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  1. So glad to see the forum back up! It's needed right now, especially. I work at home and truthfully I enjoy solitude, so staying home is no problem. Other than the worry about others and society in general, it's been very pleasant for me. I've started a small fairy house with paper mache recently and hopefully I'll have some progress to show once the gallery can accept uploads again.
  2. I haven't been active here in years - but you know how much you miss something when it's gone! So happy to see the forum back and the updates look great! Thanks Dean!
  3. I have seen this in hardware stores,but I've never tried it myself. Maybe it could work?
  4. Welcome Jennifer. I look forward to seeing your renovation. I'm very near you in Glen Allen. There is a great dollhouse shop in the west end and there is a N.A.M.E. club, as well. Let me know if you'd like contact info for either!
  5. Love the sign As for the shoe, I see grey with mint green trim and laces. I do see splotches of pink/mauve on the toe.
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