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  1. I wonder how many jars would fit in the Instant Pot?
  2. I have attended the Atlanta Miniatures Society show a couple of times, and in the interest of safety in this pandemic they could very well cancel a physical show.
  3. Donna, you might have better luck getting replies if you post your questions in one topic in the Greenleaf subforum, like this one and while you're waiting for replies, post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.
  4. Aaron, if you're still here, did you ever start your Lily? I'm building mine now.
  5. My hubs & I were so blown away by Joel's day-bed (that he had consigned to the "junk" pile) that I suggested he sign his work.
  6. Our neighbors warned us we wouldn't be able to have a garden because of the deer, but when I couldn't even keep a compost heap because they'd browse the veggie scraps I grew jalapenos in pots on our back porch until they filled the pots; we transplanted them outside next to the porch and the deer ate them, too! The butcher at our grocery co-op makes wonderful chicken sausages and tonight it's spinach & feta sausages and roasted Yukon gold potatoes.
  7. I think I posted (in Chit Chat) that your finish on the wood felt almost as soft to my fingers as that lamb (goat?) skin. Very nice!
  8. NICE! I sign mine with a black fine-line Sharpie pen.
  9. I'm finishing up a sampler I designed after seeing a sign at a craft fair: Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit floor each morning, the Devil says, "Oh, crap, she's up!" Joel's day bed and pedestal are anything but junk, BTW, and the way he has finished the wood it feels almost as soft as the lambskin upholstery! He has also added book "boards" to his book covers and they sure do look & feel like their 1:1 counterparts. I received a couple of mini furniture items from Wish.com and Joel's handiwork put those things to shame!
  10. If you don't need the cows to be played with, why not size a picture of cows in a barn/ shed to size? Or do you really need them milling about? I know what you mean about scale farm animals; I found horses, chickens, pigs and rabbits to scale, so that's what's in my farmyard. The cow and her babies I decided were a special breed of little cows:
  11. I just want to say that Joel has added reinforcement to the book covers, so that now they not only look like their 1:1 counterparts, but feel that way, as well.
  12. Is ir a wall and floor, or floor and windows? The Coventry Cottage second floor tabs were the sills for the windows on that floor, and getting those together was like inserting a key (the window sills tabs) into a lock (the window openings) and turning them so that they all pointed the correct way so they would fit together.
  13. Is that the Bride of Chuckie on Wednesday Addams' left?
  14. Sometimes I have had to manipulate parts like that nearly parallel to get them to fit. Try sanding the long slots with an emery board to smooth them.
  15. Once it's together the floors fit over/ around it and the bottom 2/3 become chimneybreasts:
  16. Joel, I notice that the tops of the posts for the magazine rack & table don't match the rest of the set, in that they are flat. Will you follow the plans, or make them to match the rest of the set?
  17. havanaholly

    Fur Babies

    Feral cats used to bring their kittens onto the deck over our living room at our house in Havana and the enormous horned owl that used the pine tree in front of the house used to take the kittens to feed their babies.
  18. I use flat white interior latex paint to prime with. You could also use gesso or a clear sealer; you want to seal the wood to protect whatever you put on it from becoming discolored and brittle from the naturally occurring chemicals that over time leach out.
  19. DOH! I used to work in offset print shops and I have a pica ruler! I have seen them in art supply stores and I betcha office supply places might have them, too.
  20. Welcome to the little family, Duane. Take pictures of your progress as you work on your (granddaughter's) house and when you have made five posts you can put them in an album in the Gallery and refer the seller to the Forum to follow along your progress. And don't wait another 30 years to build more houses, there are lots of children out there whose grandpas don't build them dollhouses, and your daughter might want another grown-up's dollhouse to play with.
  21. havanaholly

    Fur Babies

    Yesterday was international Cat Day.
  22. Thank you. We're eating comfort food for supper tonight.
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