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    Kathy, I've been gone a while and haven't seen the finished build. It's just fantastic I am so happy that you enjoyed bringing it to life and shared your build with everyone.
  2. Left the US for a"few weeks" and arrived back home five months later... Found an add on Portland CL on Saturday for "Victorian dollhouse" for $150.00. The photos showed 3 big boxes of milled siding and bundles of trim and smaller boxes and two curved staircases. The seller didn't know which house or what scale. But what the check...there where two curved staircases and the seller was willing to drive h Alf way to meat me so I met the guy in a Trader Joe's parking lot. So... for $150.00 I got a RGT Foxhall manor including the finishing kit and the conservatory ad
  3. aggiemae


    1:20 and 1:18 are common in Japan and Europe too, maybe because they use metric. .1:12 and 1:24 is more common in the UK and US where things are measures in inches.
  4. aggiemae


    almost halfway done, not counting the non kit decorating. Looks great, soon everyone will want one!
  5. I went to goodwill in search of fabric, No mini stuff. But I got a full size mat cutter with a box of new blades for $4,99. My RL house looks like a cyclone hit it. We are leaving for Israel in a few days so I have got to get things together for the house sitter.
  6. I would love to find a copy of these instructions. I can't seem t find this edition on nutshell news anywhere.
  7. It's crazy how small they have to be.
  8. I use a rolling ruler to mark it then cut it on one of those big old school paper cutters. I get pretty even cuts. The burch veneer at joanne's has the peel and glue backing.
  9. I've been buying the Burch veneer sheets at joanne's but these cost so much less. I can do a whole house for what I was spending on two sheets. Thanks for posting this!
  10. I liked the 1950's tv's too.the woman I built for didn't plan on using them so I have one in my Petite Princess house.
  11. That scale was one of my favorite accessories!
  12. The baby bed is so sweet. I am organizing and tossing wallpaper, well, actually I am here avoiding the sorting and tossing of wallpaper.
  13. My work space has never look nearly that good and I have spent at least 50 hours this past month organizing it. I moved the power tools to dh's workshop so that should help as long as he keeps his non tool using hands off of them.
  14. I like what you did with the stairs. I once made the below stairs rooms taller but making the house look as if they were below grade. The Emerson Row is my favourite build. I think I have built 5 of them. I intended to keep the last one, but sold it since I could only bring so much when we moved to the U.S. I made it into a duplex that opened on both sides. I have one more kit left, but lots to do before I can get to it.
  15. aggiemae


    Looks great. The stain is going on evenly. I had problems with that. I like the spa floor. I went back and made puddles in mine to give the room the feel that someone just left.
  16. Supposed to be finishing up the work room, but found a half finished book making kit so I finished that off. The I shopped for spring clothes which lead to buying shoes and a couple of purses. Then I came here to see what's up. Now it's almost time to "stop" cleaning and start dinner.
  17. I have 6 full sets of China not counting every day sand my MIL just gave me another set. Plus two sets we only use for Passover. It sound sort of hoardy when I see it written down.
  18. I impulsively bought one of those L shaped one piece kitchens 10 years ago and never really found a place for it. Your kitchen is very nice.
  19. I can't explain the photo. I also can't delete it!
  20. I was driving in Portland (OR) bout 10 years and it was raining to hard to see so I stopped at a thrift store (value village) to pass the time. I found a fully jointed 28" tall madame Alexander doll with her original clothing including silk stockings for $4.99. I put her on ebay the next day starting bid $10.00 and sold her for almost $350.00. She live in Australia now. I go on tangents of collecting things... When we bought this house I bought boxes and boxes of picture frames for "future" art. Used about 10 of them the rest went to my kids or Goodwill.
  21. A complete set of any of the houses sold in series like this is hard to find because most people stop buying them before the series is finished. The manufacturer doesn't sell them directly, or even replace pieces that break. The boxes should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and be store like books to prevent warping.
  22. Well... it looks like you will have the instructions soon...Welcome to Greenleaf!
  23. nice. I haven't finished a dollhouse in 13 days since I had kids...that would be 1974...
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