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  1. My Beacon Hill arrived yesterday. :thumb:
  2. :lol: Wow. Surprises around every corner.
  3. I had a productive day today. I would like you all to meet Cleopatra. I see a couple spots I am not too happy with but not enough to make another one. :lol:
  4. Gayle this is an absolutely gorgeous house. You did a fantastic job. I love the colors and the stonework is fab!
  5. I am going to attempt to make an African Strangler today. I have a few ideas, but not sure how well they will work. It appears to be a pretty thick plant so I will need a lot of greenery.
  6. What great report. The Tea & Tart shop looks great!
  7. Learning new recipes today with Morticia and Grandmama!
  8. I LOVE IT!!! The paper is just wonderful. It does look handpainted. What a great idea!!!
  9. You are all invited to Sunday Dinner....Addams style. Morticia and Grandmama have been cooking up a storm this morning. Here is what they ended up with....from left to right: A caulron and bowl of Wormwood Pudding, Roast leg of Yak with yak blood glaze, baked green potatoes (on the serving dish with leg) a bowl of yak blood gravy, blackened toadstool caps (rear) and a plate of fried Belladonna Roots. Yum Yum (Ok, I should have waited for the glue to dry, but I was too anxious to serve dinner ) I watched a couple of episodes this morning and found out that Cleopatra is an African Strangler!!
  10. Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu!!!!! May you day be filled with joy and happiness!!!
  11. I am looking forward to make the roses. I plan to have some in a vase without the rose and some on the table still will the roses and a pile of rose heads(?) next to it. I am thinking for Cousin Itt that a 4 inch doll would do the trick. I have been watching old episodes of the show (with the sound turned down so I can focus) to get ideas. I need to find a doll with real long hair to take for Itt. I just love the way he talks. Another issue I am running into is that most of the still shots and other pics or videos from the original series are in black and white. I have no idea of the colors used in the house. What I thought I would do is take the line from the opening song "Their house is a museum" and expand on that. Have the ooky spooky stuff, but do the house up in grandness. Lots of big chunky fancy furnishing. We'll see where it all goes. I am really looking forward to this build.
  12. Cousin Itt is still hiding in the fireplace. Hopefully he will be making an appearance soon. Corwin, I can't go into too much detail because I haven't got the house yet and I don't want to jinx it. Hang in there, it shouldn't be too long.
  13. They're al together ooky.... Here are a couple of things I made for an upcoming project. Whatcha think?
  14. Chilly raining day here at home. Good day to stay inside and mini. Not sure when the house will arrive. My son told me he would let me know when he ordered it. I sent him a link to a place where he can't get it for less $$. I feel guilty about him spending so much.
  15. I will try not to keep you guys waiting. I can tell you of the conversation I had with my son, however and let you draw your own conclusions. Here we go... Mom: Hey Andrew, I am thinking about building another Orchid and making it a bunny house. What do you think? Andrew: Nice. How about a dollhouse with the Addams Family theme? Mom: Oooohhh that would be cool. I could do that. Andrew: Well, just so you know, I am ordering you a house to build and use the Addams Family theme. (He begins to rattle off ideas, which are staying a secret The kid had some good ones too!) Mom: Which house? Andrew: Well I am not gonna tell ya that MOM! I will say that it is the house that is recommended for that theme. Mom: (Opening a second tab and googling Addams Family dollhouse...jaw dropping to the floor...beginning to hyperventilate...gathering composure) <very calmly saying> Oh, ok. I will let it be a surprise. Andrew: Well I gotta go..... So ya'll, do what I did and google it. You may already know which house it is.
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