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  1. Now MY Amelia is going to be jealous!! :nana: She's going to demand a bigger house than the Arthur if she sees what you've done here! You may have to come here and help fix up the Pierce LOL (Yep, still completely lost on what to do with that one)
  2. There you are!! :laughbounce: I'm So excited that you're excited that I'm excited that...wait... yea, that's right LOL! It's all going to be AMELIA''S ideas! (Well, it IS her place!) Hugs! And
  3. Thanks for the welcome backs, Ladies!!! Amelia's Arthur is on it's way, so "she" has some building decisions to make, but all she wants to do is pick out colors. LOL
  4. Since we bought our house 2 years ago, I haven't had much time for mini-ing. My 3 large dollhouses have sat, untouched, for WAY too long! :whistle: And now, I have a new project coming my way to build! Thanks to one of our lovely members here (who is also quite active with me in the doll collecting communities) I will be building the Arthur with my youngest son!! I just got an ADORABLE 4" cutie at a convention this last weekend, and this is going to be HER home! Her name is Amelia Thimble and her story is she lives in a sewing box. (Isn't that CUTE?) I plan to decorate her Arthur with sewing
  5. Cricket


    Sally I'm so sorry to read this, holding back the tears for you as I write. Your Kitty has had a wonderful life and believe me, he knows how lucky he is. Our Phoebe will be there to greet him when his time comes, as well as many other kitty-kat friends. Gentle hugs to you
  6. :welcome: Welcome Pun Pun! Your tiny bears are very cute!! And don't worry about your English, we can understand you just fine!:thumbup:
  7. We got started on the yard! YAY! First I took the chainsaw and took out a bunch of low dead branches off a pine tree... It's now a perfect place for our German Shepherd to hang out. (For those who remember when I lost Shadow, the little guy in my avatar.. we finally did decided to get another dog :yikes: ) Also, two HUGE ..ummm...bushes? Trees? Bushtrees? They used to be hedge bushes, 30 years ago, but were overgrown to the second story. Anyway, they came down today, and the house looks NEKKID! But now, since they were growing in front of my bay windows there's so much MORE sunlight in h
  8. Oh I had the sock mystery figured out years ago!!! What really happens.... Socks are the larvae of wire hangers!
  9. I don't do Feebay anymore, I left when this feedback thing was announced. Luckily, while selling and buying there I only had ONE go bad, and that was as a buyer. Once they took away the seller's right to leave FAIR feedback, I saw the writing on the wall. Evilbay is now unfortunately full of deadbeat buyers (mostly new users) who are taking advantage of the "thrill of bidding" but no follow-through. OK, so I see why Eat-MeBay did this, retaliatory feedback from nasty sellers, but they left NOTHING as an alternative for decent sellers to report non-paying bidders that other's could see. A
  10. I'm right there with you! Except now I've got triple duty... Right now we're doing the BIG job, going through all my father-in-law's crap..errr..stuff and trying to get rid of it all. That man was one serious packrat! While the weather is nice, the yard needs a lot of work...overgrown gardens and flowerbeds, not to mention all the underbrush that needs to be removed. Once that job is done and the house is cleared out, it's time to pull all OUR junk out of storage and ruthlessly go through that. In the middle of all of this, we recently lost my sister-in-law quite suddenly, and there's an entir
  11. Cricket


    2 ideas.. try your local fabric store (Joann's?) or sporting goods in the camping section. If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot nearby, you can try there too.
  12. It gets to looking like a dolly massacre around here!
  13. Oh there's LOTS you can do with kids if you just put a little thought into it! When Hubby & I were first married he was working 2nd shift, and it was just me and 4 kids in the evenings. (2 his, 2 mine, we don't work *that* fast! LOL) We had very little, so to keep the kids entertained I came up with a different activity each night: One night would be Game night...get out a board game or deck of cards and play with the kids. Friday night was always "Pajama Party", we'd all get into our jammies early, make a ton of popcorn, pop in a movie (try your library, you can rent for FREE)
  14. Ahhh, Tonners and Gene? NOW we're talking! I have a good size collection of them, just went last month to the Tonner Factory Sale.. WOW was that ever a blast!!!!
  15. Yes, you want to rinse it out, it attracts dust if you don't. If you're trying to tame the frizzies with fabric softener, well, good luck! LOL What the fabric softener really does is act like a conditioner...it will help get the tangles out, and does help with static, but what it cannot do is change the hair itself. If you want to tame the dolly frizzies, try pooring some freshly boiled water over her head. That WILL take the curl (if any) out, but you can always roll her hair up in drinking straws and boil her head again. I do this all the time! (LOVE to customize!!!!)
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