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  1. What!!!!! I am shocked !!!!! Who is to say why some people leave and come back. I have just come back and I am seeing this is not the same friendly place . People here where always friendly and nice . What is GL saying? Well I for one am not happy with what's going on here . Nor am I happy with some of the people on this site who want it to be an elite site when before everyone was welcome. I loved this site but I can move on.
  2. Five years for me also--will it ever be done ? I do not know.
  3. Ido not know what they are but it sure looks great to me
  4. A castle would be more than great--it would be wonderful
  5. Great job---I really love the color
  6. My new avatar is a picture of Big Boy Mike who passed away in Dec. I still miss him a lot . Good idea putting pets for avatars in July
  7. Great house--- will be a wonderful fairy house
  8. I love the house, it is really different. I also would like to shrink and walk through my houses. Thanks for the link
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