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  2. Your cabinet is fantastic. And I love your color of green!
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm going to leave well enough alone and not add any grout. When I do chimney I will try to get stone a little closer.
  4. But a name would lend personality....no? Name orf no name, it looks great!
  5. Do I remember correctly that you made a teapot using a marble for miss Frobisher's cottage? Or was that you? I do remember some gorgeous mini landscape paintings!
  6. campbelc


    Thank you! The most challenging part of 1:24 scale dollhouses is locating furniture and accessories. I usually end up making my own accessories, although Amazon has some nice pieces from the UK.
  7. campbelc


    Thank you so much!
  8. Nice! I know you're using that for a mold but as is, I bet it would be glorious on a pedestal lit from underneath, which wouldn't be too difficult to make. Something like this:
  9. The door and window punchouts make table tops and the stair rail punchouts and unused bits of gingerbread make table legs and other goodies. That's how I made little tables like the one in the kitchen from scraps of the White Orchid.
  10. I might have been tempted to spray a snippet of large Sonic soda straw silvery and glue it under that left-hand door for the flour sifter. I do love that Hoosier cabinet, and Grazhe always has the coolest mini accessories to dress her furniture.
  11. Thanks, Cynthia. I cut snips of steel wire to get the look of hinges.
  12. Your attention to detail is great. I especially love the exposed hinges on the upper doors. Those little details make such a difference! The yellow canister set is too cute! 🥰
  13. Finished the cabinet, all static, no opening drawers or pullouts, but this is the look I wanted which is the important thing to me. I had a bit of trouble with the paint color. I had a very old bottle of Wedgwood green, and mixed with white it was just right, so I started blending into a new jar. Poured in some more white, went to add more green and guess what, the rest of the green had turned into a globby mess. I wound up blending a new batch of paint starting with the blue I used on the other 2 cabinets. It matched the green perfectly. I'm so proud of myself!
  14. Emerald

    Mini finds !

    Such a pretty set of dishes, never saw this pattern and color before. The yellow is lovely.
  15. Emerald

    Museum Front 1.jpg

    You are doing a museum!!! Love each and every room....keep us posted if you add to the project.
  16. Emerald

    Blue Roombox 05.JPG

    Its ok, you love this tiny blue project. Sharing is important and this is stunning.
  17. Emerald

    Wolf Range 1

    Such a fantastic 3d print and painting. WELL DONE.
  18. Emerald

    Whole store

    Your little shop has so many lovely items. Wish they were 1:6 (playscale). Keep us posted. We all tend to want to add or redecorate our favorite projects.
  19. Great stonework.....Such a perfect touch. By the way love the L shape of this house.
  20. I can read it for sure. What a great rescue project, keep us posted on your progress of rehab
  21. Emerald


    1:24 seems so hard to do, but artists that choose 1:24 do such fabulous work, this is lovely and so realistic
  22. Emerald


    So amazing what you can do with 1:24, fabulous
  23. Emerald

    tennyson 1999 1.jpg

    Tried to add a comment that the house is terrific and such a lovely project.
  24. Emerald

    tennyson 1999 1.jpg

    Wanted to tell you this is an amazing house and glad you worked on it again. It is lovely.
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