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  1. Chilly raining day here at home. Good day to stay inside and mini. Not sure when the house will arrive. My son told me he would let me know when he ordered it. I sent him a link to a place where he can't get it for less $$. I feel guilty about him spending so much.
  2. I will try not to keep you guys waiting. I can tell you of the conversation I had with my son, however and let you draw your own conclusions. Here we go... Mom: Hey Andrew, I am thinking about building another Orchid and making it a bunny house. What do you think? Andrew: Nice. How about a dollhouse with the Addams Family theme? Mom: Oooohhh that would be cool. I could do that. Andrew: Well, just so you know, I am ordering you a house to build and use the Addams Family theme. (He begins to rattle off ideas, which are staying a secret The kid had some good ones too!) Mom:
  3. RL work is the first thing on the agenda for today. I have to work late so I most likely wont get any mini-ing done today. Maybe I can squeeze some time in after dinner tonight. I have a couple little things I can try and finish up. Sorry I can't give any details on the projects, but the house they are being made for is not here yet and I don't want to jinx myself by going into too much detail about it. Let me tell ya though, the minute I recover from the shock of actually having the kit in my hands, I will be here to give you all an update!!!
  4. Work---Check After work coffee---Check Get caught up on dollhouse forum---In progress Have dinner----Eventually Get kitten out of dollhouses---Constantly Work on some minis---Must do!!!
  5. Moving furniture around today to make room for the Laurel. Once I added the Primrose to it, it outgrew the table it was sitting on. That meant clearing off the coffee table, moving it to livingroom for the Laurel, then moving the large square table back into my craft room for the Glencroft. As we all know however, it is never that simple. I had to move tons of stuff to even get to coffee table. Ah well, it is ok. It is a rainy chilly day outside so I can't do any yard work. I may even finish the stove for Nanny Hazel. She is complaining....still. :yes:
  6. Awesome kitchen Gina. I absolutely love it and everything else in this little beauty. Fantastic job!!
  7. Great news about Fred's work and the jeep! Not so great about the babies though. My youngest daughter was an NICU baby and I do not know what I would have done without the wonderful people taking care of her all those years ago. Give Fred a big {hug} for me please Heidi. Let him know his work is greatly appreciated. Trying to talk hubby into going to the flea market today. Not sure if I will be able to though. If not, then perhaps we will just work around the house. THAT might get him outta here for a while. :lol: Very difficult having a hubby who is agoraphobic. Part of his therapy is go
  8. Going to go to work and argue with my boss this morning. He got a bug up his you know what because I didn't go into work this past Monday. Well, I am sorry I live on an incline and a sharp curve and that the road was icy. I am also sorry that at the other end of my road <only one driveway away from mine> is a deep ravine with a creek running through it. But there was no way I was going to try and get out, chancing a backslide down into the creek. I offered to work Tuesday as I was scheduled off. He said "No, you aren't scheduled". Ok I replied, I guess I will take it as a vacation
  9. TinyJudi


    I love looking at your houses. It is pure joy.
  10. Back to work for me this week. Why do vacations always go so fast? I have made progress on the Laurel. There are a couple new pics in my gallery and on my blog. I am really happy how it is turning out. My bonus from Lowe's really helps. Soon I hope tp be starting the kitchen, a.k.a. The Primrose. Just gotta clear a space big enough.
  11. Spending some time with the Laurel today. The past two days have been spent repainting my real life bedroom. What a difference a coat of paint can make! Rainy weather all day here is SC, but we certainly need it. We have been enjoying our visit with DS although it doesn't seem like he is here very often. I may run to the store and pick up a new mouse. Mine is acting up. Only 5 days left of my vacation. It goes by to quickly!
  12. Planning on putting in the bay window on the Laurel and perhaps the remaining windows. Still haven't come up with a plan for the interior. Bub is being silent about what he wants for his room. He said he just wants his own room. I am thinking about staining the wall on the Primrose that gets attached to the main house. It is going to be the kitchen and the wood has some really nice grain that I would like to show off. I have a wonderful swinging door for it too. I have posted some info on the Laurel on my blog if anyone wants to find out more.
  13. Dr. appointments today for hubby and then I am dollhousin'! I have to make sure that I have something to work on while I am on vacation next week.....come on Sunday!!! DS arrived safely yesterday. He is asleep on the couch now. Boy it is good to see him. I gave him hugs and thank you's from the community here. He kinda blushed and said let them know I said 'you're welcome'. I think I caught him off guard. :lol:
  14. Work today...not complaining though. I am happy I still have a job to go to. I made a few things last night out of clay. Some plates, mugs and cannisters. These are being saved for my newest acquisition...The Laurel & Primrose. They are a gift from my son. Not sure when they will be here though. The Laurel was ordered from Overstock but Ernie is sending the Primrose. DS hinted at another order coming my way, but would not give any details. I suspect he and DH put their heads together and came up with what they thought I would like. Apparently all those times I thought DH wasn't l
  15. It looks great Heidi. Where in the world did you find that paper?
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