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  1. Congrats, I will be waiting for pics. Val
  2. Congratulations. Love the Blog. Val
  3. Your work is terrific, it looks great. Val
  4. We made our own kitchen. It was from a Greenleaf punch out kit. Val
  5. Wow what a fantastic job you are doing. It looks awesomed. Val
  6. Fabulous it looks terrific. Great job. Val
  7. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Well I know I love to build the dollhouses and then decorate thrm. I have some power tools. We are starting to build 2 new house now. They are on our Blogs. Val
  8. Wow this is awesome, great work. Val
  9. Ours are on a closed in porch. We have 7 now, but we gace some away. Val
  10. Chris your fairies are adorable. Nice work. Val
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