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  1. I'd LOVE your recipies ! My Grandmother made it every Christmas Eve. I really want to make it this year and so disappointed the recipie is no where to be found. I can't remember what she used in it. So I will try all your recipie until I get the right one.lol
  2. Does anyone have a tried & true Tom & Jerry recipe ? My Grandmother used to make this every Christmas Eve. This year I want to have it. My Mother is going on 70 next year and I know having this drink at Christmas eve will be special to her. I've looked it up online but I just can't remember all the ingredients and there are so many variations. Thank you.
  3. kellee

    Victorias Farmhouse

    Building of the Victorias Farmhouse
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    The Columbian

    The Columbian Rehab.
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    Agatha & Agnes

    Good Witches, and they are twins.
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    Foam Core Townhouse

    This townhouse was given to me by a wonderful Mini Friend. It is made entirely of foam core.!!
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    My House

    Photos of Our House, Garden, etc.
  8. Busy week at work this week ! Getting all the Fall decor in ! I can't remember if I told you all the mammogram results from May. They were negative, no new issues. Thankfully. I have been feeling really tired and achy lately. I think it has something to do with the medication I am on. I started taking Tamoxifen in Oct. I didn't really have any issues with initial now. I just don't feel like me. I am trying to o do some major summer cleaning and decluttering. Getting ready to lay the hard wood floors in the dining room..we just finished the living room a few week
  9. We just finished laying hard wood floors in our Living room and down the hallway.! I sanded for 2 weeks solid every day after work.... Stained it on Saturday... 1st coat of poly on Sunday and yesterday was the last coat of Poly.! It looks amazing.! a lot of hard work. We are going to put baseboards down this evening, and we may wait till Friday to move our furniture back in there. Then to paint the walls in late June, early July.! Also, I had my yearly mammogram beginning of May... and all is good. it was surely a SCARY year but I made it, we made it.
  10. Lazy Day today, its Our 22nd wedding Anniversary. I worked on stripping our cast iron skillet.... hubby is relaxing in his recliner.... and the boys are out tinkering in the garage. its sprinkling here, but its not so cold.... ready for some nice warm temperatures.! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.!
  11. Next week it is supposed to be in the low 70s I am so excited... we got about an inch of snow last night. I am tired of the snow. I have a Dr. appt. on Monday with the Radiation Dr. I still need to make the mammogram appt... I am so scared to do that one and I have to see my gyno for my yearly exam.... I think I have to wait until after May 8 for the Mammogram appt. Probably should call dr. to make sure. worked so much this week, I didn't get anything done in the basement and its been so cold and I hate going down there when its cold cause I freeze.! kellee
  12. Holly, You have no idea how true that is.! Greenleaf is MY Family. ! You guys were the first I I told, other than Hubby... and I told you all before I told my boys but I had good reasons for that.! My oldest was just about to Graduate from High School, A happy time in his life... I didn't want to upset him right before his BIG day ! I do apologize, I didn't come back on and tell you all what was going on... I didn't have to do Chemo, but I did do Radiation... then Christmas hit and I was working 12 hour days.! Now hours are way down at both jobs.! I am coming up on 1 year so I have
  13. HELLO !!!!! I have missed you all so much. I will be popping in often... I haven't done much in the way of minis in a while. I am working on decluttering the house again... I am hoping to be able to get back to minis in the next few months. I had a big wake up call last year in April /May.... and I just want my family & friends... I don't need all this stuff. So, with work, my medical and baseball season starting up I have to get my butt into gear. kellee
  14. Rained awful all day Saturday, we ended up with 3 inches of water in the basement. I've been running both dehumidifiers, and a steam cleaner every day and the carpet is still soaked. I'm so frustrated and upset. Our basement is finished on one side. I did not want to pull the carpet up but I guess I don't have much of a choice now. We have an old yellow and orange speckled tile down there, I think it could be asbestos tile. And around the perimeter the previous owner put in perimeter drains, and the concrete is not even. So I have no idea what we will do now. I hate that tile.... So now I'm lo
  15. Wet, Rainy, yuck.! Temps are really nice it's 69 right now, and the birds are singing.
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