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  1. You did a wonderful job! Now I'm ready for my trip to the Cape next week. Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Wendy, it looks wonderful!! I love what you did with the chimney. The whole house looks amazing (as yours always do)!!
  3. For my contest entry I made the house into a gingerbread house and changed the story of Hansel and Gretel. The "witch" is really a sad, old woman who went to pick berries one morning to return to find her house with her entire family in it burnt down. Her skill was to bake, so she baked herself a new house. The local townspeople started rumors about her and found her strange after her family died so the rumors of her being an evil witch were begun. When Hansel and Gretel found her house, she adopted them and taught them how to bake so they would have a skill to fall back on.
  4. Tracy, you are truly amazing!! To do this so quickly and so beautifully...absolutely amazing. Congrats!! I can't wait to see it on tv.
  5. Kathie, I'll be praying for both of you today. Sue, I hope you feel better soon. Today I hope to finish my Adams. All I have to do is finish the scene setting!! I'm so exciting about it.
  6. Heidi, you always make me feel like I have nothing to do. I'm off to the library to finalize everything we need for our fundraiser walk (Walk for Literacy) tomorrow. I need to get my car loaded up with the t-shirts and signs and any baked goods that have been dropped off since the library is closed tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too hot in the morning. I baked brownies for the bake sale we are having at it. Then I will need a nap I'm sure. I have spent the week starting to share my good news--I'm pregnant. So my days have been filled with many needed naps in the afternoon. I run m
  7. I have more pictures posted in my gallery.
  8. CJEP

    Sturbridge Show 2008

    Pictures of the chandelier I made in a class and my purchases from the show.
  9. Wow!! It is wonderful!!
  10. CJEP

    Spring Fling

    As I dry fitted this little building it spoke to me. It did not want to be a boat house like originally planned but a model of one of my favorite ice cream places on the Cape--Sundae School.
  11. CJEP

    Girl's Room

    Thanks, Linda. I did a tutorial on how to make them in my blog.
  12. CJEP

    Half Scale Refurbish

    This is a house my minister found at the church and no one wanted. He thought of me. I'm going to fix it up for the church fair in the fall.
  13. CJEP

    Refurb Dollhouse

    My manicurist gave me her old dollhouse and the furniture for it. She was throwing it away.
  14. CJEP

    Roombox for Steve

    This is a roombox for my DH, Steve. It has many of his favorite things.
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