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  2. I use E6000. Be sure to use it in a well ventilated area. You will need to tape the sheets in place, but it works well, and is easier to deal with than white glue for this purpose.
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  4. I am! I've done a dry fit and I'm finishing up the ground floor flooring. Wallpaper/ceilings next!
  5. I really like Grandma Stover's glue. Be careful with watery stuff because some people have nightmare stories about bubbles appearing.
  6. Wallpaper paste - is it really necessary to buy the "real" paste, or can equal results be achieved using watered down Tacky Glue, etc.?
  7. Looks like you are plugging away!
  8. @thumblelina Sometimes you have to get creative with clamps. I use clothes pins, bar clamps, or masking tape to hold siding in place. I like Aileen's turbo tacky, but you might still need to hold stuff in place. Are you able to the turn the house so the side you are working on is flat? That way you are not working against gravity? Also, try to do a few of the lower boards completely around the entire house so your corners meet consistently.
  9. I too am trying to figure out best way to glue siding on with least amount of work. I tried wood glue and was very disappointed that it didn't take. And my hot glue didn't take either!! I'm going to try the quick grab glue. Can that just be glued only? I don't want to be putting weight on it to make it stick. thank you
  10. I love this table.....I would like this in real life please!!!
  11. The prompt I see lets you log in with either Instagram or Facebook; since I don't "do" either, I will also live without them.
  12. Could be a browser setting. My aging brain is not up to trying to unravel the mystery. I can live without those pictures.
  13. I'm... not sure? When I click the link I see this page: And then I just click the X to close that black bar and it goes away, and I can click the arrow on the photo to see the rest of them. Maybe it's different depending on browser settings?
  14. I am figuring out what feels more natural to me - I think that doing it one cross at a time is where I am going as well LOL
  15. oh that makes so much sense!! I have been wondering how everyone knows how to frog needlepoint!
  16. Oh my gosh, you are so stinkin' cool! !!! Can I have your autograph?
  17. Our libraries have been open with plexi shields at the desk, enforced social distancing, and you don't go in without a mask on. I also find a lot of my needlecraft books at thrift stores. Muriel, I work in rows of colors. For me it's a matter of muscle memory to get all the stitches going the same way. After frogging may rows and restitching them, I work lower left, up; upper right, down; without even thinking about it.
  18. Do you do each cross one at a time or do lots of diagonal in a row and then cross them all in a row? I learnt a cross at a time, so do that.
  19. Oooh, I like that trough along one edge. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
  20. How? I keep getting prompted to create an account or sign in via Facebook, which I am not about to do.
  21. Great design and skills!!!!
  22. KathieB

    MCM Coffee Table

    Graceful design, beautifully finished.
  23. So beautifully done! Your furniture skills have always been excellent, but you just keep getting better. Love the accessories for your future shoot.
  24. This is absolutely amazing! Beautiful job!
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