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  1. I just received my catalog in the mail today. I heard everyone talking about it so checked it out on line over the weekend. thought it would make a great garden shed with a couple tractors. (I love to garden) and lo and behold on the cover was a gardening shed. guess that shoots that idea. I'll have to see what else it's calling out to be.
  2. you can always ship them my direction if it'll make you feel better.
  3. hi. I've been checking this site for sometime but decided to join today. new year, new things right? I haven't done a house in over 20 years. I did the Harrison for my daughter when she was a little girl (she's now 24) and now she's going to do an overhaul on it. She completed a refurbish of a Rutherford for my youngest daughter (age 7) for Christmas. I also got my little one to help with the Christmas village for her grandmother as a present. I completed the Primrose that my oldest want to make into a medievel store. I have a handmade town house I bought at a sale we want to fix up, plus a Ve
  4. checked their site and it's back up and running
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