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  2. I tried loading the app on my tablet and can find it in Google play or Amazon app store. I wonder what is going on?
  3. Anyone else having issues with Cricut Design Space being blank after logging in? Even after uninstalling, restarting laptop, and installing update?
  4. Try emailing the Betterleys through the contact form on their website? They might be able to send you a picture of the furnished cabinet.
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  6. Petite Properties make quarter / 1:48 scale furniture kits
  7. The picture is slightly blurry, but I would say the right upper soldered point is the best. In general, you need to have a "round drop" shape flattened at the bottom, and shiny. Or a little cone is good too. If its dull it may be a "cold" solder and not make proper electrical contact. The solder point on the blue line, 2nd from the left, looks like a lot of little splatters of solder, and that may pose problems too. I think you may need to keep your soldering iron on the point for longer ? You should just bring in the solder to the point where the wire and tape meet, and it melt immediately on it. Practice a lot, that's the only way to get better ! To prepare the wire, you twist the strands together, and you melt a little solder on it to "coat" the end. That way you have to bring less additional solder when you attach the wire to the tape, and it's easier to make the solder point. I don't know how to prepare the tape, sorry I can't help on that !
  8. This is the cupboard - note - it’s not my picture as it’s not assembled yet. the seller says it works out that the furniture that will ho on the shelves are quarter scale. I’d like to find done of that furniture
  9. I have begun installing lights in the Beacon Hill. In past builds, I have wound the fixture wire around a brad or eyelet to affix it to the tape. No need to remove the protective plastic covering but always the fear of a connection wiggling loose and failing. This time I want to solder the wires to the tape wire, which means removing a small square of the protective plastic layer to expose the metal beneath. I tried to be delicate with a scalpel on the first one, but managed to cut the metal strip anyway, which of course cut the power to the rest of the house. I was able to reconnect it with solder, but am now leery of cutting across the tape wire. For the second fixture, I used the edge of the soldering iron to melt two parallel lines across the metal strip and carefully cut lines parallel to the tape wire to remove a square of the protective covering. That left plastic residue on the soldering iron and did create some smoky odor. Question 1: How else can a patch of plastic be removed to provide a clean shot at the tape wire beneath to assure a strong solder joint? Question 2: How do you prepare the bare wire for the smoothest attachment? I've tried twisting the strands into one multi-strand and bending into a circle for maximum surface. Is there a better way? The photo is of my practice with the new soldering iron. Can't tell if the joints are good, as the wires are not attached to anything.
  10. It is by Robin Betterly. You can check her website
  11. I just bought a kit for a Miss Lydia Pickett Cupboard. Thought it would be easy to find info but not - the seller said it’s a hutch that comes out to quarter scale? does anyone have this kit?
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  13. Damn this category, it sent me down the rabbit hole of Craigslist this morning! Best bargain of the year IMO, a Walmer Nob Hill for only $100!! https://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/bab/d/winder-doll-house/7362071060.html For point of reference, this was the dollhouse model featured in an episode of Friends. I have never, not once, seen one for sale before.
  14. $1500? Sure she did. Maybe for a Lawbre farmhouse, which I would love to have but not for $1500. Most people think a farmhouse is a farmhouse. I'll admit mine was a rare bargain, so don't hold your breath for $35 (I hope it happens for you though!). I *might* pay upwards of $150 but that would be the most I'd go. I just had another look at mine and realized the one on that listing has the wrap-around porch. Mine doesn't, so it's the less expensive model. Not that I care, since mine has a kitchen addition on the side, which the porch would interfere with anyway.
  15. Not to belabour a point (too late, Kells) but I simply had to fix that shabby edit. I fixed the windows, carried over the trim, and added a little side door, which I love there. This one is a bit less "use your imagination." Sorry, I am just major OCD that way, haha.
  16. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw those; I'd have shorted out the keyboard big time!
  17. A few more of "What are they thinking?" Maybe it is me, but I think people need to research things before listing them for sale. Also, sentimental attachments ($$) need to go if you are selling it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-GREENLEAF-THE-WASHINGTON-DOLLHOUSE-KIT-NEW-IN-BOX-/265317515314?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 https://www.ebay.com/itm/373723901068?epid=2255327537&hash=item5703ae2c8c:g:84IAAOSwDHZhQ3Ou https://www.ebay.com/itm/173843375383?hash=item2879df6517:g:Ej4AAOSwNIpckcRY https://www.ebay.com/itm/265092820137?hash=item3db8c36ca9:g:~EEAAOSw-iFgU1kQ
  18. I didn’t think so! I offered less but she would not go lower than $450 claiming she saw one for sale for $1500!?! Of course, for sale does not mean sold.
  19. **choke** NO, $500 is not a fair price. I have that house and I paid $35 for it off Craigslist. Hofco houses are my favorites, but they're not that rare. Keep looking, something will come up.
  20. Funny, I just came from RGT's website. Got an email from them this morning that all orders over $100 are 20% off. Enter code FALL2021 at check-out. Anyway, when you say from left to right, I assume that's looking at the rear of the house so I went with that. You have to worry about the hinged dining room wall and make sure you don't obstruct that. That means not just putting something in front of it (I know you'd hardly do that!), but also leaving enough room for it to swing open. I don't know how long that side wall is between the rear of the house and the dining room bump-out, but most additions may be too deep. You'll have to let the add-on stick out beyond the rear of your house. I've done it (and currently doing it again on one of my houses!), and IMO it just adds interest. I like it! Whatever you do, do not attach it to the house. Obviously fill in the gap between the foundation boards, make it match, but let it just sit next to the house. The QA is already huge and you are going to have one heck of a time moving it if you attach an extension to one side. You can also use fake doors (love those!) so you wouldn't even have to cut door openings, not that that's difficult. You need something substantial enough to balance out the size of that house. Personally, I would go with this one, but first check measurements to make sure it doesn't extend above your eave line: https://www.realgoodtoys.com/collections/1-inch-scale-design-families-dollhouse-additions/products/new-haven-2-story-dollhouse-addition-kit That angled front works to echo the big tower on the other side, plus the bay of the dining room that will be right in front of it. The two-story height makes it look like it belongs, which you may not get if you stick a stubby little 1-story addition on the side. And you get the added bonus of a sitting room or nice big bathroom off the bedroom (I assume it's a bedroom?) above the kitchen. Remember you can order it with windows to match the rest of the house. Just tell jennifer@realgoodtoys.com you want to swap out for those. There will likely be an upgrade charge but it should be cheaper than buying them outright. I didn't swap out all the windows, obv., but it would look like this:
  21. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/164345405690323/?ref=saved&referral_code=null This is a Hofco for sale in North Carolina. Not sure if that is a good/fair price?
  22. Snatch it up Christine! That is an awesome price....Plus the real life house looks to awesome as well.
  23. Could you build your scullery out of scrap wood or foam board and bash it onto your kitchen? If it throws off the QA's symmetry you could add a conservatory off of the living room...
  24. Welcome to the little family, Molly. Which house has called your name?
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