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    Kathy, I've been gone a while and haven't seen the finished build. It's just fantastic I am so happy that you enjoyed bringing it to life and shared your build with everyone.
  2. Left the US for a"few weeks" and arrived back home five months later... Found an add on Portland CL on Saturday for "Victorian dollhouse" for $150.00. The photos showed 3 big boxes of milled siding and bundles of trim and smaller boxes and two curved staircases. The seller didn't know which house or what scale. But what the check...there where two curved staircases and the seller was willing to drive h Alf way to meat me so I met the guy in a Trader Joe's parking lot. So... for $150.00 I got a RGT Foxhall manor including the finishing kit and the conservatory addition! Did I need it? Um... Yes.
  3. You have put so much heart into building your ryokan. It's a delight every time I check the gallery to follow your progress.
  4. The dura craft houses that have the siding strips that need to be glued together to make walls aren't easy to bash. I have a SF still in the box and a million ideals for it.. pulse it weighs a ton so the shipping cost to sell it are impossible.
  5. I have a few of these as well. The plastic covers on the dinning chairs snap off so you can actually upholster them. I copied the wall paper onto fabric to cover mine. Very retro. I have seen the radio and standing ashtray go for over $30.00 on eBay.
  6. Sand and Paint the parts befor you assemble the door.
  7. It isn't dangerous, it just makes the bulbs burn out faster. One of the problems with buying used/ unlabeled fixtures.
  8. No hurry. I still have to find wallpaper for the room and fabric for the four armless chairs.
  9. Jackie, I built many Alexandria's and believe it or not most buyers chose white with Barbie pink trim. Liz, welcome to Greenleaf.
  10. Calico critters are the same scale as lumby. They fit nicely in the smaller Greenleaf houses. I would but the Marquam, with the electric kit and furniture it's a steal. Rehabbing a built house often takes longer than building one from a kit your kids might be old enough to take care of it by the time you finish. I agree with others here that kids don't care about scale.
  11. Are all the bulbs the same voltage (amperage?) i don't think your supposed to mix them.
  12. Picked the last of the asparagus and the first strawberries today. Kiwi is flowering. Planted the first five tomato plants. Ground is still to cool for peppers but planted up 12 mini multi color bell peppers for the greenhouse. Beans, chard and collards tomorrow. Cantaloupe and watermelon for the greenhouse the day after....
  13. My suggestion is to make one window and duplicate it with casting resin. I once made a window out of carved cooked lasagna noodles, fettuccini and spackle. After it hardened/dried out i made a mold then made windows using casting resin. It took a while to make the pasta window frame but the mold lasted for a long time. A pasta machine is very helpful for making moldings and trim with paper clay or polymer.
  14. I sometimes use course sand paper for shingles and prefer to cut them slightly undersized. I buy the long strips for belt Sanders at harbor freight. I recommend that you seal them after you cut them but before you glue them to the roof. otherwise the sand will fall off over time.
  15. I tape wire almost every house I build. I run the tape around the rooms 1 1/2 inches from the floor in every room and to the center of the ceiling for over head lights. Can't cover ever possible lighting situation but it's a start for budding miniaturist who are ready to upgrade their first house.
  16. These guides describing styles of period furniture and decor to help make your period doll houses more authentic. I have been looking for the 2nd Oriental guide on eBay for a while but always get over bid. Just found out that they can be purchased directly from Scott Publications for an amazingly low price. https://www.scottpublications.com/catalog/create_account_process.php
  17. I need a pair of HOM dinning chairs with arms. I have lots of HOM kits and want to trade for item(s) of similar value.
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