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  1. You really can’t beat the tab in slot house for the shear joy of creating. And later cut? Love.
  2. Had my second dose yesterday.
  3. I have an over abundance of white strawberry plants. They produce creamy white berries with tiny pink seeds. The berries have a hint of pineapple tested. Very productive here in the Pacific Northwest. And excellent producers after the first year. A dozen bare root plants wrapped in damp newspaper can be shipped with regular first call postage, I say this because I just shipped a FOXox Hall Manor it is cost almost $190.00! PM if you are interested.
  4. No. It’s a custom house built for a child in 1972 and stored when she outgrew it. I purchased at an estate sale in 2018. I’ll post “before” photos in a few days. The house was stored in the lift of a detached garage for many years. It’s moldy so the first step will be a deep cleaning and likely removing most of the remaining siding. My hope is to reuse as much of the original siding and trim as possible.
  5. Nice. I'm remodeling our RL kitchen as soon as I settle on the flooring.
  6. I see that many others are also returning... What's the opposite of an exodus? I don't know how to remove these "..." blocks. Don't even know how I opened them. I'm back! Life took some unexpected detours including a liver transplant. We are finally living in Oregon full time. I because in addition to my husbands coverage I am old enough for Medicare, so i don't have to fly halfway around the planet to be able to afford my prescriptions or have labs done. After building and repairing houses for over a million years, I'm getting re
  7. Hey everyone, its good to be back here❤ I am consolidating down to two houses, my dutch baby house and making a wall (or two) of lighted room boxes for the rest of my miniature collection. As I sort the miniatures I will probably sell them in box lots and will offer them here before I put them in an auction. Currenty selling: Duracraft Madison Duracraft Newport. They are both from the quick build series. The shells do assemble in under 30 minutes- if you don't bother with sanding or priming or filling or flooring... I have at least a dozen unbuilt fl
  8. I just sold the kit and realized I don't have the components list or the instructions for the older milled in siding Foxhall Manor or, at this point, any version. Does anyone have a copy they can either scan and email or copy and snail mail?
  9. Welcome to the group. I've been gone for a very long time and just drifted back myself.
  10. I always sand, fill and seal the raw edges of the plywood, especially those left exposed and unfinished, like the underside of the house.
  11. If the wood was sanded and sealed properly as the house was being assembled the glue used to laminate the plywood would not dry out. The shrinking glue is the primary cause of splitting on cracking. Being exposed to extreme damp or heat being the other common culprit.
  12. I just sold the kit and realized I don't have the components list or the instructions for the older milled in siding Foxhall Manor. Does anyone have a copy they can Scan and email or copy and mail?
  13. aggiemae


    Kathy, I've been gone a while and haven't seen the finished build. It's just fantastic I am so happy that you enjoyed bringing it to life and shared your build with everyone.
  14. Left the US for a"few weeks" and arrived back home five months later... Found an add on Portland CL on Saturday for "Victorian dollhouse" for $150.00. The photos showed 3 big boxes of milled siding and bundles of trim and smaller boxes and two curved staircases. The seller didn't know which house or what scale. But what the check...there where two curved staircases and the seller was willing to drive h Alf way to meat me so I met the guy in a Trader Joe's parking lot. So... for $150.00 I got a RGT Foxhall manor including the finishing kit and the conservatory ad
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