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  1. https://woodworkersworkshop.com/Item/04_FS_152
  2. Augh… I will vomiit if I have to see another cooking show……
  3. That is a sad story Kells, but great to be able to recall the happy times. Are you going to reconstruct it? You can still get the House of Miniatures kits. You could scratch build the house.
  4. That’s a stunning palette Audra!
  5. I’d recommend Creative Paperclay done in the Rik Pierce style. I recently did an interior wall of my French house using it, then applied some texture paste I think it was over the top for mortar. Link here. Using paperclay gives a more rounded stone look, rather than flat stones.
  6. Running them front to back will draw your eye in.
  7. What Grazhina said. If you select a palette of colours that work together, some lights, some darks, and stick with that it will work. And as she said, repeat the darker colours in accents in lighter rooms and vice versa.
  8. Picking colours is difficult. Pinterest has a lot of colour scheme inspiration. Hopefully This works.
  9. I have always lived the set as well. They look great together. there is a pic here: Street of shops I always loved the original Houseworks pic. And this one.
  10. There may be orogonal architectural drawings online that could show window design in more detail. It’s a cute house and will look great when done.
  11. Lloks great! Love the floor, very well done. Great to see a modern/farmhouse style with a bit more colour.
  12. Bad at glue too! I always seem to make the same mistakes because it can be so long between doing the same task. But it’s a good brain exercise to find work-arounds!
  13. No worries! Opinions help when done so in a constructive way! I prefer this without the lower rail - it was too much. Is the pink on the walls the same pink as the railing? It looks to me that the walls are a peachier pink than the railings. Using the same hue of pink will help too I think (but it could be darker or lighter). Anyway, just a thought!
  14. The tiny dormer window looks a little dwarfed by the main windows. But otherwise cute!
  15. I had a quick google, but auto levelers aren’t available for my 3d printer that I could tell. Ours is a UV resin one. I am really interested in the lithophane stuff so thanks for that info. I also have two apps to photograph an object and convert to a 3d image but haven’t tried them. I tend to get pretty intimidated once something gives me grief, so progress has slowed….
  16. Thanks Lee. Will have a look, and yes, levelling is dicey. We had it set up in our kitchen and it worked great after some fiddling. But now in my workroom, it’s not. It works beautifully though. Done some great stuff, including French style stair baulusters: http://shannonsminiblog.blogspot.com/2020/08/progress-on-various-too-many-projects.html But need to perfect the levelling.
  17. I have an Anycubic and slowly designing various bits and pieces, but struggling to get the printing right (I think it’s to do with the print plate being flat/low enough. There are so many possibilities, but I’d like to learn a program a little less basic than Tinkercad, but it’s a steep learning curve.
  18. Thanks Kells, that explains a lot.
  19. That looks great! Beautifully done and lots of detail and character!
  20. That’s awesome Jeannine! I feel the same way when things are sorted as I soend half my time looking for things. Such a feling of accomplishment, especially to have the whole house sorted (and yeah I understand the creep…). I also think it’s a great idea to get cleaners in for a once over. That would finish the job right.
  21. Those houses are just perpetually listed. Do you only pay Ebay fees once an item sells? Otherwise she would have spent a fortune. And again, would anyone pay $150k for something with such terrible photos?? There is something I just don’t understand about this person.
  22. Sorry Emily, didn’t see this. I think that the 1:36 scale might be OK. I’ll have to remember to measure my tiny dolls and Veronique Lux animals for height and post here again. Like Syvanian families, it may be the chunkiness of the furniture tht looks odd because the Moomins are chunky. The 1:36 kits I have so far are all listed here: https://www.redcottageminiatures.com/shop-1?category=1%3A36+scale+kits
  23. You’re welcome! It’s a lovely house and great size and layout. Have fun with it.
  24. That’s great Kelly! So good that things are finally coming together. You won’t know yourself!
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