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  1. I like the white lights better too, and the red berries look really nice with them. The tree looks very elegant in the window! (Although I do like the other picture with the tree in the corner as well).
  2. You are so lucky, I love the OBX. We went twice, in 2011 and 2012, and were thinking of moving to NC, but when we decided that, my mother decided to move permanently to Maine. Things are so remote here, that we had to stay to care for her. I remember how sad it was to come back to all the snow and cold after being down there in the spring time. I love what you are doing with the Putz, it's so unique!
  3. So far, I haven't had any problems with either the larger wire on the regular LEDS, or the wires on the nano chip lights, which are about the diameter of a human hair!
  4. The place I send to for my lights says to melt them off with a soldering iron. Some of mine have that same type of thin coating, and the soldering iron works for stripping mine.
  5. kathi17


    Thank you so much Aggiemae. I'm really happy that I've technically got it done so you can see how much happiness you brought me by selling it to me. I've got more things I am going to make for the inside, but since the ryokan is technically done right now, I'm concentrating on the landscaping. The landscaping is making it look so much nicer! Lately, between working on greeting cards for a craft show I'm doing on Saturday, I've been making tons of flowers for the landscaping, and also designing a teahouse to go in the garden. I want this house to be a real work of art!
  6. I need to look back at the low doors in the tea houses I didn't like as well, They might have been shoji doors as well, but they are so low and dark, and the tea houses look so closed in that I don't really like them. I'm thinking about the kind that slide open in both directions and open up the whole wall, and let more air and light in. The low doors are really low, and raised off the ground so you have to bend down and step up into them. They are supposed to make you feel humble, but I think they would make me feel claustrophobic!
  7. kathi17

    Irish Wolfhound.jpg

    That looks so real! I love the way he is looking so adoringly at James!
  8. I love how expressive his face is, and he looks so happy in front of the warm fire!
  9. The carpet looks beautiful, and I love the idea of lemons and oranges to go with it!
  10. kathi17

    Lighted tree

    It looks great so far, but I agree, a second string would be perfect!
  11. I'm doing a craft fair next weekend, so I've been making a lot of Christmas cards to sell. That really cut into my mini time! I've also been trying to figure out plans for a little Japanese tea house to go with the ryokan, and making lots and lots more flowers and things for the landscaping. For the tea house to be authentic, it really should just have a very low door for guests to enter, and a larger separate door for the host. That means I would have to hinge a wall. I'm thinking that I would really rather have shoji doors that can slide open wide so you can see the interio
  12. Yeah, that sanding drum is good for some things, but it's not good for flat surfaces! I struggled with one speed forever. My husband bought me another Dremel a number of years ago, but unfortunately, he never paid attention to the fact that I needed variable speed and didn't want a battery operated one. It was one of the first battery powered Dremels. That one would run for about five or ten minutes, then I'd have to charge it for a few hours. It was useless. Next, I bought an inexpensive off brand one that was variable speed and plugged in, and I liked it better, but most attachments
  13. It's too bad they used a gloss paint, that will make it more difficult to cover, but the flatter paint will hide a lot of defects compared to the gloss. It's looking so much better already!
  14. kathi17

    myst trim

    You are doing a wonderful job with it!
  15. I'm so glad you got it Carmen! Yes, let us know when you start an album!
  16. kathi17


    From the album: Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    Tonight I painted and installed the torii gate. I had originally planned on sinking it into the base to make it more stable, but there really isn't room enough. Instead, I used some silicone glue to attach it and added some Celluclay to reinforce it. Once the Celluclay is dry, I'll paint it and add greenery to look like low bushes around the legs.
  17. kathi17

    Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    I feel very lucky to have this kit for a 1/20 scale Japanese Inn and Spa called a Ryokan. It was originally sold by subscription in Italy and Japan, and it came in 110 boxes!
  18. kathi17

    Black-eyed Susans

    You have put so much work into these, and it has paid off. They are gorgeous!
  19. kathi17


    Thank you both. It means so much to me to hear both of you say that, since you are both members whose work I admire so much.
  20. kathi17


    From the album: Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    No matter how hard I try, and how many times I cut things, I can never get them perfectly straight. Anyway, this is going to have to do, because they seem to be getting more crooked every time I recut something. I'd like to make curved ends on the top, but I think I'm going to leave well enough alone. I guess it really does look like a torii, and that's a good thing! It's drying now, but tomorrow I'm going to paint it an orangey red, and then I will be able to install it!
  21. kathi17


    From the album: Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    This is an overview of how the ryokan looked last night. There is going to be a torii gate on the left, and the pergola, as well as some landscaping, then there will be stairs going down to the level below. I have another piece of styrofoam that is about 18" x 12", and I'm going to put a teahouse and garden on that. It will be butted up against the left hand side of the present base, and at the lower level.
  22. I love the interesting nooks and crannies in this room, and the floor looks great!
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