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hi. I've been checking this site for sometime but decided to join today. new year, new things right? I haven't done a house in over 20 years. I did the Harrison for my daughter when she was a little girl (she's now 24) and now she's going to do an overhaul on it. She completed a refurbish of a Rutherford for my youngest daughter (age 7) for Christmas. I also got my little one to help with the Christmas village for her grandmother as a present. I completed the Primrose that my oldest want to make into a medievel store. I have a handmade town house I bought at a sale we want to fix up, plus a Vermont farmhouse jr. to do and a houseboat my son (age10) wants to put together. I will be checking the forums for any help and ideas you guys have.

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Welcome to the forum!

you have been busy with projects!!

after you have made 5 post you can open an album and Share the eyecandy! :(

I think its great you have the kids involved in the fun also!

the next generation of dollhouse builders!

glad you found us!

nutti :(

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Welcome to our "little" family, Robin, we're glad you decided to come out of lurkdom and join in the fun. Since the Houseboat kit was this year's HBS Creatin' Contest kit that a number of our members have entered, your 10 year old DS might want to take a look at them (you might want to take a look at them first, in case there are any "disturbing" items...lol). We look forward to the pictures & stories of your adventures in minidom.

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