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  1. what2craftnow

    1:48 Cottage Shop

    A little Christmas gift I am working on.
  2. what2craftnow

    1/4 scale Tiffany's

    Just a whim I got from the GL General Store in one of the 'Village' kits. It cried out to be a full-fledged Tiffany & Co. jewelry store...so, what baby wants, baby gets. LOL Please forgive all my gently laid pieces...still debating trims and such. I always seem to put the horse before the cart.
  3. Just some various things I've entered in contests. No visions of winning, but always fun to try. These first 2 are for Michael's Crafts contest Nov.-Dec. 2010
  4. This is my still-in-the-works rendition of Gull Cottage from the 1947 movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" starring Gene Tierney as Lucy Muir and Rex Harrision as the ghost of Capt. Gregg. It is a story of a widowed woman and her young daughter who move into a house by the sea that is haunted by a cranky sea captain. Lucy and Capt. Gregg spar at first, but quickly develop an attraction to one another - an impossible relationship as he is a ghost. But, as with most old Hollywood movies, it does have a sweet ending. This wonderful movie has been a favorite of mine for many years and I finally got a
  5. My entry for 2010 Fling. "Serenity Bay" beachhouse is done in a retro/modern style. The interior reflects a definite Asian flair combined with a bit of retro style. The exterior decks have modern deck rails done in stained wood with glass panels to allow maximum enjoyment of the coastal view from any angle. The ribbed roof is done in an aged copper finish, along with 3 modern skylights and a copper and glass cupola that is open to the livingroom below. This beach house rests on a rocky ledge and pylons sit beneath the decks to allow for unpredictable high tides. Just a few steps down a small
  6. These are paper mache houses I purchased unfinished, then decorated with scrapbook papers, etc.
  7. These are the little 1/4 scale houses I entered in the contest this Fall. They are the Greenleaf Brimble's (of course) and the Sweet Shop done as an Inn. Most of the Fall landscaping was only lightly placed as I am doing these for gifts for Xmas, and will probably use different themes for them. I think 1/4 scale is my newest love!
  8. I designed this little piece for my MIL, who is very Irish and a lover of the movie The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. This is my version of their little cottage in the movie.
  9. A birthday gift for my sister Deb. She loves Door County, Wisconsin and I thought this would help her go there mentally when she cannot be there physically. It's still has a way to go, but is coming along. Just a bit more landscaping and interior finishes to do. I'm not doing any real furnishing...just bare bones...a few tools, a few sticks of furniture and such. I still need to paint the rock/pier surface again and add the broken-down pier and then all the grassy "stuff". And I did buy super fine sand to put around the lighthouse itself when it gets adhered to based. Hope I can find a way to
  10. what2craftnow

    The Tuscan Sun Hotel

    This is my Spring Fling entry for 2009. It did not start out as a small hotel. Originally I wanted to make it the office bldg. for an 1940-ish cropdusting service with a scale-sized bi-plane I found parked in front, and then I thought maybe a rural kite shop <hence the boxy window frame for displays - not very Tuscan-ish, it stayed for lack of wanting to start all over> but it changed it's mind pretty early on and decided to take me to Tuscany - somewhere I have long dreamed of going, so I was more than willing to go along. This whole project nearly built itself - I was only along for t
  11. what2craftnow

    My attempts at bedding

    works in progress, but getting there...since I do not sew, this has been interesting to say the least and yes, that pesky heart pillow does move around a lot, doesn't it? <hehehe>
  12. I am planning to donate this house to an auction for my nephew's best friend's daughter..she was born prematurely with multiple complications. Their medical bills are exorbitant - 50K-60K above what the insurance covers, so I thought in some "small" way this house might help to raise money for their cause. Having had a preemie myself (33 wks w/17 days hospitalization), I certainly understand how things might have been for my child, and thankfully were not - he is perfectly healthy..."there but for the grace of God, go I" Sooo, I was lucky enough to get this house about 3/4's of the way finis
  13. This is my 2008 Spring Fling project. Mr. Mouse is relaxing on his patio, just chillin' with a cool drink and some cheese and crackers. Mrs. Mouse is out on an errand and he is supposed to be mowing the lawn...oh my..trouble is a-brewin' methinks! I made all the furniture for this project except for the chair Mr. Mouse is lounging in and the black dresser in the livingroom. The roof is done in kitchen drawer liner that I picked up at the hardware store for $1 - love this stuff..so versatile! I also found some copper tubes at the hardware store that seemed perfect as window grids when cut to
  14. It's looking fabulous so far Linda!! I LOVE the darker stain you picked for the floors. Can't wait to see more of your progress! The Vineyard Cottage is such a beautiful house - I'm so glad they brought it back! Chris
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