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  1. I think it's because we make our own pettiness as lovely as we can, that we can't be bothered to BE petty towards others.
  2. Amanda, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your post, click on "Edit" and REMOVE you email address; you don't EVER want to post your personal contact information on an open public forum such as this, if you care at all about your privacy. The Forum has a personal messaging feature people can use to contact you for your address.more information.
  3. Welcome to the little family, Katherine. Several of us are seniors.
  4. Solvents and most super glues will fog the windows. You do know you can use flat clear acetate packaging to make replacement windows. I was rehabbing a Pierce when we moved and it was destroyed in the move. I managed to destroy all the windows and doors disassembling it (originally built with hot glue) so I made all new windows and doors for it, and for the front door I made a single door with a "stained glass" insert and matching side lights. Barbara, I hope you'll post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.
  5. I'm not sure if a Dremel Trio would work any better, but whatever you use, do wear a mask to protect yourself from the chemicals, whether wood or MDF.
  6. We learn by asking questions. People who don't ask lots of questions worry me.
  7. Some people don't have the wild hair I do about copyrights.
  8. Please don't share the pdf, Nancy; it's protected by copyright laws.
  9. The thin wood is why it's a nice, affordable miniature and not "super" expen$ive.
  10. I'm not sure when I'll watch it, I hit the bed before 2000 last night (no nap yesterday) and today the hubs wants to shop for a new Chrome Book (the computer we're using now is a C**** knockoff with a screen so small we can barely read anything on it. I understand hot glue for a show like this, but I would think if the finished houses are going to be ppassed along/ donated the builders will go back and remove it and replace it with a more durable adhesive.
  11. Mike, click on those three dots at the top right of your post box, click on the "Edit" button and remove your email address; you don't EVER want to post personal contact info on an open public forum like this! We have a personal messaging feature people can use to contact you for your email or snail mail info.
  12. Emily/ fov replied to your other post.
  13. Thanks, Susie; that would most definitely be a vast improvement.
  14. Did the SF557 not come with working windows you built? The SF555 did. When HBS closed out all their Dura-Craft kits, that's the price they sold them at.
  15. Wello I'm sending prayers for BOTH of you, Jackie! Bored husbands can drive us wife-mates to insanity.
  16. Our kids are mostly scattered, but the younger two are as paranoid about Covid contagion as we are, and we have the youngest with us. When the eldest (whom we haven't seen since before we moved to AL nine-plus years ago) called to say he wanted to come for Thanksgiving we made reservations for four at one of our local restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner. Since the eldest is unlikely to show up (long story, too much drama) we can bring the extra dinner home for "leftovers". Meanwhile we had what I was originally cooking for Thanksgiving for Sunday dinner; stuffed game hen, stuffed mirlitons,
  17. My first thought would be a chopstick and a buddy who's a wood-turner with a small lathe.
  18. I'll watch at least the first episode, to see who HGTV conned recruited to be on.
  19. I added a hinged foam core wall to my Magnolia to put in a bathroom: and when I made the owner's apartment on Brimble's second floor I made a half wall to separate the kitchen area from the bathroom and hinged the bathroom's door wall. Gina/ Wolfie made an ascending stair in her castle room box:
  20. Welcome to the little family, Kay & mom. I'm mostly a kit builder.
  21. I googled the show's title and got to watch the preview, too. Kathie, I think you & NJ are well out of it.
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