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  1. I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile but only recently was reintroduced/reminded of this technique and then to make it BIGGER..so ty Sharon Ojala for that!! my concept wasnt to hide my house but for the tree to have grown up around it...
  2. yesterday as I moved my stuff to the niche for my day...a strange thing happened....I sat my stuff down and looked up at my project and just on the shelf behind it was........a basket cornucopia I got at goodwill last yr...well it is now happily part of my project...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wait till you seee I have been on a grand adventure with this project...I started with 3 structures I have had for yrs combined into one...2 of the structures are completly together and ready for paper mache...accidently put the start of stage 3 in place before I was ready...OF COURSE so I will have to work around it to finish up stage 2 which is happening tomorrow!!
  3. lol...Karin I drink 1 liter bottles of water...lol...nothing fun or exciting... but would be a good thing to blame the project on lol... painting in oil...wow good for you...acrylics for me...its quite satisfying even if its someone elses artwork...
  4. Hi yall, I made a challenge to myself to be in my niche everyday for as long as it takes to drink 2 drinks...bout 4 or 5 hours...and I have been chaotically creating lol... currently I am working on a new project...I started with 3 items from my WIP's shelves and am now combining then into 1...it currently has 7 rooms...I will be sharing photos soon...as soon as I get to stage 3...I am almost finished with stage 2.... and while I wait for things to dry...I have been painting...wonderful tutorials can be found on you-tube for beginners like me...and I have started filling up my blank walls with paintings with COLOR...the last 2 weeks have been very productive... hope to be sharing soon...ty for all your inspiration!
  5. ooo I thought it was a contest I like to work seasonally as well and I tend to have 2 big things going on and several small things all at once...but I dont usually start another structure unless the one already going has a place to be while it waits.
  6. I would be interested in a swap...Ill keep checking back.
  7. wow....you all have been sooo busy...it took me awhile to feel as though Im a tad caught up with mini adventures... I had 6 weeks with my sister here...she helped me complete the moving into the niche and we did several projects in there while she was here...and then I had a week with the grans....but the house is now empty and I can go back to my own funs...first..non mini related(yet) Deb and I took one of those paint and sip things and kind of gotten bit...which was fed into a full blown love...especially after we discovered paint tutorials on you tube...YAY...so besides doing that...I started another project....I know shocking!?!.....I have taken 3 items that have been moved here and there for the last 10 yrs and combining into one kinda seems to be a pretty large structure...2 of the pieces have been meld already and awaiting the next step...which should happen in the next couple of days...Im taking lots of photos because there has been a bit of prep of each piece before I got to this stage...including stucco work on the Adams I once built as a shanty....I realised that I could maybe make a video of how I do it and how easy it is...its kinda a hoot...you can view it without joining fb at my public page Nutti's Niche....you may not learn anything but you might have a good chuckle....... I dont know when Ill be back to post but I do like to pop in and visit the goings on!
  8. sorry Ive been MIA...my sister has been here for the month and we have been touristy and making baby stuffs for our 2 granddaughters born 2 weeks apart last March....but I went up there and took photos of my lofty mess....dont know how to add here but is in the gallery.... hate having carpet and still not 100 % moved in due to insufficient storage options for the NEEDed supplies for my creating....lol...but Im still doing stuff and enjoying the process(NOT)....Ill get er done! someday
  9. From the album: Nutti's Niche

    behind the Queen of the loft is display and library, and the taft on the rolling cart....
  10. nuttiwebgal

    Nutti's Niche

    each rental has its own challenges to be the perfect creating niche! lets get organised
  11. From the album: Nutti's Niche

    the work corner...still tweaking here as well....Like being able to move table around...so now loose the storage under
  12. From the album: Nutti's Niche

    tops of stairs...sewing corner and storage wall...less then happy with the wall set up...still tweaking
  13. Hellloooooooo yall!, I have finally reached the last 2 of my boxes in the niche....as you know with the move we are consolidating our storage(6yrs) into the current stuffs and have had to purchase shelves and book cases and I am still lacking one...lol...I have NOOOO idea where all this stuff came from but it has been a total brainmare for me getting it back into some sort of organised chaos...my sister is here for 6 weeks and we have been doing projects and while we break we organise....Im almost there.... couple of sad things to report...my 1/144th scale ferris wheel and Garfield are so broken.. I fear no repair...I couldnt throw them away so I artfully placed them in a not so viewable space...lol... today my work table took shape...it has had everything and the random kitchen sink on it over the last few weeks... my sister LOL at me says we are just moving one stack to a different area...yes but we add and take away so its not the same stack...lol.... The Queen is not to be furnished...after my sister leaves I am going to start her "make her mine" renovations...her floors have some bad places so now is good as time as any to fix them all!... loving all the eyecandy hope to post Niche photos soon....lol....my son inlaw just LOLs at me....thats just rude lol
  14. I have some photos of the stairs ...but on fb lemme see if I can get some transfered here for you well I have some great photos of the stairs being put together unfortunately I have forgotten how to get them in an album....sigh... sorry...I tried!
  15. Hi yall, I have been reduced to the lurking status...love seeing all the new work and informative answers to the many questions! I myself had the gransnman move about mmmmm 90% of all my craft things to the downstairs room where the ever patient hubby took the carpet off for me and hung shelves to realise before me that...that room was not going to make me happy...sigh...I know sooooooo he and the grans have moved all my things back up to the loft of the rental and I am about 75% finished putting it back together...the main problem being that I have NOOOOOO idea where all the stuff in the boxes came from....I even have another large shelving unit and I cant get it all back in place...my tetris skills are being CHALLENGED! when I opted to put my work station right in front of the ginormas window that overlooks the desert...I lost the utility shelf I usually keep above me and my wall space I use to pin stuffs too...snif...the view makes up for it!!.....but its a corner and the other side has the same size window...it is covered with tapestry andmy milk crates top my 6ft table so its a shelf of sorts...not quite where I want to put my half scale kits... I may have come up with a solution so thats where I am... for the mini's that walk in my world I have been turning the den into a nannies nook complete with Truffula Trees...lol... today I washed all my daughters(20yrold) Barbies and clothing along with furniture to be put in the shelf that we are using for a barbie house...nothing fancy yet...but Miss O Barbie house in my head is amazing....lol....hopefully next time I check in I will have photos and some building news... Im still here!
  16. yup...its the Brookfield! what a great find!
  17. the can be left out ...the wall dividing the rooms below supports the floor....enjoy!
  18. hi all, I am making great progress in getting the niche back up and working...tonight he carried the rest of the large boxes down for me to unpack...then the odds and ends...I do have my sewing corner set up and have used it for my real life curtains in the new house...so progress while slow is on going...it will be nice so have it set up...all the work going on is inspirational and makes me itchy for my paint and glue!
  19. ty for the link.... well I am on my laptop and I dont see her signature with pinterest link either... so again thanks for the link... you are off to a great start...ty for sharing
  20. could you give a link to the house? no idea how to look up a person on pintrest and the word Allison brings up a whole lot of stuff...
  21. omgosh Lawanda I love that house...I also have one...I have built 2 and the next one I build will be for me....cant wait to see what you do to it! the hubby has finally installed all the shelves in the niche so the time to get serious about moving into the space is now...with all the boxes stacked in ther it is claustrophobic...but Im sure once I get it all organised and put together it will be great. looking forward to getting back to some of my projects!
  22. I dont know why one of the round hat boxes from Hobby lobby or any such store wouldnt be strong enough to handle the weight of a wreath and a room inside I would probably use 2 hooks on the back of it to distribute weight better but its worth a shot to look at them and foamcore would make a floor...several sizes...
  23. I am loving this build!! your vision coming to life...kudos!!!
  24. awweee...dont give up...that is a big house and can be overwhelming without anyone prestarting it for you.... previous person probably used wood glue or hot glue ...and unfortunately most house instructions say to install windows early in the build...we builders and decorators know this isnt the bestest way... use a hair dryer and heat up the glue and use a small putty knife to get under the pieces to gently separate them. there is a reason you said ooooo I must get this house off craigslist...dont let a rough start make you toss it in...Garfield===LOVE...
  25. hi yall, just stopping n to say hey, Ive been busy with the best kind of mini...a new granbaby...my daughter had a baby girl...and she is adorbs... I got the room box kit done...all the little bits and ready to put it all together when I realise I have no way instructed to put the battery pack...I will attempt a duct tape pocket to hold it...the on and off switch and the opening for the batteries are not on same side so cant attach it to the side of box...but I have pretty duct tape so it should work...if I could squeeze in 30 mins of work I could finish it... finally got the shop light for the niche...I have great hopes in getting it set up and ready for a project by sunday... love all the wonderful things Im seeing...eyecandy always makes me happy editing this post is easier then doing a new one to add baby's name...Ophelia RosaLyn...7lbs...20 1/4in long
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