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  1. Welcome back. Been pretty much a stranger here myself lately. I sure doi understand about RL getting in the way....
  2. You can't change your family members or how they feel. I say to heck with the lot of them! You contacted them, therefore you did your part. You can't let how they act, don't act affect the way you are feeling. It will just make you feel worse about the situation. Not seeing Gramma is their loss, and no doubt at some point they will regret it. Your Gramma has you, and that is what counts. You must do what is right for you. In the end you will be at peace with yourself, and that is what matters. Hugs for you and your family.
  3. It's such a hassle. I use glass cake pans and bakeware for the dish washer reason. I've never had trouble with my stainless pots and pans in the dishwasher however. As for the tin and aluminium stuff, it turns black if water even drips 6 inches away from it, I hated it so much, I let my DH cut it up, and use it for body metal to patch his old junkers that he liked working on and fixing up years ago.
  4. Yep, a power strip, plugs and cords work-and it's easy!
  5. Both scales are great. Would love the Garf in 1/2 scale, so I could fit in my RL house!
  6. You're forgiven Nathaniel. Thanks for the new pics.
  7. Dh doesn't get to say 'No". I don't ask if I'm buying. Right now though I'm sitting on the sidelines till something really heart throbbing jumps out at me. Still have the Taft under the bed, and not done with the rehab Allison.
  8. Just working on trim for the diningroom of the Generic Allison Jr. Went to my closest mini shop yesterday, and found the perfect couch set for the livingroom...Been spending WAY too much time playing with the Happy Aquarium game on Facebook to progress fast.
  9. I put trim on after the sidding to hide where any slight gaps may have occured, and no matter how precise I try to cut, there always seems to be some slight inperfections on corners. I don't find that it looked less "real" doing it that way. I was happy with the results. I think it's just a matter of choice.
  10. It's looking great. Best of luck with the lighting. My trick is to never splice anything, and so far, my lights are still all on.
  11. It's still a learning experience for me too. You have every right to be happy. When you can do things yourself you become unstoppable, self sufficient and have tons more fun. Great job!
  12. Will do, love that stuff! Thanks!
  13. I've had this happen a couple of times, but I blame the houses for being indesisive...LOL
  14. Welcome back! A Supersize Congratulations on the weight loss too!!!
  15. You can pretty much put trim where it suits you, or the style decor you are going for. Trim is excellent for hidding booboos, but it also embellishes many rooms. I have used many different types and kinds, in corners, on the top of the wall around the ceiling,on the ceiling around the rrom, for baseboards, on staircase sides, to cover wallpaper seams when I wasn't going to have enough...It's up to you, the pssibilities are endless. I love lots of trim.
  16. There's nothing I truly dislike, but decorating/furnishing is by far my favorite. That's when all the hard work is done, and the house becomes fun, instead of work.
  17. Cool cabinet house. Can't wait to see pics! Great find.
  18. There is also Dollhouse Collectibles. I've ordered from all the sights that were mentioned as well, with great results, even here in Canada.
  19. Congratulations, your efforts have paid off. She's fabulous!
  20. Mine went together like a cone shaped square. I then sanded the seams and rounded them off. I opted to paint the roof, but shingling would not have been a problem, 'cause the sides were flat.
  21. Congrats on having such a nice house. Have fun with it.
  22. That's not 'odd" at all! My houses and dolls answer me! LOL
  23. I didn't have to ask for anything! I got a buch of bottles of different color paint bottles, a mini hammer, and one of those mushy "To My Wife" plaques. I think my family has realised they can't go wrong getting me anything that I can use in my mini creations.
  24. Right now I'm using actual paper with a blue tile pattern printed on it, and I "painted" over it with clear varnish to make it glossy. I like the results. I guess it depends on if you want it to have a shine or not. I've also used self adhesive RL floor tiles cut into 1 inch parts and used quick fix drywall compound for grout and clear coated that with matte clear finish. The tile issue is a fairly easy one to solve. Best of luck and have fun.
  25. I got a mushy plaque, a bunch of different color paint bottles, and a mini hammer! LOL So I'm a wierd wife, I was happy about that!
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