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  1. I too left out the stairs in my Beacon Hill *after* much aggravation trying to put them together! I like the way it looks because there is much more room now for a large foyer and hallway upstairs. I figure my house has a beautiful set of stairs just out of sight. :lol:
  2. I would definitely paint or stain your roof the same color of your shingles. I have a rehab house where the roof was painted white (probably primer) and then dark-stained shingles were added. Guess what? You can see little peeks of white all over the roof. I even tried painting everything black but some of the white still shows through.
  3. OOOoooo my!!! Such pretty things!! Was that one a dragon nursery?? What a cool idea!
  4. WOW! :o I have built the Orchid and I am starting to work on the Buttercup. And these instructions with the wonderful drawings are making everything so much easier. Thanks! I hope the rest of the houses will get them eventually too.
  5. Remember that when it says "4 lights" it actually means 4 bulbs. Do your fixtures have several bulbs in them? If so I would think you need to get a bigger transformer.
  6. I use crackle medium all the time on my spooky houses. I may be addicted to it. I put down a dark color first (usually black). When it's dry I use the crackle medium (got a fairly large bottle for just a few $$ at Hobby Lobby). Paint the crackle on fairly thick for big cracks or lighter for finer cracks. Then after that's dry I use a lighter color. The heavier you paint the light color, the better your crackles will be. But you have to work fairly fast because the crackle medium makes the paint dry really fast, and if you try to go over it once it's started to crackle it will smear.
  7. I love that crib!!! So gothic and spooky-looking! Oriental Trading Company sells Halloween party favors year round...maybe you could find skeletons or coffins there. www.orientaltrading.com
  8. Very helpful! Thanks so much! I love your blog...wish I could find something mini to blog about every day!
  9. terah


    I think my package was on wings! :o I ordered a Buttercup and it got here today too.
  10. What a comfy looking room! I just want to settle down in the little purple chair and read a book. I like the look of the fireplace--reminds me of aged painted wood. Kind of "shabby chic".
  11. OOOoooo...I love it! Very detailed. So nice! I've been trying to figure it out...which kits did you bash to build this? Inquiring minds are dying to know!
  12. Oh...and I am planning a dungeon under my BH...have not started it yet. I'm planning on building it out of thick packing styrofoam and paper mache. I am going to put the transformer under the kitchen and a secret entrance into the dungeon from the "sitting room" area (in my house it's a library.)
  13. I gave up on the stairs on my Beacon Hill. I just could not get them to be level or square. (My bad, I'm sure.) So far the directions have been clear and straightforward. If you want it to stay together for years, no hot glue! I use Elmer's wood glue and Aileen's Tacky glue.
  14. Oooo...like the idea for the ironwork!!! (thinking about my Beacon Hill....) Thanks!
  15. I glue my floors down to a thin cardboard template...usually old cereal box or something similar...I'm cheap!
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