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  2. sage minis


    Nice instructions for floor. Thanks
  3. sage minis

    Ribbon candy

    Great ironwork details.
  4. The floor looks to be made with spackle or is it also paper clay?
  5. sage minis


    Like the chimney shape.
  6. sage minis


    Great rustic shutters...
  7. The effect on the exterior is so wonderfully aged.
  8. Hello Katherine and welcome to our group. It is always great to meet new like-minded people.
  9. The second store did not even have such a colorful display.
  10. I went to two Hobby Lobby locations nearby and one had a great assortment of Real Good Toys Dollhouses while the other was lack luster with their assortment of stock. First Store:
  11. Today
  12. Thanks very much! In a big way, mine is a replica of Ashley's Fairfield - I can't deny the many similarities. When I was thinking of building a dollhouse over a year ago and looking at photos online, I fell in love when I saw hers and had to make one for myself. I have, however, tried to make mine unique from what everyone else has done in two areas: altering the stairs so they don't block half the entry/parlor doorway and adding the removable walls to enclose it when displayed.
  13. I think it's because we make our own pettiness as lovely as we can, that we can't be bothered to BE petty towards others.
  14. I love this forum, what kindness between the members and a lot of mutual help! I’m so happy! Hello Katherine and welcome! I wish you lots of fun in this new hobby
  15. jbnmini

    Fluffy biscuits

    I can almost smell and taste them!!
  16. I simply LOVE this porch! And with that decorative trim it will be AMAZING!! This looks like it could have been a replica of a real house - - do you have some personal inspiration for this build?
  17. Home & Family on Hallmark channel had a craft segment today where they created miniature vignettes in lanterns. More exposure for the hobby!
  18. I'd LOVE to have any 1:48 scale kits you have. IF you still have them. I'd be HAPPY to pay for the shipping too. Pat
  19. Got all the ones I was looking for , thank you all!!
  20. Amanda, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your post, click on "Edit" and REMOVE you email address; you don't EVER want to post your personal contact information on an open public forum such as this, if you care at all about your privacy. The Forum has a personal messaging feature people can use to contact you for your address.more information.
  21. Does anyone know if you can use the Hobby Lobby coupons for the already built dollhouses?
  22. Looking for groups interested in vintage dollhouses. Late 1970s early 1980s model. Email me if interested. amandamills510@gmail.com
  23. sage minis


    I like how weathered furniture looks.
  24. sage minis


    Wonderful detail on the food.
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