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  1. Planning ahead is yet another reason for doing the dry fit.
  2. We got our senior flu shots last Monday; the pharmacist expected to get the Moderna boosters in some time next month, and we still need our second Shingrix shots.
  3. Barbie heads can be rewigged with viscose and a small steel crochet hook. It's very tedious, but over time in small increments you could do this.
  4. Too bad that glue globs show on that Fairfield's tower; also, I wonder what's up with the upside down bracket on the tower?
  5. During the dry fit is when I use either emery boards or my utility knife to sand or shave the tabs & slots to fit together more perfectly.
  6. Also, those thin beads of glue may make thin wooden shingles warp a wee bit; they will flatten back out as the glue dries. I have had success using Titebond wood glue.
  7. Really? I've had just the opposite experience. The only wood filler I've successfully sanded as smooth as spackle is what I make from sawdust, stain and glue.
  8. Tamara, invest in a roll or two of masking or blue painter;s tape to put the parts of the house together before you begin to glue anything. This is called "dry fitting" and you can use this to help you to understand the instructions. Also, do NOT use any hot melt glue, as it will give way over time. Any good carpenter;s wood glue, such as Titebond, will work much better. You will want to prime any surfaces that you want to paint or paper so the chemicals in the wood won't leach out and discolor them later. Be careful, though, not to get primer or glue on any surface that you want to stain. You might also want to wait to put in doors and windows until after you have painted or papered your walls. I go ahead an paint or stain the door and window parts and set them aside in the kit's box lid until I'm ready to put them on the house.
  9. I almost forgot about the itty metric bolts and washers for making mini folding furniture!
  10. Sometimes hardware stores will give you their out-of-date wallpaper books for minimal or no cost. I find lock washers make excellent gas stove burners. Paint sample chips make excellent tiles and table/ counter tops.
  11. Bill, you can always add the doors and windows to the house when your little one is older, and remove and wand off the stickers/ magic marker and re-prime and repaint or paper the walls. I think for a very young child I would also paint the roof and add shingles when she is older. Also, before you paint/ paper you might take some spackle or joint compound on a finger and gently rub it over the raw edges of the plywood to smooth them.
  12. Welcome to the little family, Bill. The Arthur was the first kit the Building Team built & blogged. How old is your granddaughter? Very young children like to reach through windows and doors to play, so you might want to leave those off until later. My middle son's wife asked for mine for her niece, and the second time we visited after I took it to her I had to repair the gingerbread trim on the roof that the nephew had broken off.
  13. Some of the copper plumbing fittings make nice mini-size cookware. Iron-on wood veneer can be split and cut into mini "boards" and laid as flooring. I buy flat white interior latex paint (soap & water clean up) a quart at a time to use as primer as well as to mix with acrylic paints from the tubes to get custom paint colors. I get my Titebond wood glue at the hardware store. Sandpaper, small diameter round and square wood dowels and the occasional sheet of 1/8" plywood for any major kit bashing I need to so. Of course, the occasional tub of spackle or joint compound; these are pretty much my usual purchases at the hardware store, although I have also run across useful hand tools like my mini hand drill/ pin vise, bench vise with magnetic padded grips, and 1" paintbrushes.
  14. Mardee, if you click on the "shop" button at the top of the page it will take you to the Greenleaf store where you and your granddaughter can look at photos of the dollhouse kits and let her choose the one that calls her name. Letting your cursor hover on the picture of a house shows the interior. I have built one laser cut kit, the Lighthouse, and the only issues I had were dealing with the soot on the edges and the kit went together so fast that it was built before I wasableto do the bashing I had planned for it.
  15. Because you're a typical miniaturist and you cannot resist tiny things.
  16. Welcome to the little family, Ariel and daughter. If she's old enough, perhaps you could let her help holding parts together whilst glue dries, choosing paint colors and wallpapers (scrapbook papers in small patterns work well for this), and that sort of thing.
  17. We have a glass dining table with a lower shelf that is BLACK glass, it looks like this one (yeah, with the same chairs): and a Garfield not only wouldn't fit underneath, but is also liable to be destroyed by the diners' feet. We collect camping, hunting, fishing and other play sets, little ceramic buildings, etc, and set up scenes on the black shelf. We even set up the hubs' N-scale trains, but the vibration when they were running tended to de-rail them.
  18. Easily reupholstered/ repainted to go with final decor. What fun!
  19. Vicki, I'm a visual learner so sometimes the instructions are no help at all, so I do the dry fit until I either understand what the instructions are trying to tell me, or I find another way to get to the same destination. Occasionally I have had to put the entire house into dry fit before it looks right.
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