastian is the size of a mid sized dog, but still, he's a cat, and he still tries to get into this large dollhouse. Not working *snortle*
  13. Thank you It's a departure for me but, I love purples so, I'm hoping it will all work out!
  14. From the album: The Hannah

    Well, life get's i the way of miniatures more often than not. Plus, I'm SUPER slow at decision making when it comes to mini's so...Better late than never though, right?! ;) This house has taken over the entire basement room, and I had to set all the little things I was making to the side. I'm pushing through the assembly as quickly as I can at this point. I have many things to finish up, and so little time. I'm excited though I really love this house!
  15. Oh my gosh! It's looking so magical! <3 <3
  16. Monica_the_haunted


    This is going to make a perfect Christmas bakery :)
  17. This is a wonderful inspiration, and what a magical idea! I can't wait to see what you do with it!
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