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  1. I had high hopes for this show, and waited with great anticipation. While watching the first episode my eyebrows ended up arched in a permanently surprised look - permanent for the length of that episode, that is. I could hardly believe that these people were the best miniaturists in America! Of course, we know now that they were not. No offense intended to these brave souls ... they gave it their all, and did much better than I would in such weird circumstances. I expected to see more in-depth techniques, less "drama", and more or less what you all have already mentioned. Happily, the o
  2. This is another lovely outfit! I agree that the sequins look best on the boots. The details are, as always, amazing.
  3. Have the fairies moved in yet? I like the wild look - I'm sure it will attract a lot of fairies!
  4. Nothing wrong with conversation, Michael! Congrats on the castle build - I hope you will take and post many pics along the way. How nice for the family, to see their late father's dream brought to fruition by you.
  5. What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself!
  6. That's going to be quite a challenge! I would be very interested in seeing pics of your work in progress, and the finished items also, of course! How small those tools must be ...
  7. What a special project to work on! I'd like to add paperclay (for faux stones, bricks, slate) to the list of suggestions. If you do a search here on Greenleaf, you will find lots of "tutorials" in different threads. Our members are so generous with tips and techniques - often including pics - you are in for a treat! Seriously, you could get lost for hours, learning great information, and being inspired by the amazing work done by Greenleaf members.
  8. You have all done so well - I'm impressed! How wonderful to find these mini treasures just waiting to be loved again.
  9. Keep at it, Jess - you'll get there! (And we'll all be interested to hear of, and to see your results!) The paperclay sold by craft stores like Michaels is made with volcanic ash. I think the texture is beautifully smooth. The product is expensive, but I just love it.
  10. Holly, the gravel is only used to impress the rock shapes into an air dry clay sheet. The tutorial shows how to make your own mold with this, and then use it on more air dry clay to create stone walls. As you know, the air dry clay is lightweight. The tutorial shows different air dry clays ... I personally like paperclay. I find that it's very smooth and easy to work with. I don't care for the smell of Das clay, but some people enjoy it. Another fun way to make stones is using cardboard egg carton/drinks trays. There are several tut links posted in threads here, I'm sure
  11. I share your love of Chrysnbon kits and minis, Bobie. Their realistic details, and the fact that they can be customized by miniaturists make them extremely desirable to me. Very good find!
  12. What a difference a bit of paint, glue and flocking makes! Nice work!
  13. What a marvellous find! I love old furniture in RL (Real Life) as well as in miniature. These pieces are beautiful. The aged finish on the chair is so authentic looking.
  14. Well done, Lee! That's a terrific assortment of ornaments - at a bargain basement price. :)
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