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  3. If you're not keeping the door I would cut it in half [horizontal cut] and then pull it free. A Drexel tool can make the cut, a small hand saw, or some good clippers maybe.
  4. I recommend wood glue for shell construction and tacky glue for gluing on trims, siding, etc. I've also used The Ultimate for construction, it's a nice strong glue that dries clear: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Basic-Crafts/Glues-Adhesives/Crafters-Pick-Ultimate-Glue/p/21770 I'm not sure how well wood glue works on MDF (if your house is MDF).
  5. Is the door a kit door that has been pin hinged, or is it one of the Houseworks doors? If it has a separate frame (like a Houseworks door) you could try popping out the whole thing. Otherwise, if you can't cut the pins, you might need to destroy the door to get it out, and then replace it. If you wiggle the door around near the pins you might be able to splinter the wood enough to free it from the pins. Or you could get aggressive and punch it.
  6. This dollhouse was originally available in 1:12 scale as a plan book from Houseworks. There were three variations (Victorian, Colonial, and Georgian) that could be done with basically the same shell and floorplan. It could also be built as a back-opening house rather than front-opening. Miniatures.com still sells the plan book: https://www.miniatures.com/The-3-in-1-Dollhouse-Plan-Book-P17663.aspx Real Good Toys produced 1:12 and 1:24 kit versions. The 1:24 kit was discontinued about five years ago (if I'm remembering correctly).
  7. That is a very specific answer! thank you
  8. Where did you find clothes for your Phicen? I have one and would like to get her covered. LOL.
  9. Haha, spoken like a true dollhouse builder. Welcome - great job! I love this house, it's on my list of houses I want. Would also love to see the interior.
  10. I have been collecting my dollhouse dolls for the past 30 years. I do want them to reflect my family of 5 as close as possible, but there are a few extra acquisitions that I couldn't resist such as the French maid (tags still attached done by a Barbara Cooper of Cary NC), the nanny and the cook, which was purchased from Sherri Colvin's minidollkits. I also just purchased my first 1/12 scale Phicen lady but she needs clothes!
  11. Welcome! Congrats on all the grandchildren, how fun!! I have a Pioneer (which is a smaller version) and in all honesty it's still in the box because I'm afraid of it. I'm used to wood, not logs LOL. I have the whole thing planned out in my head though! I kinda wish I would have sought out a finished one, but it'll be a learning experience. The most common recommendation I've received is to invest in a good saw, so I'll pass that on. Good luck!
  12. I noticed working on dollhouse comes in spurts for a lot of people. For me is was a summer break due to heat upstairs (no AC) and gardening and canning. Some people it's from life circumstances. But either way people seem to find their way back. Happy building! Welcome back!
  13. Worked with a different shade of green tonight. Dinner was leftover chicken used in a homemade pot pie.
  14. I've made her a bunch of peg people to go with the house. Now I just have to wait until she is old enough to not try and eat the shingles. Also, the moss is actually hiding irregularities and other unattractive bits.
  15. I always use the Aleene's tacky glue for all my construction works, for any kit Brand, and I am always happy with the results using it.
  16. It's a Real Good Toys 1/2 scale front opening Victorian house. Kit #H-1001
  17. Does anyone know this house? I’m buying it Monday, I’ve been looking for a half scale from opening for a while all I know is “it’s no longer made”
  18. It’s where I got the tacks I used here. I need to order some more I like how they look on the chair and I had an idea to use them to make a padded back similar to what I did here.
  19. Ooh thanks for that link! Lots of pretty pieces. I need something to transform the ends of a sofa my sister gave me years ago. I was thinking some sort of southwestern wood applique but I like these better!
  20. I kind of thought the same thing but the best part of dollhouses (at least in my opinion) is the creative liberties we can take. So, I like to pretend the bathroom is the only room that hasn't been updated
  21. Last week
  22. Look at all these neat little bits that could be used to dress up southwestern furniture https://www.riorondo.com/hardware/conchos.html
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